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  1. Fantastic! Better than the one I remember! The reason this popped up in my mind is I saw in the news that Japan is looking at an updated YF 23 for their new Fighter. I thought Northrop should take one of their existing air-frames and deck it out Macross style. Might help them make the sale.
  2. Sorry I should have specified, it was definitely fan art, not a legit image.
  3. I thought I saw a pic somewhere of a YF-23 Blackwidow in Macross YF-21 colors. However my Google-fu has failed, and I don't seem to have saved a copy. Any one ever see it?
  4. SailCat

    Hi-Metal R

    Wasn't the first (new) Hi Metal line release the VF19Kai? Followed by the VF-1 and the improved VF19s? It's just an remold away for the YF19...
  5. SailCat

    Hi-Metal R

    Looks at hi-metal VF-19's..... How about a VF-11 this year?? Super and Protection versions for re-using the mold (max/Milla. Might even be able reuse some of the mold for a Mylene MAX version.... Then release a 11b ver and they can pump out a YF-19... Then BAM! YF/VF-22's for everyone!
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