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  1. Zinjo

    Macross 7 Discussion

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, a 1 season series stretched into 2 for the sole purpose of selling soundtracks. 'nuff said. We got Dyson in a VF-19 Plus in the MF2 movie and outside of the fan service, it had little impact... Though him still flying a VF-19 was very disappointing for me. This is a guy who loved to fly the latest and greatest and he is still in a VF-19?? It would have been cool to see him arrive in a YF-29 painted in the YF-19 color scheme, THAT would have turned heads. He would be instantly recognizable too.
  2. Zinjo

    Macross 7 Discussion

    This is where I think Delta did well. The got rid of the Sound Units and measured "Resonance" levels. Granted they tied it so fold resonance, which in itself is rather ambiguous.
  3. Zinjo

    New Macross TV Series in 2018

    The PC draw from the Ancient Astronuat theory and a series or movie fleshing out their activities could be made, so long as it is done right. With Prequels currently in vogue, it is a dangerous thing to give away TOO much about them without neutering their affect on the mythos (mitichlorians anyone?). Getting some revealing tidbits about them to ADD to the mythos would be fun. It has been done well before. Doing a full blowing "The Detailed History of the Protoculture in 12 Leather Bound Volumes" just hobbles future creativity and is simply not necessary.
  4. Well you are seeing more and more dubs on streaming services like Netflix, so the costs of producing physical content is reduced. They can also gauge if a title is worth producing discs for by the popularity of the streaming.
  5. Zinjo

    Macross Translations, and more

    Makes perfect sense, since Blanc is French for "white", implying a French heritage. So in France, he'd be known as Michel Blanc (Michael White in English) I've argued that his name was Michael all along on these boards and "some" just can't get past the Japanese limited ability to pronunciation of Western names. Ererika (or however fans wrote it) is clearly pronounced Eureka in the Eureka 7 series, but fans and dubbers pathetically tried to emulate how the Japanese actors tried to pronounce it. Only one Japanese actress ever pronounced it correctly.
  6. The best comparison is Mac Delta to Mac7. The sad part is, apart from the animation quality, Mac 7 is better, warts and all (can't believe I just wrote that, I think I need a drink!). I am cautiously hopeful the movie will be a better telling of the story.
  7. Zinjo

    Macross General SCOOPUDA thread

    If it does, that will make it worth buying on BD
  8. To change your avatar, go to your member profile page and click the lower left icon in your profile photo pic. You can then select which method to use.

  9. Zinjo

    Changing Avatars?

    Hi Team, The old format made it relatively easy to change your account avatar, but I don't see that functionality in this site build. How does one do that now?
  10. That won't happen until HG licenses expire, which is not soon enough. I can't see them wanting to shell out for a renewal since their RT movie is in perpetual limbo and their product sales of the original series are dwindling. Then we don't know how the new TPP that Canada has joined will affect their trademarks in that part of North America yet. I'm sure the deal, if ratified, has provisions for repatriating Japanese IP rights, but we'll see.
  11. Zinjo

    New Macross TV Series in 2018

    Sounds like wishful thinking to me. Yeah, if they are going to revisit anything re-animate SDF Macross. They can re-use most of the original cast dialog and clean up the story a bit. That way they would "own" almost the whole franchise outright. HG can have the old anime and we could get spanky new cg to enjoy.
  12. Macross has never disappointed in mecha design, story telling, however has had some issues lately...
  13. i'll be interested IF they tell the original story BETTER this time...
  14. Just a tip. When posting elements for these dioramas, it is best to post the highest resolution you can find. It is easier to down-res an image in PS than it is to up-res one. Down-resing keeps the details of the hires image, while at a certain point up-resing an image creates jagged edges and unwanted artifacts.