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  1. Oh I’m supposed to read the whole thing when there’s all these pictures?!? Come on!
  2. You’re only selling them all as a package deal?
  3. Used this site: https://tbfocus.com/zoom/english-taobao-categories no clue if it’ll work but I gave it a shot.
  4. So I took the bait and put an order in for this Angel Bird KO. Says it “should” ship by the end of the forth quarter. I’ll keep y’all posted.
  5. I can never navigate those darn Taobao pages.
  6. Damn I wanted that ostrich
  7. RIP to an amazing actor and human being. Way too young to be taken from this world. Wakanda forever.
  8. https://robotech.fandom.com/wiki/Lance_Belmont Lancer was shot down during the Robotech Expeditionary Force's first attempt to reclaim the Earth in 2038. He flew a non-transformable SFA-5 Conbat, leading Yellow Squadron, but crash landed during the attack. (Love Live Alive, Robotech: Invasion, Invasion) A year later, he joined with his surviving comrades to destroy an Invid Hive in Paraguay. He met his wingman Dimitry, who had become an Invid experiment. (Robotech: Invasion) "Yellow Dancer" in 2042. (New Generation: "Lonely Soldier Boy") Working with Carla, L
  9. So it’s not a bad buy then?
  10. Am I correct that the ONLY available transforming SV-262Ba is the 1/72 model kit that Bandai made? I hate kits especially when you have to put on all the decals/stickers or even paint. But there doesn’t seem to be anything else on the market other than fighter only mode models
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