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  1. Is it $18 or $80 an episode? I'm hearing $80. Which is still way low..
  2. If I recall correctly, other members that took the store credit in the past, could not use the credit for Pre-Orders. This limits you to popular items at their inflated prices or unpopular items at retail or slightly below retail. Then you will see your now cancelled items listed on their website at their new inflated price for someone else to purchase. If you have the funds, you could buy from another vender and sell your NY items whenever you receive them for your cost (plus shipping) or whatever the fair market price is at that time.
  3. I really don't know that much about it. Maybe someone more knowledgeable about it will enlighten us. Apparently the game when it first released was revolutionary for its time. It combined many of the popular game type together. It was part robot combat, dating sim, etc. But that's about all I know about it.
  4. Cheep tires strike again! Or was that black ice?
  5. If you are new to PreOrder Madness, you may want to pick a few online retailers that appeal to you and create accounts before the PreOrder. You don't want to get cart-jacked while you are creating an account to complete your order. I think it helps (not 100% sure) to log-in just before Madness hour to help with check-out. Regardless, reducing delays in checkout should help.
  6. This is TRUE! OverTechnology is the wonder from the SDF-1! Plus people like to look through windows.
  7. I bailed on this show after the 2nd episode. I really wanted to like it. On to the next show!
  8. Didn't the bulk of Tatsunoko's talent from that era leave to staff up Production I.G.? Anyway, as it was said many times before: Why pay royalties to HG when you can just make Sci-Fi movie/show with none of the legal baggage.
  9. That sucks. I hope the shipper will make it right for you. I won't see mine anytime soon. I went with SAL.
  10. Hardwired for security! Or if you bothering the captain when he's trying to sleep.
  11. DewPoint

    Macross figures

    As with the others: Buy what you like, like what you buy. Honestly though, I had discussed this topic during one of my jury duty sessions. It was a kidnapping/rape case. The topic itself is very fascinating to discuss when you have a broad demographic to discuss it with. Women's opinion on the matter are extremely broad and interesting. However, we all know that this topic will very quickly go far beyond the scope and intent of this forum. Thus: best to move on!
  12. DewPoint

    Macross figures

    "Concert Outfit" Sheryl is never an issue. Based on the show, she wears a suit that projects her outfits. The only real skin you see is her hands, neck and face. Well at least you can argue that. Your opinions about women are not wrong. Women are important in any society. However, everyone wants to feel attractive or desired at least sometimes.
  13. Well that is a post-Roy, Hikaru piloted VF-1S. He did get it nearly destroyed getting Misa out of the hole in Alaska. Rebuilt with available (possibly salvaged) parts!
  14. I decided to not get into this line, but I'll be there on PO night to see if the bloodbath is really going to be as bad as we all expect.
  15. I'm the guy in the yellow suit. Nobody cares about me unless you fly the Valkyrie I maintain.
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