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  1. Saw on FB. I'm assuming this is the finalized version. Hopefully not a repost. I have to admit, the torso is longer but I'd look the other way for a well built unit. Also it's closer to the Mercy Rabbit art. (from gears online.net)
  2. Nice Jonathan Wolf! I've always wanted a fig of him. That purple is spot on.
  3. Don't they have to show the finalized product and provide MSRP at some type of convention first and get it solicited before the wheels start turning? Don't quote me on this, I'm not a toy industry expert.
  4. Thanks! Still hoping and wishing to one day get a Lansay Legioss/Tread...probably never lol.
  5. Finally caved and got me an Aoshima Tread. I didn't expect it to HUGE! Now I have to try to move more stuff around in the glass case to make room for it. I already took out both Gakken 1/35 Iota and Zeta. I still have to place CM's 1/18 Stig and Yellow. The obsession is real! I have more in storage that I haven't displayed yet
  6. Nice to see. Price is too rich for me though. Most I paid for garage kit was $250 for a 1/8 scale Mospeada Armor-Bike and fig BUT it was one of my grail items.
  7. Can I ask what Japanese site? looking for a second Stig to repaint. but don't want to spend a lot. Thanks.
  8. Maybe 2101 is the designation number for the Mospeada. Like Seto mentioned: it might be platoon/troop 01 from the 21st company. Assuming there were other units that would have landed besides Stig, there would have been other Mospeadas then. Probably an easier way to identify their Mospeada along with their names since each one would have been holding their personal effects, rations, canteens within the saddles. As far as 162, it might just be the number of his aircraft similar to aircraft serials used in the military.
  9. Unfortunately they might just cast Tom Cruise in the lead role of Scott Bernard because he has Top Gun, and Edge of Tomorrow under his belt; and he does his own stunts. Oh, and he's halfway there with aliens, spaceships, etc. with Scientology.
  10. Bella Thorne??? I guess...She can't really act anyway...Aisha just stays quiet 90% of the time and will do shrieks here and there so... upvote on Joe, Evan and Ruby... Mint can just be any girl off the street because they'd be so hyped on a first acting gig and do everything over the top just like Mint would. She provided comedic relief in the show. Even her drama was laughably over the top. Ask any aspiring little actress to do a dramatic scene and they'll get her character right on the first try. Probably cast straight out of a school play.
  11. I didn't get my first Gakken Cyclone until I was well into my 30's. I loved Robotech as a kid but didn't have the luxuries. I "created" a Cyclone with whatever handful of toys I already had. I wish I still had the same imagination I once had as a kid.
  12. OOOOOHHH...This is my Mospeada holy grail...I wish I could find one that's not $2000...:(
  13. I'd willingly pay up to $250 for the Legioss and up to $375 for the Tlead. I don't mind the higher price at this point. As long as it's better than the Toynami/Aoshima and CMS. I just made the mistake of acquiring an Aoshima last week(it was a good price); but the thing is just so darn disappointing. I've even watched AnyMoon.com reviews and decided to give it a go. This piece is just garbage, so many warped pieces causing joined halves to split apart, the nosecone fell off due to said warping, it won't peg together in fighter mode, sloppy paint, severe paint rub, missing paint, upper arm won't extend out fully, the plastic feels thin/brittle, etc. Fighter mode looks hideous because of the neck hinge so the head tilted down a bit and then there's a leaning issue from the knee joint. Gonna be stuck on diver mode I guess...
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