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  1. Great review jenius!
  2. Long shot but if anyone is willing to sell one please let me know. Thanks
  3. That’s actually a little bit more $$ than NY was charging. But I’ve read from y’all NY screws you on the shipping so.....
  4. I just purchased on NY yesterday and I have the “preparation in progress” notification!?!? But I preordered the DX VF super parts from them in December and haven’t gotten any reply to my emails as to why I haven’t received those yet.
  5. That was an unstated additional part of my inquiry. If this version is better in the durability & build category then the extra cost is well worth it. I just don’t know if anyone knows that it is yet. Y’all seem to be implying previous posts say it is in fact more sturdy so..... sounds like it’s definitely worth it
  6. How much better do y’all think this PF version is than Arcadias original 0D? Like if I see than original version for sale for 5000¥ less than what NY is asking for the PF is it worth it?
  7. Is this available to purchase from anywhere anymore?
  8. The mini figure is soooooooooo fragile
  9. Yeah like I think everyone needs to recognize: the Legioss if it were real is 10.25 meters long in length in fighter mode and 8.75 meters High in soldier (Battloid) mode the VF-1 is 14.25 meters long in fighter mode and 12.68 meters high in Battloid mode. for my American bro’s, that’s a difference of 13 feet in length in fighter mode and almost 14 feet in soldier/Battloid mode. The legioss is small. The scale we got is a decent scale for the side of the actual mecha
  10. I tried sending you a message about this but it won’t let me. If this is still available I would like to purchase it from you.
  11. Is this still available?
  12. Have to give a big thank you to @Corrinald for a great transaction. Super responsive and super fast shipping. Awesome VF-1J added to my collection.
  13. sjoebarry

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Jenius points out scales on his site and notes how anime magic makes the scale of what they show on screen almost impossible to convert to a toy. So like the VF-19 Advance is like 1/65 in Battroid but 1/55 in fighter mode. The VF-31 though is actually 1/60 in fighter and battroid
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