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  1. I wont really recommend TFH unless u have too much money to burn... used to buy from them years ago but to cut it short, there are times when other than their price being on the higher side, stock get cut which i had encounter before... anyway they only have blue frame and with that price no different getting from NY which at least they delivery like for Karios case for DX macross
  2. any proxy i can use? trieg FJ, it was full. Then zen market after scaming me 3.5% for the deposit to purchase told me also full....
  3. u r late if u try to PO at P-bandai first before FJ... my FJ order got cancel even before P-bandai for my country announced the news. yes server crashing is for sure when it comes to hot items like metal build...... they just never learn cos y would they?
  4. yup...dun understand y they would do that by giving limited and low amt of stock to other asia market... n to make it worst it is instant sell out so u have to make a decision to get which item and forgo which item.... and if u r unlucky..... u dun manage to get any at all...
  5. damn~ nearly missed out on the blue frame having crashed on p bandai Singapore...... now where can i get the striker part since FJ cancel on me.....
  6. not sure since i decided to check it out today and happens to see it. now no more from amazon jp but other seller and they dun ship to my location. fair price better than higher price
  7. manage to order the red frame kai at PO price at amazon around 27k yen after shipping lucky me. Did they release more stocks or am i lucky?
  8. me too at big in japan...total cost plus shipping is less than NY or AE
  9. 25k yen? big in japan is cheaper..... luckily i already got it there...
  10. totally missed the po....has the amazon link been up? hopefully P-bandai in my country is going to have it....
  11. PB should be like the japan where if u click it from location other than the stated u will not be able to purchase it maybe unless u use a proxy or VPN?
  12. I guess t-mall should be able to get unless there is a restriction on location placed
  13. alright~ manage to get 00 riser at 280 USD with shipping after the server down for nearly an hr. Could have got myself a 2nd set but decided to let another collector like me to have a great day ahead after the frustration of server being down and hitting F5 non stop
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