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  1. I thought about taking that pic months ago after VF1s Hikaru was annoucned hehe!
  2. "I love you so..."
  3. Yes!!!! My last haul for 2019 - I can't wait to put this on!
  4. Holy Sh@%$ nearly 15K for strike packs - take 10% off tax free if they offer tax free ahh good times, I remember I bought my Golion Chogokin 2 days before the release date for 36K yen and the retail was 32K yen I was hesitant at first but pulled the trigger, mission accomplished on finding one as 3 days we leave Japan and that thing cost 45K yen upwards now + shipping. Waiting for the Strike packs to come - AE has shipped them
  5. Nice! Yeah I just emailed them yesterday as they have advised that the 24th is the release date - 25th yesterday here in NZ and Japan, then after my inquiry they sent me an email that items are ready to ship. Looks like no one from NY is getting a December release no matter how really you ordered..that sucks..
  6. I just emailed AE and asked on when the strike packs will get shipped, then I received an email saying request shipment of items, just waiting to pay for them and get it shipped. yey! *Edit* just paid for shipping Merry Christmas everyone!!
  7. AE mentioned that the release date for them is on the 24th of Dec as I asked that some peeps have the strick packs in hand. Hello, no, that information is wrong, it will be released on 24th. I know that my mine also says April but they did confirm that my mine is coming this December (will have to confirm with them again -EDIT - looks like even though my mine says April, I would get the December release Hi Aiko, My order is for the 24 of December release right? Thanks, TJ Aiko Matsumoto 3:28 PM (0 minutes ago) to m Hello, that is correct.
  8. Anyone got a shipment notice from AE? Still waiting for my mine, oh man, I can't wait!!!
  9. So I just wokeup and strike packs have already been released? Nice! I'm waiting for AE to ship my Strike Packs
  10. EDIT SOLD Hi guys, I got a 3rd DX VF-1S coming, but just needed 2x. Letting go for how much I got it from Nippon - $420 NZD (approx 264 USD according to google) PM me and I'm sure we can work something out and can let go for a bit lesser on what I have paid Payment would be via paypal and item will be shipped from NZ. I think shipping is around 52 usd to the states. Many thanks!
  11. I just received my other DX VF-1S on NY and also my Dairugger SOC which I waited for more than a month. LOL. Nice pics everyone, keep them coming so that I will have display and pose ideas
  12. Man, they look so good together....
  13. Package has arrived from HLJ, waiting for NY - can't wait for the Strike packs
  14. NY timeline for me. VF1-S - got preparation email 4days ago order 700xxx GX-88 Dairugger - got preparation email just yesterday and he got released in JP more than a month ago.
  15. Yehey HLJ just sent a shipping notice!! Can't wait for the strike parts as well.
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