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  1. @no3LjmNice one! Trow my $ for the PO!
  2. Mine was transferred to the China post on January 17th. So, lets start to wait. Hope it will has the same perfect quality as Sazabi. I was really impressed when assembled it and start posing.
  3. Ough, you are lucky guys! Mine Sinanju stuck on the China post somewhere. I have no any updates for it since i received the tracking code.
  4. I have my regional mail provider, mail.ru. Another letters from you wasn't placed into the spam folder, the letter with invoice and letters from support for example.
  5. Ou, my Sinanju has shipped! Now i waiting for delivery and want to check package quality. Then i will write about package here.
  6. Congratulation! I just waiting for my boxes, they separated too.
  7. According the experience of MB line i hope that Bandai will ignore MG line and will made own design for Freedom v2. And maybe it will be close to these 3p Metal Build figures, who knows? Anyway, last time there are too many 3p figures for me - Kshatriya, Sazabi, Sinanju, maybe Nu...
  8. I'm trying to wait Freedom v2 from Bandai and don't buy these KO (honestly, both of them looking great). And It will be funny if Bandai v2 release will be worst 3p China:D
  9. Mine too, i hope they will be finish together on my post office.
  10. Awsome Gundams! I told you that GFFMC Unicorn can be a bit worst whan Metal Build series. Unfortunatly, now you can agreed with me.
  11. Hope you are right and the taking PO will be easier. Another question - maybe somebody know it, this white release will include the new wing parts, which replaced zwerg from standart release?
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