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  1. Holy crap! I just googled Space Gan Dam and it turned up "Space Gundam V" as a real show that aired in South Korea. I'm not sure if I want to hunt this down.
  2. Does this lead us to "why does it come with landing gears?" Was it even shown in the movie with landing gears? Because I don't remember landing gears. I've watched DYRL like 5 time or so I think. As far as color: In my head it should be safety orange. Safety Orange is always the correct color!
  3. The asking price of the Valkyrie Factory KOs appears to be trending up. Unless you can find one at a steal, it seems to be getting to the point where you may as well get the Yamato or Arcadia for not significantly more. And from more reliable sources.
  4. My HMR VF-4G by way of Unregistered Mail form Nippon Yasan still hasn't moved. At this point I'll be trying to break the VF-31A shipping delay record! My Legioss Eta isn't moving either. That one is also on Unregistered Mail but from CDJapan. I didn't feel like paying 3000 yen more to upgrade to DHL. This lull in shipping is curbing my need to grow my collection. Maybe that's a good thing?
  5. One day we'll all find out that it is the plastic interacting with neutrinos and there us absolutely nothing we can do about it. That or it proves the existence of dark matter.
  6. So I wanted to talk a bit about your light meter. When talking about specs, the wording becomes very important. +/- 4% is of the full range. Thus your light meter is +/- 119.96 and varies an additional whatever your right most digit resolution is. So all your values are basically in the weeds as your readings are guaranteed to be +/- 121 µW/cm2. Its tech, so you get what you pay for. How accurate you really need something is another question. Its not medical or aerospace equipment, so most likely good enough. As far as some LEDs go, some manufactures use a blue LED and a yellow pho
  7. Well, since they are still in the prototype stage, perhaps they should try to make sure that it will be compatible with the upcoming Kits Concept 1/12 Dana. Unless, of course, they are planning to release their own figure.
  8. I don't know about lizards, but goldfish totally do!
  9. Kakizaki was a "A" ranked recruit just like Max. He just wasn't better than Milia.
  10. DewPoint

    Hi-Metal R

    You need all 6! You know why...
  11. Not surprising as many already know that fluorescent bulbs are just UV bulbs with a white phosphor coating in it. Any break or imperfection in the coating will leak UV out. I've read that CFL are especially bad in this regard.
  12. My Armored VF-1J arrived today from amiami by way of DHL. It spent 5 days in shipping. I'll probably get it armored up this weekend. I'm actually fine with the non-gray visor as I don't have Hikaru VF-1J. As I missed the Yamato era, I decided to stick with Arcadia releases. I just need a CF VF-1A now. And maybe a VT-1. And a Max VF-1S.
  13. Without having access to the meeting records between T-Rex and Bandai, we may never know who made what decision. Regardless, the client, which is Bandai in this case, makes all final approvals. The clip holding the arms on the Yamato/Arcadia VF-1s may have been a Yamato idea and thus Bandai can't use it. So we blame whoever puts their name on the box!
  14. Those images remind me of the USS Flagg Playset. I did a quick ebay price check and those are going for a crazy asking price.
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