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  1. Yeah, I don't like the plaplate design either on this model... It looks ugly.
  2. You could use 4/6mm diameter*0,5mm neodyme magnets for the missiles. I'm working on my 1/55 VF 1A too . ( Have you tried to sand and polish the landing gears? They look nicer after a little bit of work )
  3. The body might transform like that, enjoy !
  4. The overall height proportion is respected : the designers are hardcore fans and I love it !
  5. 1/6 variable ride armor suit v.01 (quick build) wip. It's gonna be huuuge
  6. Here is the cockpit interior: And a bunch of other parts
  7. Thanks but I think I ve started this topic in the wrong section. It might be in the Anime s section
  8. PART ONE : PAPERMODEL I will build a papermodel to estimate the overall proportions using Pepakura. It unfolds a 3D model to a flat template.
  9. A lot of die cast parts. Small but heavy beast. I love it
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