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  1. If I die after having children, I would want my Macross collection to pass on to my kids. If I die before having children, hmmm..... I am not sure what I would want to happen. My fiance is not a Macross fan. Maybe donate to charity?
  2. Why am I starting to feel a bit hot and flustered right now... and even drooling a little bit?
  3. One approach is to use Selenium, a tool that can be used with, such programming languages as Python or Java to automate web navigation. https://towardsdatascience.com/controlling-the-web-with-python-6fceb22c5f08 documents the use of Python + Selenium to automate homework assignment submission to a school's Canvas web page. A similar approach could be applied for handling online shopping.
  4. This makes me happy! This makes me really happy!
  5. I enjoy helping out MWF folk with pre-orders. I missed out on helping out during the past couple of PO madness events, so hopefully this CDJapan relisting helps makes up for that a bit.
  6. Yeah. NY was also sold out for the past few days.
  7. Looks like tonight Nippon Yasan has also re-opened their Roy pre-orders.... though still at their inflated 35,000 yen pricing.
  8. Actually, I cannot take credit for that one. The relisting by CDJapan was found by @F360 on July 7.
  9. If I recall correctly, CD Japan briefly changed from sold out status or orderable about a week ago... a few days after the original PO madness date. Update: CD Japan's second listing was July 7.
  10. I am actually feeling rather optimistic about this too. I would be more inclined to think this was a glitch if the order floodgates remained opened. But the fact VF-1S Roy went back to being sold out after 8 or so new orders makes me think that HLJ was maybe able to accommodate a few more from Bandai or some cancellations occurred.... I hope.
  11. I do occasionally see sites like AmiAmi, HLJ, and CDJapan show availability of seemingly sold out pre-orders that end up working out OK. That's why I have been routinely checking these sites a few times a day to see if the VF-1S Roy became available again. To my shock, it was again at HLJ. Hopefully this works out well!
  12. And gone....
  13. That's thank the Cat! (* meow *) hee hee
  14. Me too! Me too! (* high five! *)
  15. Yeah, I do worry about that too. *crossing my fingers*
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