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  1. If they are successfull, they'll be able to take these same steps in all the Commonwealth Nations as the laws are similar to the UK, being the founding empire. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc...
  2. This is MY VF-4 holy grail. I would love a 1/72 Gerwalk conversion kit of this. One of the most underrated designs IMHO. I still wish it would have been seen in the Mars Base episodes.
  3. You know, I like 'em. Definitely a different take on the usual Valk toons. Nice work!
  4. OK guys who can make amazing looking kits are magicians to me, but when you add lights too? That's shamanism man! Can't wait to see the finished result!
  5. Yeah, instead of spending tons of cash on a series, revitalize the universe with some OVA spin offs and side stories that are outside the "formula". Yes Mac Zero was more flash than substance, but it gave us something new, a look into a Post crash, pre Zentradi Earth. I'd love to see more of that as well as stories during different eras dealing with different things. At this point the only thing like it are the video games and even they are becoming derivative and often focused on fan service rather than exploring the Macross universe. Seriously, finding funding for such a set of OVA's would not be that hard. Recycle existing valkyries, maybe add one or two new ones. The sponsors repaint their existing toy lines, maybe add some new accessories featured in the shows and voila, ROI with little new investment in engineering and molds. Hasegawa was great for this once upon a time. Instead we've been fed the spiritual successor to Mac7, all music with a weak plot. Mac 7 was a huge success for its time and that was primarily because of the music, Delta is following the same trend line. Though I will admit, I prefer the Mecha designs for Delta much more than I do Mac 7.
  6. I would enjoy and R rated version of Mac 7 with truly terrifying Protodevlin. THAT would be cool! Though, such a production would only be produced as an OVA. TV execs wouldn't put such a mature themed show on the air with "Macrsoss" in the title. With the current trend of spin off movies and made for streaming series, here' s hoping Macross gets on board with some of that.
  7. You and me both brother! The First was a fresh take on the original Macross story and made efforts to harmonize the cannon productions including DYRL. I particularly liked the insertion that Max was a destroid pilot before joining the fighter jockey ranks.
  8. Sketchley we all find it interesting. We are just too busy reading it to express our appreciation for it. Trust me, we'd all lament if it suddenly disappeared.
  9. The thing about legends is they are enigmatic and that is what makes them powerful. Try to explain it and it loses it power. I have no issues with tossing out hints or clues to what happened to the Megaroad, but always stop short of telling the whole story. Lady M being on the Megaroad, to me was a mcguffin, it was something tossed out there to suprise fans and povoke speculation, nothing more. The fact that she was never revealed or even further expounded on tells me it was a gimmick. The best pop culture reference to neutering a mythos is the SW prequels where Lucas reduced the enigma of the force to little bugs that could be quantifiably measured with a scanner. It took the sequel trilogy under new management to begin to rebuild that enigma. So some things DON'T need to be seen and a series or OVA about the fate of the Megaroad is one of them.
  10. Personally the fact that the Windy's were allowed to take the SB battleship home is still an open threat. It has tech that only one corporation understands and remains an open question as to what else is still in that ship that the NUN Alliance needs to know about to defend the member worlds. It's similar to a country like North Korea having discovered a new weapon and letting them keep it after they attacked South Korea and Japan.
  11. I've said it before and I'll say it again, a 1 season series stretched into 2 for the sole purpose of selling soundtracks. 'nuff said. We got Dyson in a VF-19 Plus in the MF2 movie and outside of the fan service, it had little impact... Though him still flying a VF-19 was very disappointing for me. This is a guy who loved to fly the latest and greatest and he is still in a VF-19?? It would have been cool to see him arrive in a YF-29 painted in the YF-19 color scheme, THAT would have turned heads. He would be instantly recognizable too.
  12. This is where I think Delta did well. The got rid of the Sound Units and measured "Resonance" levels. Granted they tied it so fold resonance, which in itself is rather ambiguous.
  13. The PC draw from the Ancient Astronuat theory and a series or movie fleshing out their activities could be made, so long as it is done right. With Prequels currently in vogue, it is a dangerous thing to give away TOO much about them without neutering their affect on the mythos (mitichlorians anyone?). Getting some revealing tidbits about them to ADD to the mythos would be fun. It has been done well before. Doing a full blowing "The Detailed History of the Protoculture in 12 Leather Bound Volumes" just hobbles future creativity and is simply not necessary.
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