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  1. I’ll watch a flick about a female Double-O agent no problem as long as it’s got a good story. Call it Tales of MI-5 or something. James Bond is a man, though. English or Scottish. Race doesn’t matter, gender does.
  2. I see Minmay in a red winter coat. On Mobile Safari on my iPhone.
  3. Well, the Narada and her crew had been Klingon prisoners for the time between the Kelvin events and Kirk being in Starfleet Academy, so about 20ish years. You can see Nero’s flashbacks to this time. Then they escape somehow - those are the Klingon reports Uhura was talking to her roommate about - and go to Vulcan to do their dastardly deeds. If the Klingons hadn’t done any analysis and made any insights into the Borg tech in those 20 years, they’re too dumb to exist. I might argue they did, though, looking at the JJ-verse D-7. It’s spikier and more... involved looking than usual.
  4. Where was it explained whether it was a ruse or not?
  5. Too true! But that’s what we have to work with: what we see on screen. I don’t know what all is “canon” or not... with Macross, it all mostly comes from Kawamori, and he doesn’t like to be held down by it too much. And there’s stuff like the Master Files books which kinda are and aren’t all at the same time. Mostly aren’t. Star Trek though... there’s a lot of producers, actors, and so on running around having their say. Is Memory Alpha canon? Memory Beta? The Eaglemoss magazines packed with their models? What the Trekyards guests say? So yeah, plot armor. It’s fun to think about though!
  6. As for the Odyssey, very well. I will point out that, even with power diverted, the fire from her and a runabout didn’t seem to injure a Jem’Hadar fighter too much. Regarding Operation Return, the hole wasn’t being created until Dukat gave him one. Sisko knew it was a trap and took it anyway. When the Dominion jammed Starfleet comms, their battle formation pretty much disintegrated into ship-to-ship fighting... which wasn’t going well until the Klingons interceded. Even with them, only the Defiant broke through initially to get to DS9... and only 200 friendly vessels eventually followed her. Considering that probably more than a few of those were Klingon, out of an initial fleet of 600+ ships, having only some 200 survive is a loss rate of more than 60%... that’s thousands and thousands of officers and men. Yes, they were outnumbered, but if the Starfleet ships were as powerful as all that, they should have had fewer losses, damaged the Dominion fleet to a greater degree without the Klingons’ aid, or both. The Battle of Sector 001: multiple Starfleet vessels had been destroyed, whereas the single Borg cube had sustained “heavy” damage to its outer hull and had cheerfully proceeded all the way to Earth. Hardly “deadlocked.” Losses were comparable to those sustained during the Battle of Wolf 359, despite the Federation having years to advance its technology and tactics. It’s interesting to note that the larger vessels were destroyed, whereas the Defiant was beat to crap but salvageable. As for large multi-mission vessels having more power to divert: take that same power output, put it into a smaller spaceframe for a smaller target and better maneuverability, overbuild the structure itself, and you have a warship. The Defiant-class, in fact. That’s why she almost shook herself apart during tests. And thanks, JB0.
  7. ...and the Federation’s first belligerent encounter with the Dominion, which led to the destruction of the USS Odyssey with the loss of all hands. We’ll also note that in “Sacrifice of Angels” the Federation Combined Fleet was having a very hard time of it at the hands of the combined Dominion/Cardassian flotilla until the Klingon fleet arrived. I grant you the Feds were outnumbered two to one there, but the sequence showed many more Starfleet and Cardassian vessels damaged or destroyed than Dominion classes. Finally, I suppose the best evidence the Federation realized the need for warships was the fact that they produced more Defiant-class ships. Valiant, São Paulo, and a couple more unnamed vessels we see in the combined Fleet that goes after the Dominion in “What You Leave Behind.” It might have been more efficient from a production point of view to simply build more, upgunned Intrepid-class or Centaur-class vessels, but Starfleet did not. Although I broadly agree that Starfleet’s normal ships were powerful, well-protected, and more than a match for most of the crap the galaxy could throw at them, it has to be said that there were enemies that made the extra size and power requirements necessitated by “multi-role” ship design a disadvantage in combat, especially by those races who were naturally more belligerent and designed their ships in kind.
  8. Especially the Borg, but I could see an argument made for the Four Years’ War and the Romulan War (forget the canon name.)
  9. As for the scale model on Adm. Marcus’ desk, Abrams said its presence was a filming mistake and it was never supposed to be there, so at least Marcus wasn’t THAT dumb. And I honestly like the Vengeance design and its rationale for existing - whenever Starfleet thinks they don’t need warships, they get slapped by some Big Bad and find that yes, they do - but it was the wrong movie and method for her to exist.
  10. Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.
  11. Star Trek Into Darkness would be “fixed” in great measure if Cumberbatch’s character had actually BEEN John Harriman, and Khan himself was still on ice. Last scene see Harriman back in his capsule, pan over a couple pods and see another pod, the faceplate mostly frosted over but a mane of silver hair is visible; and below is an obscured nameplate that reads “KHA############INGH.” That would have hooked me. Plus that crap about the Vengeance. There’s no way something that big could be built by that many people and crewed by that many more, and nothing leaked or was noticed by bureaucrats. That said, it was an awesome design, and if the Federation didn’t keep its blueprints in some deeply buried file somewhere, they’re fools.
  12. Awesome! I’m getting mine from BBTS, so it’ll probably be end of December, eh?
  13. Huh. So. BBTS will get them... in January? I’m assuming ship travel.
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