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  1. Oops, sorry for that It is easy to edit the file. Just delete the last "L" However, it is not read when printed. Thank you Pineapple Eater for reporting it.
  2. Hi everyone, I share this I did: They are the monitor screen of the Mospeada riobot. I leave the file in .ai format, 10x10cm document size CMYK. Ready to print on sticker paper. PS: I had to simplify several parts, because the screen is too small. I did some tests with my epson printer and it works pretty well. Enjoy it! Thank you ScreenMonitors-Riobot-Mospeada.ai
  3. anymoon do you have any news about BBToys? Anyone have news? Thanks
  4. It's look hard to replace, here are 2 pic from my Stick, my Rai it's perfect conditions.
  5. Any News about BBToys? we have 15 days from the realice date.
  6. If BBT doesn't rush the shipment, I'll pull the trigger
  7. Why isn't the VR038L in the background? Bad news or just the design is the same as the first box?
  8. I'm sorry to interrupt the debate, but does anyone have info about yellow's departure date?
  9. 2 day for November! 5....4....3....2....1 Sentineltoys you have the days counted.
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