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  1. Looking for some old stuff... Takatoku Kanzen Henkei series, could be the set, or loose, boxed, anything... I like that old toy so I also would like to have the Convertors but those in blister, I already have them loose Also, if someone have some mexican, korean or taiwanese KO or bootleg of any Macross toy, we can talk... specially I search for the Ensueño Hurricane model from mexico, in a box
  2. Hi Cap'n ! I know is a bit late... 4 years late! but.. still is possible to have some of your Mospeada kits? I know is need at least a minimum order to worth the work, I can work in that! or maybe still youve some in your storage?
  3. reliving an old post! Is it still possible to have these models? It is a work of superior art, and this happened a year ago, but well ... maybe the option still exists ..
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