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  1. I get the "display centerpiece" concept, but I, actually like the Tread better. I really do NOT want to pay over 80,000 yen for a 1/24 scale Tread. I wouldn't know where to put it.
  2. I went with CDJapan. RIOBOT Genesis Climber Mospeada 1/48 AFC-01H Legioss Eta 24250yen. 2010yen for Registered SAL Small Packet (Economy) when I checked out.
  3. I'm reluctant to go with Amazon.co.jp/DHL. Amazon.co.jp uses thing cardboard boxes. I've ordered from then twice and both times my boxes were crushed to the point that the Item box was damaged. The toy was fine, but I feel really uneasy about it.
  4. I haven't found it on Amazon .co,jp yet.
  5. AmiAmi up! RIOBOT Genesis Climber Mospeada 1/48 AFC-01H Legioss Eta(Pre-order) 24,750JPY
  6. Waiting to see prices form the other retailers...
  7. In Messer's defense: They made him perform as a part of a Valkyrie dance team! They can cause all kinds of trauma!
  8. DewPoint

    Hi-Metal R

    jenius claims 19cm tall on his website. Bandai Hi-Metal R Regult Toys Add a bit more for the Missile set. Hi-Metal R Regult Missile set
  9. Well, at least he won't be obsessed with Admiral Hunter. For some reason I get a kind of Scooby Doo vibe from the voice acting.
  10. You surprised me amptor! I considered you a Macross collection veteran. Pre-order night for the Hikaru's VF-1S was no joke. Scalpers were relisting the 1S within minutes of securing their pre-orders for over double retail. I would expect pre-order night for Roy's VF-1S to be the same or worse!
  11. This may be leading towards a rip-off of Captain Harlock's signature move with the Arcadia (TV version). Deploy the giant blade and ram it!
  12. Someone is trying to send you a message of sorts? Like where's my snacks?
  13. DewPoint

    Hi-Metal R

    You could top sh9000's, you just gotta be willing to do the ritual sacrifice to your wallet, bank account and possibly your relationship. Because we all want to army build, most of us just can't make that commitment for various reasons. For me, HMR are the most playable Macross toys on the current market. They feel well built, solid, and are fun to handle and transform. They are reasonable affordable and (subjectively) easier to replace. Smaller and lighter results on less stress on the joints which means saggy bits occur later in it's life. Parts swapping is minimal. I did lose a landing gear cover plate on my cubical Valkyrie. I heard it bounce off the ground twice and it promptly warped into some quantum realm. I moved all the furniture and have never found it. The part stands out easily against the floor too! Total mystery...
  14. DewPoint

    Hi-Metal R

    I would like this as an armor set for this:
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