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  1. The overall height proportion is respected : the designers are hardcore fans and I love it !
  2. 1/6 variable ride armor suit v.01 (quick build) wip. It's gonna be huuuge
  3. Here is the cockpit interior: And a bunch of other parts
  4. Thanks but I think I ve started this topic in the wrong section. It might be in the Anime s section
  5. PART ONE : PAPERMODEL I will build a papermodel to estimate the overall proportions using Pepakura. It unfolds a 3D model to a flat template.
  6. A lot of die cast parts. Small but heavy beast. I love it
  7. Yeah it looks like custom plaplate added to the toy...
  8. A bigger legioss should be built ! I 'll create a new legioss diy topic soon. Expanding foam will be used first to estimate the overall proportion.
  9. Awesome toy. Looks like the upper body in battroid mod isn't fully covered like the 1/48 YAMATO ou the HMR toy.
  10. I would love to see the v2 version with articulated side chest covers
  11. Working on my f18 hornet ( 1/32 ) : I've added a metal rod and some optic fibers to the landing gear
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