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  1. Outstanding! Can’t join the waitlist though, there is none.
  2. No kidding. I’d happily buy resin missiles, all I should have to do is prime and paint.
  3. Finally got around to applying the eBay decal to my Aventine, thus fixing the biggest flaw this model has. Decal went on flawlessly.
  4. Squeenix is working on one “disc” at a time, the game we’re all looking at will end at Midgar and they’re not sure what all will follow.
  5. Definitely in for a radome kit! Bonus points given if you can come up with a way to fit two seats into the cockpit capsule.
  6. New series of 1/100 modern jets coming out: http://www.airft.jp/tvcm.html
  7. And that is how, at least in part, we get Valkyries that cost $200. Ya gotta pay for that engineering, part count, and more complex assembly. To Hasbro, for the most part, Transformers are toys that don’t NEED all that.
  8. No, not a nerd, an Air Force Sergeant won a “Name the Plane” competition the AF ran for its servicemembers when the F-16 was new. “Fighting” was added to avoid any confusion with the Dassault business jet line.
  9. Sildani

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    May I respectfully ask for a copy of the brackets the VF-31 Super Parts use to put the reaction missiles over the armor plates? Thanks to Jenius for the pic!
  10. Any word on if these Bandai Super Parts have internal detail, like Yamato’s do?
  11. The vines are all he has left of his family that’s living. His family’s old accomplishments, his service record, his past deeds are all done, to be celebrated, but stagnant. The vines, and their wine, are still there to be nurtured; to have something NEW done with them. Picard couldn’t turn his back on his family legacy any more. He’s the last of the Picards, but the Picard name can still be spoken of in the present tense, thanks to the vineyard. It could be that he’s being interviewed about his previous work and history, and that “in the present” he is indeed very much retired in his chateau.
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