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  1. Real-world. 1917 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powered_exoskeleton#History
  2. Bubblegum Crisis? Is that like Chewing Gum Panic? Breath Mint Emergency? Hee hee, sorry, just such a funny title.
  3. YAY! My 1/60 v2 DYRL VF-1A Hikaru with Super/Strike parts arrived. Now I have 2 of these VF-1A Hikaru toys, one that comes with the Super/Strike parts and one that doesn't. Heh, kind of parallels how I also have 2 of the VF-1J Hikaru toys, again one that comes with Super parts and one without. If I were smart, I should probably sell off the duplicates that don't come with the Super parts... if I were smart. *sigh* Anyways, quick question... I am planning on visiting family in Korea and Japan for a few weeks this summer and introduce them to my fiance. I figure I will also do some valkyrie shopping while I am in Japan. Since I just started collecting Macross toys a little over a year ago, this will be the first time I have to deal with declaring stuff with Customs upon re-entry into the U.S. Anyone know what the limitations are, and other US Customs-related details when it comes to bringing in valkyries in my luggage? Thanks!
  4. Shizuka the Cat

    Hi-Metal R

    It comes with the stand and thick primary arm, but does not include the thinner secondary arm.
  5. Shizuka the Cat

    Hi-Metal R

    Tamashii Act 5 stand is correct.
  6. Interesting. I also got an email from AmazonJP just a few minutes ago. In it, they said my estimated delivery date range is a bit earlier than yours @treatment, between May 28 and May 31. I wonder if maybe I pre-ordered earlier than you did?
  7. I enjoyed the Avengers movie. Confusing at parts, but it was enjoyable. I was amused that Tony Stark mentioned the EPR paradox. Yay quantum mechanics.... or rather, Einstein's opposition to quantum mechanics being a complete theory.
  8. Do you like your sandwich with cats up?
  9. Just got an email from AmazonJP, saying that there will be a delay in receiving the VE-1 PF. Pushed back to 5/30
  10. Meow? I thought I heard my name mentioned somewhere. Anyways, off to watch the latest Avengers movie. My fiance is so excited. I am just hoping I figure out who is who and don't get too lost.
  11. Shelf presence? I don't think that would fit on any shelf that I own.
  12. OMG, there is going to be a 1/20 scale VF-1? https://hlj.com/1-20-scale-plamax-mf-37-minimum-factory-vf-1-super-strike-fighter-valkyrie-max01094
  13. Sigh... my latest purchase from YJA.: Yamato 1/60 v2 VF-1A DYRL Hikaru with Super Parts Note: This is after I had just recently bought the non-Super Part version of the same toy. *sigh* Anyways, I was watching the most recent Godzilla King of Monsters movie trailer, and I noticed.... they are fighting in Boston! For 4 years my dorm room had a view of the Charles River, so I'd recognize that CITGO sign anywhere!
  14. Mine arrived from AmazonJP as well. I actually like how they shrink wrapped my 2 VF-1D toys together. Kept them secure enough, I feel.
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