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  1. Dirtyboy

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Amazon Japan has Chuck at 18k Yen after some rebate thing. If anyone interested
  2. I don't want anymore tbh, and also not sure I want the disappointment of getting drunk at like 5 in the morning lol, I'm UK based.
  3. Do we have anymore info regarding the pre order for this?
  4. Haha to be honest I must admit the DX is a better figure/toy, especially in battroid. But considering the roughly 15 years between the two. Yamato really did do an amazing job. The Bandai was an evolution not a revolution.
  5. Thanks man, yeah obviously the zentradi was a little more exciting than the VF-1S
  6. My 3 month old picked yamato
  7. Nice, now you need to need to commission human size one
  8. Mine shipped to from NY, waited like 6 months what's another few weeks
  9. NY order 701XXX just changed to preparation in progress, for anyone in the same boat for the 1S
  10. Yeah makes sense, to be honest I am only using NY because over in the UK they were the only site that sent the item as a gift and I didnt have to pay import duty here in the UK. Every other seller I have used I have had to pay import duty which is around after a 25% markup, so it adds up very quickly. But otherwise yes depending on how badly I want the item I will just buy after from someone else.
  11. I'm still playing the NY waiting game, like 701XXX, did buy on PO night after being cart jacked at the original price so paid the 25,800 Price. I'm gonna keep it in battroid mode when it comes and keep the Yamato 1/48 VF-1S in fighter mode with all the fast packs and missles. I still think Yamato nailed the fighter profile all those years ago.
  12. Why not have more folding panels like the new transformers masterpiece figures to create those extra volumes that then fold away?
  13. I agree, Yamato fighter Bandai for battroid
  14. Great custom. Collection @Kicker773, do you do it yourself or commission them? I do love my yammie 1/48s, just wished the hands weren't as dainty
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