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  1. All those decals are interesting. Really nifty. Wasn’t Alaska Base guarded by green-painted VF-1s?
  2. It reminds me of a combination of a buoy in the ocean to track location and beam it to passing ships, and one of those roadside historical plaques we have in the US to mark a battlefield or a historic place. You can see them all over, I have one near me commemorating an old Nike-Hercules SAM site. This would be similar. “Hey, passing starship, think about this for a moment.”
  3. It’s a dummy VF shell used to train the New Edwards fire brigade. Kawamori really does think of everything!
  4. The pilot was ALSO the Maintenance director who signed off on the Fortress’ airworthiness?! The Collins Foundation needs to lawyer up, yesterday.
  5. I dislike the pylons and the enormous “plow” piece at the front of the saucer. I like the idea, but rather surprisingly for a Drexler Shipyards Design it fell short.
  6. Thanks for the review Mommar, as I’m not a fan of the design I’m passing on it. The Enterprise-X though, that’s got my attention, especially if a Negh’Var class is released too.
  7. Sildani

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Only have the 31C and her Super parts... minus missiles and missile brackets.
  8. Put me down for the second order.
  9. Hmm. And resin doesn’t need sanding. Much. Now we just need a Sharon Apple virtuloid.
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