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  1. I guess I missed it, but how did you re-color the fabric? Dye? paint? thanks.
  2. It's even more amazing in-hand. Won't transform yet, though. Gonna wait for videos, so I know if there's anything to watch out for. I do appreciate all the accessories they packed with it. I'm not gonna try to do any mods. I've accepted that it was designed to be this way. Yellow's face shield looks better for some reason. Maybe the jack-o-lantern look grew on me. So far, my new favorite in this line. Definitely ready for that Bartley, and Genesis Breakers, and a vintage retool!
  3. I didn't get Kitu-Kato from amazon.jp.
  4. Mine just showed up 15 minutes ago. Apparently the "hold" was because there was no weekend service in my area since i'm somewhat in a remote part. So, they held it until Monday and it started moving again at 7am this morning.
  5. Would it have been too much for Sentinel to make the fabric lighter?
  6. Tried calling this morning. DHL is closed on weekends, unfortunately. No ETA for mine. I'll have to wait for Monday I guess. I'll post news.
  7. Any one know what DHL Express "Shipment on hold" means? It's been moving quickly until this status. It already cleared customs hub in Cincinnati, OH and is currently being held in Orlando, FL since 7:30 am Friday.
  8. They should've shipped review samples to YT reviewers like Kuma Style and such and Anymoon.com, to build up the hype (granted, the product will have to be S-grade).
  9. Yes! I'd buy em all!!! They need to pack in Mint, Jim, and Aisha with the more popular figs. I need the Marvelous Seven!!!
  10. Sorry, I found those on the web. I lost out on the bidding a year ago. I found one listed on yahoo japan auctions.
  11. I think I know what box you're talking about. I saw it and tried to bid on it on buyee.jp(yahoo auctions) a year ago. I let it go coz the price got too high. Let me see if I kept any of the images or find one in the internet.
  12. LOL, its like a campy Kung Fu film.
  13. Saw on FB. I'm assuming this is the finalized version. Hopefully not a repost. I have to admit, the torso is longer but I'd look the other way for a well built unit. Also it's closer to the Mercy Rabbit art. (from gears online.net)
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