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  1. Man! I can't wait for version 2 Freedom! I should be able to get my hands on it this week! I never had the 1st version and excited to finally complete Kira's suits Wow! I just won a Metal Build Red frame!! waaaaah! I thought it was a hoax, but I just only paid shipping
  2. ohh, when did this show up in the show? Thanks in advance
  3. Good to hear! thanks mate!
  4. I think 45 mins after the initially PO opened then got an email confirmation. I hope AmiAmi doesn't cancel cause I heard that HLJ has done it before that they have to cut.
  5. I got my order from AmiAmi and after it got initially sold out then got very lucky and snagged one after they have restock (the website was extremely slow) but nonetheless got one. Do they have tendencies of order shortage from anyone's experience?
  6. ah yes! Proxy has confirmed my order Yikes, NY - 35K for Roy? I remember Hikaru VF-1S was 25K after the initial PO price.
  7. I just placed an order from Dejapan (proxy) a few hours ago, just waiting for confirmation - Thanks @F360
  8. Question: Did Hikaru pilot a VF-1s in the TV? (I Dont think so - please dont bash me lol)
  9. Tamashii Nations has a virtual tour, pretty cool https://tamashii.jp/features_2020/vrl/?fbclid=IwAR3mYeMGN66qR0D6p07zy7LPJJS8Itr4MRLs5d8w1UXP-blAh-VLiujw7ZQ From what I have seen it looks like a Valk with Super parts TV - I think that red insignia macross is a sign (I can be wrong though lol)
  10. Nice! I hope your mom is doing well.
  11. AE gone (site is crashaholla) AmiAmi went back - it was slow but managed to get one! I saw the AJ link - but Amazon Japan stopped shipping to NZ after the new tax laws last December Congrats to everyone who managed to get one! DX VV preordered DX VF-1S Roy Mission accomplished
  12. Thank you for the Voltes V DX NY link Congrats to those who were able to order Roy!
  13. Maybe they will show it tomorrow - looks like there is a tamashii nations exhibition tomorrow
  14. Oh looks like I would be getting one locally and he got allocated with just 1x stock. SRP price as well. Websites wouls be crashing its this and also DX VV Goodluck everyone tonight!
  15. I know right - DX SOC Voltes and this, ahhhhhhhhh... 6 more hours Last year - it was VF-1S Hikaru and SoC Vehicle Voltron/Diarugger same PO night, lol
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