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  1. I’ve been going back and forth with NY for 2 months now about shipping my SSP. Asked to downgrade to ferry and received a $1 USD refund. Followed up if/when it’ll be shipped and was told that ferry shipments are not a priority. Seriously the worst service I’ve ever received. Now asking for store credit to pick up the Sentinel Riobot Ray figure instead and pay for expedited shipping so I don’t have to deal with them ever again. So if anyone is still looking, they’ll have a set available I assume.
  2. They offered me a credit of $1USD for the ferry option, I’ve been trying to get them to cancel my order all together.
  3. Am I still able to file a dispute with PayPal if I used my chase account for the payment to NY? It’s been over a year.
  4. Damn, valid points lol.
  5. Looks great, you should weather the missiles too.
  6. Price: $150 Condition: opened
  7. Ordered SSP from Mandarake on Friday and it should be here tomorrow! No updates from my NY pre-order from last year lol...
  8. Thanks, just trying to figure out if it’ll be cheaper having a friend order and ship to me or using one of the other sites.
  9. Does pbandai charge shipping to their Japanese customers too?
  10. Don’t recall if there’ll be future releases of the missile and SSP sets? Anyone know?
  11. Not sure if this has been addressed/asked, but do you guys think they’ll release a missile effects set for this line like the Hi-Metal R accessory?
  12. This is right up my alley, I've always enjoyed model kits and only built a couple basic ones but never fully got into it because I never had the time nor wanting to spend money to invest in equipment, supplies, etc. to learn how to fully customize any kit. This method of modeling seems perfect since it still offers hands on building without much experience and you get an awesome final piece. Any other options to get this subscription since HLJ already put a stop to the listing, or would it open up again? Read earlier its possible to wait for the full release and buy all at once or order d
  13. Any leads on where to grab another missile set and SSP set close to MSRP? Was going to add a 2nd order of SSP to my delayed NY order but they won't combine shipping, wtheck. Really don't want to use them moving forward now.
  14. Stumbled across a IG post from dislexicons where he displayed a valkyrie on a levitating display.
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