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  1. wondering if anyone has a DX VF-171EX Alto version they'd be willing to part with. PM me if you do.
  2. I have one. Wouldn’t call it a junker. How much were you looking to spend?
  3. Looking back you’re absolutely right. A couple would be a better word. I’m coming at it from the standpoint of a relatively new collector of these items who has had a few purchases experience snaps and breaks and stuff that killed me as I realized what I’d spent on these things. Seeing even a few comments about issues makes me wary that’s all. Gomen'nasai.
  4. There’s ALOT of QC issues being pointed out so far..... right? You’d think with how many delays this thing had there’d be less.
  5. i spent about an hour online trying to figure out what the flavors were. No luck though. They've got hundreds of flavors of KitKats in Japan! its insane!!
  6. My Yellow arrived today from HLJ, only 3 DAYS after I got the shipping verification! And they threw in some Japanese KitKats!!! Friggin sweet!!
  7. SWEET!!! thanks for the link @enphily this pic is awesome
  8. Wait a sec. the yellow model is coming with those saddle bags too?
  9. Does anybody have a link(s) to somewhere I can get the Strike Parts still?
  10. I recently got the toynami Dark Legioss and it fell to pieces on my first transformation try. Have the pilotless CMs Dark Legioss and yeah it’s smaller and doesn’t have the heft but it doesn’t fall apart like toynami’s effort. That’s why everyone’s stoked about Sentinels attempt. By all accounts it looks like at long last somebody’s gotten this thing correct!
  11. Damn! I paid around the same at HLJ and just now had to do an additional $28 for EMS shipping.
  12. I wanted to give a big positive shout out for @anubis20. Great communication, fast shipping, and a super nice guy too.
  13. I always thought the knee swivel on any toy was so you could get the foot to angle outward because it’s a lot tougher to engineer a swivel like that JUST at the ankle
  14. Oh...... well it’s an amazing photoshop
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