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  1. https://apple.news/AIIeIapsISrOq7l-2FauHTw I’ll be pouring one out for him, lads.
  2. Boeing did a crap job with the single(!) prototype and also did a crap job selling it. Lockheed had two prototypes that wouldn’t need a whole lot of redesign and completed the flight test programs with some extra activities thrown in.
  3. I was about to say... VF-5? Cheap? Intended for export? Kawamori’s an airplane nerd? Look no further than a transformable Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter. F-20 Tigershark if you’re feeling it.
  4. Inbit your punnish tongues, please!
  5. The mini-series has become the series.
  6. You’re welcome @RavenHawk!
  7. It’s a shot glass. It’s either full or empty. Anything else, someone isn’t trying hard enough.
  8. Correct. The right answer. Some other stuff.
  9. Damn. One of the great Justices of the Court. https://apple.news/As3UivieOQCGdADbHzSho9A
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