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  1. 53 minutes ago, PsYcHoDyNaMiX said:

    Looks like buyee just announced no international shipping and service fees for 3 days. Im guess as some kind of black Friday promotion.

    Edit* its for cyber Monday, but effective 11/28. They stated "please acquire the coupon first before making the purchase".

    As far as I can tell, that's only if you order off Mercari. Still a great deal if you can find what you're looking for there at a price comparable to YJA.

  2. 1 hour ago, Tenbatsu said:

    There are about 100 unbid listing in Buyee, but of course am not certain if prices will go up or down. If the price of 25000yen is comfortable for you I would say go for it.

    So you too got your VF-1S order cancelled from Play-Asia? I just spoke to their upper management today (they called me from Hong Kong via international call) and they are going to compensate me for their mistake as I don't accept their refund. They will work it out and let me know. I am suggesting to them that they pay the difference by buying a mark up from 3rd party sellers. Overall I have to say it's certainly professional of them to even call me up.

    Yeah, there were a lot to choose from on Buyee, I went looking for one where the shipping cost was pretty much spelled out. A lot of the listing (with the lowest buyout prices) seemed kinda "off" to me. For instance, I found 3-4 different sellers that had the exact same sell numbers, and many other listings didn't specify shipping cost or shipping method (so I could determine cost range myself). Since I don't read Japanese and Google translate is iffy, I just assume these to be red flags, just to be safe. I know Buyee says I'm covered if they never get the package, but I'd rather not deal with all that just to save a few hundred Yen.

    As for Play-Asia, I'm glad to hear things seem to be working out for you. From what I had read on some other sites, I had heard that they can sometimes be very difficult to get a refund from, so I was just happy to get my money back with no hassle. It was a late pre-order, so I wasn't too surprised when it bombed.

  3. 8 hours ago, Tenbatsu said:

    23000yen sounds about right. Buyout average in Buyee is 25000yen and average bidding price is not more than 25000yen currently. Seems that the price is dropping, it's worth a wait.

    I may be wrong on this, but I think now's the time to grab one off Buyee. If Mandarake is selling an opened version at 23,000JPY, and from Syro's report NY is still trying to source stock, I don't see the price dropping much, if at all. Even if it does, it probably won't be more than a few thousand Yen. Not a big enough swing in price to wait around for, especially since there's just as much chance that the price could go up from here. If I already had one, and this was my extra, then waiting may be the better option - but I gotta have my 1S!

    All that said, damn Play-Asia for cancelling my pre-order!

  4. 3 minutes ago, HardlyNever said:

    I've been considering whether or not I should open mine based on this question.  To answer your question directly: I think Mandarake will probably have something cheaper than that in the next few months, if you're ok with gently used, and maybe taking a minor hit on box condition.  So you might want to hold out for that, if you're ok waiting a while.  Remember, you're going to have to pay a proxy fee of some sort going through YJA (unless you have a friend or something in Japan).

    But then there is this whole situation with the messed up tampo on the rear stabilizer.  Personally, it barely bothers me, but it could maybe, possibly (but probably not) open the door for Bandai to do some kind of reissue, with the correct tampo printing.  If that does happen (again, unlikely), then another release could bring the price down further.  It could also make the "error" version more valuable.  But I think that scenario is unlikely.


    Yeah, I've been keeping an eye on Manda to see how they're going to price it. I'm not betting on a re-release, so I'm expecting to pay some amount of markup. I just don't want to get bit on the rear like I did with Max where I paid 27500 from NY, now they're everywhere for ~22000.

  5. Soliciting educated guesses... Looks like the cheapest VF-1S purchase option is currently ~25000JPY off YJA. Do you think it will drop over the next week or so like Max's did,, or are we just going up from here? I'm not sure if Max dropped due to popularity of the pilot/paint scheme, or if there were enough to go around that the market couldn't sustain the higher price point.

  6. 6 hours ago, sqidd said:

    Has anyone that got in on this $215 Amazon deal seen more action than this?




    Max Amazon.jpg

    No, not yet. I'm just waiting it out though, as it's my understanding that to be listed as "fulfilled by Amazon", the stock had to be in had at a distribution center. At least, that's what Amazon's website says. 

  7. 10 minutes ago, Saburo said:

    @Lolicon or anyone who has or will be getting their VF-31E.  Have you been able to get all the Randome panels/parts to line up flat when collapse extendable parts in?  I have tried get everything to line up flat, looked at all the pics posted in the reviews and it doesn't look like everything line up flat. :huh:


    My radome was a big floppy mess. I got pretty close to a clean look, but only from the right angle. If I touch it, it pops out out place again. I kinda wish they would have made the radome not collapsible. Maybe just a solid open version and a collapsed version that you could switch out.

  8. 9 minutes ago, canklebreaker said:

    Thanks for that. I do prefer how the skull looks and how the 1S head's visor and dual antenna look. Kinda helps me decide on which figure to settle on moving forward with this line. Definitely not a line I can complete.

    I think I'll be happy with this line if I can get these first three... you get each head variant, you can put each in a different mode, and, with the strike parts, you can have the iconic DYRL pose of Hikaru's 1S before he unloads on Badolza (sp?) .

  9. 3 minutes ago, canklebreaker said:

    May I ask what the difference between TV and this release is? I have yet to come across it in my research... :rolleyes:

    The TV version wouldn't have the strike cannon, would have the UN Spacy Kite symbol instead of the skull, and would be a few shades lighter and a little more grey than the Movie versions. Someone chime in if I'm missing something.

  10. 10 minutes ago, gerwookie said:

    :( lol it seems like I can’t have some reassurance whether it’s this or nin-nin.

    Yeah, all of the highly reliable sites were tapped out on PO night. I'm just hoping Play-Asia and these other less reputable sites will be able to come through for those of us who couldn't snag one at the opening bell. Fingers crossed!

  11. Any guesses which VF they'll release next? I'm guessing a Max or Milia -1J, since they don't seem to be following any particular order.  I think they're trying to get us hooked on the different teams with the hope that if you buy 1, you'll want to complete the set.

  12. Just now, Sanity is Optional said:

    Absolutely, which is why I and many others were surprised they actually came through (after a loooooong wait in many cases) with 31A orders.

    The big difference there is that the price never changed during the pre-order period, if I remember correctly. There was no monetary reason to fulfill later orders first.

  13. 4 minutes ago, SpaceCowboy said:

    I don't think they procure all of those.  I think they "sale" how ever many they think they will be able to get their hands on later, and just bet that they can get it cheaper than what they are selling it for.  VF-31A fiasco seems to indicate they sale more than they are alotted then they have to scramble to find stock from other retailers.  Even though the VF-1S is available from them right now, after the VF-31A, I'm reluctant to put a preorder in there.

    I don't mind paying up front, but I dislike that they will only refund store credit if they aren't able to meet their end of the bargain.  And there is no timeline for when they have to meet their end of the bargain.  You could get your VF-1S 2 years later and they will consider that they have fullfilled their obligation.

    I wondered the same thing. Which leads me to this line of thinking... Let's assume they do expect to source the late orders from "somewhere", but it's not a guarantee they can get this extra stock. From a money standpoint, wouldn't it be in their best interest to screw over those that pre-ordered and didn't pay upfront if that stock doesn't come through? They fulfill the orders of those who paid the highest prices up front, let's say the current 27000 yen, then, after fulfilling all orders they can, they store credit anybody who paid less upfront (the 25k-ers), and finally either cancel unpaid pre-orders, or make them wait forever until they can procure stock. Technically, all of these are pre-orders, and nothing I can find says they will honor orders on a first-come, first-serve basis. Scary thought.

  14. Just now, Powered Convoy said:

    For someone who missed out on the Missile preorder, what would be the best place to try to get it at this point?

    Thanks in advance.

    I decided late and just bought them off Amazon.jp. It's was about $90 shipped, and I got them in just a few days. I figured it wasn't much of a markup if you look at the cost of 3 day shipping.

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