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  1. Used this site: https://tbfocus.com/zoom/english-taobao-categories no clue if it’ll work but I gave it a shot.
  2. So I took the bait and put an order in for this Angel Bird KO. Says it “should” ship by the end of the forth quarter. I’ll keep y’all posted.
  3. I can never navigate those darn Taobao pages.
  4. They made a KO Angel Bird?!?!
  5. Damn I wanted that ostrich
  6. RIP to an amazing actor and human being. Way too young to be taken from this world. Wakanda forever.
  7. https://robotech.fandom.com/wiki/Lance_Belmont Lancer was shot down during the Robotech Expeditionary Force's first attempt to reclaim the Earth in 2038. He flew a non-transformable SFA-5 Conbat, leading Yellow Squadron, but crash landed during the attack. (Love Live Alive, Robotech: Invasion, Invasion) A year later, he joined with his surviving comrades to destroy an Invid Hive in Paraguay. He met his wingman Dimitry, who had become an Invid experiment. (Robotech: Invasion) "Yellow Dancer" in 2042. (New Generation: "Lonely Soldier Boy") Working with Carla, L
  8. So it’s not a bad buy then?
  9. Am I correct that the ONLY available transforming SV-262Ba is the 1/72 model kit that Bandai made? I hate kits especially when you have to put on all the decals/stickers or even paint. But there doesn’t seem to be anything else on the market other than fighter only mode models
  10. Anybody have any inkling of when the VR-038L might be released/presale?
  11. All languages are amazing. The inbid got by with a series of garbles akin to Zoidberg
  12. Z is zed? That is all.
  13. No, you’re mispronouncing those actually. There’s no “f” in veld and no “r” in khaki. Can’t just go throwing sounds into words for fun man! That’s be like “dog” is correctly pronounced “drought”
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