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  1. Just a tip. When posting elements for these dioramas, it is best to post the highest resolution you can find. It is easier to down-res an image in PS than it is to up-res one. Down-resing keeps the details of the hires image, while at a certain point up-resing an image creates jagged edges and unwanted artifacts.
  2. My Fanart (by Bluegazer - Itanocircus)

    Very Nice! Look forward to seeing more of your work.
  3. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    Well put. Also keep in mind that the Federal Forces have a big swath of galaxy to patrol by this time and unlike the PC who had millions of ships at their disposal, have to commit their comparatively limited resources to areas they feel need their direct intervention most. Being reliant on PMC's can also limit how much real information is being sent to high command. Hence the deployment of a task force of destroyers and frigates with no additional Macross type carriers or warships to confront a PC era capital ship with exotic weaponry. As for the Delta series, I had an open mind, wasn't too keen on the M7 premise, but gave it a chance. With the exception of several golden moments, the series was really quite poor in terms of story. They had an idea and a few great plot points and then tried to build a 25 episode series around that. It didn't help that the sponsors took the plan of a 1 season show with movie and stretched it to two seasons. This created a similar situation that M7 suffered. More episodes than story and the filler became pointless and distracting to the drama of the core. I suspect I would have enjoyed Delta more had the original plan been adhered to, just like I believe I would enjoy M7 at all, if that series were only 25 episodes long.
  4. Custom Lineart Valkyrie Section?

    you can do a search or perhaps start from the last page of this forum and work forward. Though this forum has gone through a couple of upgrades since I last saw it, so maybe the admins have archived that thread.
  5. Macross / Robotech episode 1 CG progress

    From what I've seen around the web, he's gone pro and really doesn't seem to do hobby work anymore.
  6. SDF Macross Extended English Language Pilot Online!

    Not quite. There were several that predate it. The first to come to mind is "Star Blazers" (1979 - 1984) which was the "adapted" (use the term loosely) US version of Space Battle Ship Yamato anime.
  7. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    Well the scuttlebutt is that he wanted a war story, but he sponsors wanted and idol show since that is in vogue right now. Perhaps that is why the Delta story seemed "phoned in" or farmed out. He bailed to work on his own project and left the details to the producer and director. Not that his works are terribly ground breaking, but Frontier was much more palatable than Delta was for me.
  8. Thanks Sketchley, I was hoping you'd chime in on this. Well if we are going to translate words, Mauer if German for "wall". So a direct English translation for both terms would be "Other Wall" I wondered too if the intent was Otto Mauer a more Germanic name. Ivano Gunther became Geperunicchi the leader of the PD, so you get the sense that Varuata had a contingent of German heritage in their ranks.
  9. Post-Delta Megaroad Thoughts

    One word. "Mitichlorians"...'nuff said...
  10. SDF Macross Extended English Language Pilot Online!

    But it's not Macross history or else it would have been released for one of the many anniversaries. It's a HG production, not worth my time.
  11. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    He could become a supervising producer and keep designing valks which is what he enjoys. It allows him to stay involved without actually being involved in the day to day.
  12. The Fanfiction Thread

    I like the idea of NUNS Marines. They are the perfect hybrid for a terrestrial / space story. However, I never saw a need for a variable tank. Armored GERWALKs, GBP's, a Marine version of the VB Koenig, LHD type carriers like the Quarter, etc... yes, they would be essential to a Marine arsenal. The Marines are generally a task force, not a Navy or an Army in scale. If you base them on the US Marines, you will notice that the US Marines tend to use proven gear and are rarely prone to adopting bleeding edge tech since troops need dependable equipment to do the hard missions.
  13. Old YF-19 model

    Finally made the connection that this render reminds me of. It reminds me of a limited edition Doyusha 1/144 scale die-cast bronzed (platinum colored) YF-19 that I happen to have in my collection. See thread below:
  14. Macross 7 Discussion

    Those songs were so often repeated, I saw them with contempt after a while. The law of diminishing returns was not considered in the composing for this series.