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  1. Awsome Gundams! I told you that GFFMC Unicorn can be a bit worst whan Metal Build series. Unfortunatly, now you can agreed with me.
  2. Hope you are right and the taking PO will be easier. Another question - maybe somebody know it, this white release will include the new wing parts, which replaced zwerg from standart release?
  3. When the PO will be opened, it will be too late to making PO i think:D
  4. Well, enough to me. It looking more estetick than regular release, and i want it! Somebody know, when i can trow the money in the monitor for this guy?
  5. @sqidd Do you receive Unocorn already? If yes, what do you think about it?
  6. I dind't faced with any quality issue with this bad guy. I'm happy to handle it in my hand and putting on all tones of accessories.
  7. By the link which you provided there are full set including the Destiny and Wing of Light. This set has box with nice art. The full art of battle between Strike Freedom and Destiny split in to the two part. The first part of this art placed on the Destiny's full set box, another part of this art placed on the box from Wing Of Light (wol) for Strike Freedom (sf). Please check my photo from previos post. The photo can be opened by links with blue type.
  8. At first, by your link there are the full package set woth wol according box art from lot. And there are another thing - to compleate the box art picture you need the wol for sf, it is like a quest At second, the wings can rotate to the top (see my photo) and spread on sides like on your photo. I think, the 40-50 santimeters should be enough ftom destiny's head.
  9. Ou, i got it, you mean not Metal Build from Bandai, you mean Metal Build Style figures from 3p companies. Because Metal Build line don't contain Zaku II or Unicorn unfortunatly. These models are in the Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite line. They can has a bit worst quality (don't know about Zaku, but defenetly about Unicorn, because i have Unicorn battle ver.) there are less metal, weakness joints, less movable.
  10. Congratulation with sf! What "not good" guy in MB line do you have? Just curious.
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