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  1. sjoebarry

    VF-25 shield

    anyone have any tips on how to get the shield to have a tighter grip in fighter mode. mine been changed out enough that its now so loose it just falls right off
  2. sjoebarry

    Would anyone buy a broken VF-25A?

    Left arm is broken, and so is the gun. I don’t know if maybe someone would be willing to buy it at a discount for the parts maybe?
  3. sjoebarry

    Parts? Or someone who fixes broken stuff

    i don't know. im new to this hobby. do people actually cast metal pieces for parts? im tenacious, i'll reach out to bandai and see if they'll sell me replacement parts too. thanks.
  4. are you still selling the vf-25a?

  5. sjoebarry

    Parts? Or someone who fixes broken stuff

    is there a way to purchase specific parts from anybody? I have a VF-25A and i broke one of the arms and my attempts to fix only made it worse. or does anyone take commissions to fix stuff for others?