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  1. Thanks! I can't wait to start her off on stuffed animals.... then introduce her to some cheap Toynami 1/100 scale VF-1 toys... before upgrading her to the Hi-Metal R versions. And I will show her the original series, Plus, 7, and Frontier all the time!!! And I will teach her how to code and solve differential equations. It will be great!
  2. Hello fellow Macross fans and lovers, I just thought I would peek in to say hi and see if any new toys have been announced, recently released, or coming out soon. Also, I just wanted to announce the highly anticipated future release of "Valkyria the Kitten", coming late 2021.... all going well. Anyways, please stay safe and healthy everyone! Love, Shizuka the Cat, PhD
  3. Glad you got your money back @Dobber The money I prepaid back in April 2019 is lost forever. At least I only lost about $110. I know many others lost far far more than me.
  4. I have multiple tickets open, some dating back several months. They just sit there, unanswered. *sigh*
  5. So, I just live chatted with Nippon-Yasan support... again... inquiring about my Super/Strike parts pre-order that I have been waiting over a year for them to ship. This time the support person said my order was sent to the fulfillment center handled by Japan Post. I asked, "Why does my order status still show 'Preparation in Progress'? Why is the most recent status update still dated September 2020." The chat support person said "Oh. I just noticed that too." I asked , "When was my order sent to the fulfillment center? Why hasn't the order status been updated? Why have
  6. So.... I contacted Nippon-Yasan customer support via their website's online chat 4 days ago regarding my order. I was told to wait 24 - 48 hours for an email response for their higher-level support. 2 days passed, no response from N-Y. I contacted the online chat support a second time. Again, I was told to wait another 24 - 48 hours to hear back. 2 more days pass, still no response from N-Y. I contacted online chat support a third time. All they did was tell me to wait another 24 - 48 hours. *sigh* I can only see Nippon-Yasan as a crooked operati
  7. I can't even cancel my order to get store credit from NY, because they don't respond to the support tickets I create at all.
  8. Wow, the VF-25S Ozma finally arrived to @Benson13 today... via USPS Priority Mail. Sorry @Benson13that it took so long for the valkyrie to arrive.
  9. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2021. Please stay healthy and safe, and enjoy Macross responsibly. 愛・おぼえていますか - Dr. Shizuka the Cat, Ph.D.
  10. Thanks to Nippon-Yasan f###ing me over on the Super/Strike Parts, I just ordered both the movie version and TV version Super Parts from Amazon Japan. Total bill is about $360 including shipping. *sigh* I know I am paying WAY above original pre-order pricing. At least I know I will actually receive this order or get refunded if it does not arrive, unlike what I can expect from Nippon-Yasan's non-existent customer service.
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