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  1. Not sure if this has been addressed/asked, but do you guys think they’ll release a missile effects set for this line like the Hi-Metal R accessory?
  2. This is right up my alley, I've always enjoyed model kits and only built a couple basic ones but never fully got into it because I never had the time nor wanting to spend money to invest in equipment, supplies, etc. to learn how to fully customize any kit. This method of modeling seems perfect since it still offers hands on building without much experience and you get an awesome final piece. Any other options to get this subscription since HLJ already put a stop to the listing, or would it open up again? Read earlier its possible to wait for the full release and buy all at once or order directly from manufacturer's site?
  3. Any leads on where to grab another missile set and SSP set close to MSRP? Was going to add a 2nd order of SSP to my delayed NY order but they won't combine shipping, wtheck. Really don't want to use them moving forward now.
  4. Stumbled across a IG post from dislexicons where he displayed a valkyrie on a levitating display.
  5. lol, was just about to say something about that email too. they've confirmed I'm in the April batch as well
  6. Gerwalk mode w/ the SSP look amazing. May need a 2nd set of SSP now.
  7. Haha same here! Welps, got 2 spares now. Still hoping to trade one for 1J.
  8. OMG, you are right...I am a mess today. I'm getting 2 orders mixed up. Apparently I ordered a 1S back in June from Nin-Nin and my SSP from NY (not yet shipped)...ugh sorry once again for the confusion everyone. I don't even recall pre-ordering thru them or have a receipt...strange.
  9. In my excitement I mistakenly mentioned NY for Nin-Nin, which is where I got my SSP from, sorry for the confusion!
  10. I need more missiles...
  11. Got shipping notification for my SSP from NY.
  12. Where can they be purchased? I was able to find these but they look a bit different, the one in the FB link has some arms that hold it in fighter mode. https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-047233
  13. Same goes for the sneaker market my man...times have changed.
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