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  1. Don't let the comments here influence your decision. It used to be you couldn't say "Hello" here without someone telling you how much Macross 7 sucked, and yet you enjoyed it regardless of those opinions. Delta's flaws are arguably no worse than 7's, and quite a few people seem to enjoy it. The best idea is to just start watching it and stop if you don't like it.
  2. That only applies to magic-born unnamed monsters because of an incredibly long-winded explanation that I don't care to recall. Essentially anything you'd consider an "NPC" race will not have a name by default, but will be much more powerful if they do. Basically the setting uses Mook Rules. We are of one mind in regards to this series. The more the focus is directly on Goblin Slayer and his party, the more I'll like it. He's a compelling enough character that I keep plugging away at the novels and manga to get more despite the bit that keep popping up that make me feel awful inside. I want to add a third class of female character to your assessment, though: The blatant character cameo. This includes folks like Witch, who is the sorceress from Dragon's Crown, and Chosen Heroine who is literally just Haruhi Suzumiya herself. I only made it through a book and a half, as I said, so I can't say if it gets better, per se. There's a decently epic plot involved, but the books are so poorly written it's told almost entirely in summary, with the bulk of the text instead focusing on the minutia of the skill system. The anime shows promise in possibly fleshing out the actual plot, though I think the real test will be in the next two episodes. In the book it's an adventure in the dwarven kingdom that is heavily overshadowed by Rimuru learning how to chain skills together and spontaneously developing like fifty new superpowers. If they focus on the dwarves and skip over the system wankery (which they've been doing a good job of so far...the goblin town fight consisted primarily of explaining how the web powers work in the books) then the series will still be worth following and will probably be pretty cool once he starts throwing those powers around. If it bogs down into a discussion of theoretical power usages between Rimuru and his disembodied skill voice, then I wouldn't expect the series to live up to it's admittedly cool OP. I've heard good things about it, but haven't checked it out beyond a few clips someone posted. It's funny in a "Why is this funny?" sort of way, it seems.
  3. Impressions so far this season! Bloom Into You: It's fluffy yuri goodness. There's no way this wasn't going to be my Anime Of The YearTM Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai: I have no idea what's going on, but I'm liking it. What looked like a weird fanservice anime from the promos is instead giving me vibes like it's an entire season of The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya instead. Consider me intrigued and following. Goblin Slayer: Two episodes in and we have the first episode slavishly following the manga in depicting the graphic rape of Fighter which was only suggested at in the novel, and then a second episode almost entirely cutting the fate of another adventuring party, then showing a group of newbie adventurers, whom the novel explicitly said died, returning to the Guild Hall safely. It's a rather disjointed and poorly-edited affair so far, but the fact that they're willing to eschew the overly-explicit rape/torture-fetishism of the manga sometimes means I'm going to keep following for now. Ms. Vampire Who Lives In My Neighborhood: Meh. Dropping. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime: I read the first 1 1/2 novels beforehand and it was tedious drek focused entirely on describing the main character gaining new skills in excruciating detail while also rapidly summarizing all plot developments so they can get back to explaining more skill interactions. The anime, hilariously, seems to be largely summarizing the tedious skill descriptions in favor of depicting the cutesy fantasy-lite plot and setting. Following for now, as the anime is actually entertaining as opposed to the books. Today's Menu For Emiya Family: A bit of a cheat, as it's been ongoing since January, but wevs. Once a month fluffy Fate goodness. I live for epic cooking scenes. If only all Fate series could be this wholesome. Zombieland Saga: A general WTF!? I get serious "Flip Flappers" vibes from this one, if only due to how aggressively nonsensical it is. Following for now, hoping the random weirdness pays off into something interesting.
  4. She locks those people out of the network as her first move, though. They can't react to the YF-19's approach because she's locked the defense network out, again, as the staff on the Macross bridge state. They don't have to see it, they're detonating ordinance in the wide-open air. Basic radar could point that out. I mean, it isn't even a question at that point that Sharon has complete control over Earth's defenses, so I'm not sure why this is a point of contention. However remarkable the active stealth of the 3rd Generation fighter is, it doesn't apply to a missile detonating on a flare. And Basara flies one around with no problem...while singing...and using a freaking guitar to control it in all modes. Macross 7 isn't exactly a bastion of reliable technical information, at least so far as the animation goes
  5. Macross is full of retcons, and it's also not a retcon? I was just pointing out the discrepancy between the actual events of Macross Plus and the way publications written after it was released have described those same events. I even suggested ways to view them that resolves that discrepancy. Whatever sacred cows that may have been slaughtered along the way were of your own creation.
  6. That doesn't mean the extra-screen knowledge doesn't contradict what is actually on the screen, and it's worth pointing out when it does so. Such is precisely the case with the massive retcons that followed Macross Plus.
  7. Her locking out the entire defense grid happens before Isamu even destroys the satellites, hence the scene in the Macross bridge where they're freaking out about being locked out and the system going to DEFCON 1 5 before we cut back to the YF-19 to see them reacting to the defense systems coming online. The remote cannons turn to target Isamu before he attacks the satellites as well. It's the remote satellites targeting them that compels Neumann to go with the "Well, they know we're here, let's blow stuff up and hide in the debris" strategy in the first place. Sharon then gives a big speech to Myung about how Isamu will "be here soon" telling us that she's just toying with him with the remote satellites, and intends to personally kill him as shown later. The buildings they're blowing up in the course of their heartfelt reunion are equipped with zero (0) 3rd Generation active stealth systems Likewise the fact that there's a giant dogfight with explosions and flares and lasers and gunpods going off and nobody comes to see whats up even before they take it into the city really can't be explained by the active stealth system. All of this was written after Macross Plus as explanation for why we don't see VF-19s everywhere, though. That's exactly my point. The YF-19 being hard to control isn't unusual in experimental airframes. Isamu's role in the project is to be good enough to fly it despite it being an untested system that previous test pilots weren't good enough to control, and then provide feedback to make it more accessible to people who aren't as good as he is. That's more or less the point of the montage in the 2nd OAV where we see the tests under-weigh, engineers making adjustments to the YF-19, him arguing with Yan, the YF-19 graph passing the YF-21 graph, etc. He's helping to refine the airframe and flight controls to make it suitable for general use. That's what test pilots do. Again, the entire reason for the "Earth restricts the best tech" plot existing is that Kawamori didn't think we'd buy the Macross Plus designs serving a cannon fodder role. None of this is actually presented on-screen.
  8. I'm amused by the contrast that nobody in Goblin Slayer has a name, and Reincarnated as a Slime makes a big deal of the powerup you get from having a name.
  9. Of course, the the VF-19 debacle could easily be seen as the Sharon Apple Incident being used as a cover for an early power-grab by the Earth-supremacist factions. I mean, we keep hearing the story of how the YF-19 and YF-21 penetrated Earth's orbital defenses, yet nothing of the sort actually happens in Macross Plus. The YF-19 is picked up within seconds of defold, but the only thing they have to deal with are the random remote cannons floating around. No fighters are ever scrambled, no intercept missiles are ever launched, and those defense satellites don't even try to defend themselves. Because Isamu didn't penetrate Earth's defenses. Earth's defenses were taken down by Sharon and she let Isamu (and Guld) get to the surface so she could show him a good time with the Ghost. It's the same reason that once they were in the atmosphere and having their heart-to-heart dogfight conversation, they weren't interrupted by several hundred VF-11s coming to ask "Hey, what the frakk?" IE: It's kinda a clunky retcon to explain why the "hero units" of Macross Plus aren't the "cannon fodder" of Macross Frontier. Explaining it away as a conspiracy hiding Earth's actual vulnerability (Virtual Idols hackers), or as an excuse to deny tech to the colonies, is really the only way to make sense of it.
  10. I'm of two minds about the editing. I am supremely grateful that they cut the torture porn inflicted on the first party, but I think cutting them entirely was a mistake. This was supposed to be the scene showing exactly how good Goblin Slayer is at his job by contrasting their approaches. The first party is lured into a trap by the body of a victim who turns out to already be dead, Goblin Slayer reasons they're already dead based on the time frame and doesn't even go inside. The first party is overrun when their fighter catches a rock upside the head, Goblin Slayer always wears a helmet and when the goblins try the same trick it bounces harmlessly off. Stuff like that. Cutting out the first party entirely leaves the contrasting elements divorced from context and looking weird, like how Goblin Slayer being harmlessly conked on the head is still there, but the scene showing that being the doom of the first party is not, making it random and weird. I think they should have left the first party in, just cut away after they're defeated (where the novel and manga then show them being tortured to death). Additionally they removed the context of Goblin Slayer's big motive rant. He's supposed to be delivering that speech to Guild Girl right in the middle of their office, ending with him claiming to be no different than the goblins themselves. This leads Guild Girl to chew him out about it and insisting he needs to act more heroic as befitting his silver rank. Cutting out this context just makes his rant a "badass boast" rather than showing how fraked in the head he is, skips good characterization for Guild Girl, and removes all context for his comment at the end saying it's hard to act his rank. It doesn't give me much hope that they'll be able to capture the really rather subtle shift in his character over the course of the series, if they're missing vital bits like that. Ironically, during that scene in the manga at least, someone in the background laments that they had wagered he was actually a woman.
  11. Haven't checked this one out yet, but reading your synopsis it looks like the author watched Fate/Zero and Fate/Apocrypha and decided to use them as the historical basis for their own story.
  12. *reads* Oooooh! So that's where the idea that the Megaroad-01 fell into a black hole comes from. I'd always heard people say that and assumed it was something snide Kawamori said in an interview once to get people to stop asking him about it. That's still far more hopeful than people usually frame it as being. The implication being that Misa et al are still out there having their "happily ever after", they're just somewhere very far away now so they don't have to include things like XX-Year: Misa Hayase dies or whatever on the official timeline.
  13. Yeah, that gets explained. The explanation doesn't make a whole lot of sense when subjected to scrutiny though...
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