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  1. I always thought the knee swivel on any toy was so you could get the foot to angle outward because it’s a lot tougher to engineer a swivel like that JUST at the ankle
  2. Oh...... well it’s an amazing photoshop
  3. Where’d you find this picture?
  4. Just placed my preorder on HLJ too! Can’t come soon enough!!!
  5. WOW! wasn’t expecting $250.00.......... guess it’s gonna be worth it though. Anywhere else have preorders available?
  6. Found out he used Tamiya panel accent apparently I am supposed to use enamel thinner to remove this.
  7. Well..... I only have one other panel lined and that’s a Renewal VF-25F. This new guy is a VF-1A cannon fodder. I think panel lining looks great on white valks, but I’m not loving it on this brownie. Maybe it’ll grow on me. I dunno. It’s also not done so well in a spot or three so maybe that’s another reason I want to remove it. How could I know other than asking the guy who sold it to me what he used?
  8. Hi y'all. I just purchased a Yamato VF-1A V2 and never realized (because of my horrible illiteracy) that it's panel lined. Does anyone have any tips or tricks on hoy to safely remove the panel lining? Like a particular solvent or other liquid and a soft cloth or something? Please let me know if anyone has any info. THANKS!
  9. Curious if anybody has one they’d be willing to sell. Let me know. Thanks!
  10. I just realized I pre-ordered in April! Is it normal for companies to delay releasing the product THIS MUCH? I don’t have a ton or pre-order experience.
  11. Does the kit require more than just painting?
  12. Paint schemes and hands
  13. Well..... I have a permanent Battloid and a really awesome box that it came with. I thought about it and I figure I could try changing it back to fighter mode in which case it’ll fall apart again and I’d have to glue it together into that mode BUT I could display it in or out of the box. So I’ve got THAT goin for me.
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