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  1. Cooool!!!! I didn't know there was a game like this.. but I couldn't play it, you know why?
  2. Update of the truck interior.
  3. sure, I promess, I just repaired my printer3d, I hope it doesn't break once again.=S Thank you!
  4. Yes, this scale sound good! thank you
  5. And I think print it... thank you
  6. Yes! I builded the model with the original modelsheet of mospeada, but I drawed a left View of the truck. I need adjust some dimentions yet.
  7. I work in 3dsmax, model and renderings was made in 3dsmax2018.
  8. Friends, I share with you a work in progress that I am doing. There are some renderings in cellshading and screenshots of viewport to show the wireframe. I have in mind to print it on a 3d printer, but I still have not defined the scale. I think it would be great 1/12, for the riobots, but I still have to finish it. What do you think? Thank you and Enjoy!
  9. Hi Everyone's Is May 2020 and remaining few day for June, It's Legioss on time? Anyone have news about this? I leave an update on the Gun for Legioss&Tread. I currently working on a 3D model that you will love, I think ...maybe this week I will upload any images. Thank you! regards
  10. I'm working on this, I share here first! Thank you and enjoy! What you think?
  11. Could I adjust anything else , but I ‘m happy with the result. Any idea? the sketches are sketches and the weapon was adjusted during the process. thank you regards
  12. As time passes in the midst of this quarantine, fix my printer. And design this weapon for Ray's free hand in his armor. I named it Hive Breaker, but I'm not sure of the translation. If anyone can help me with that it would be great. The initial idea is that it is a weapon that with one shot can break the barrier of an invid hive. I hope you like it regards stay home!
  13. Oops, sorry for that It is easy to edit the file. Just delete the last "L" However, it is not read when printed. Thank you Pineapple Eater for reporting it.
  14. Hi everyone, I share this I did: They are the monitor screen of the Mospeada riobot. I leave the file in .ai format, 10x10cm document size CMYK. Ready to print on sticker paper. PS: I had to simplify several parts, because the screen is too small. I did some tests with my epson printer and it works pretty well. Enjoy it! Thank you ScreenMonitors-Riobot-Mospeada.ai
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