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  1. Yep! Macrossworld hasn’t changed in 16 years.
  2. I read somewhere... maybe in Mr. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise... that it was the USS Ti Ho that had been rechristened.
  3. Wah. I thought I was on to something. I picked the 51, 4, and 27 because I thought one or two designers had lasted that long and had made design input to all of them, not necessarily that they’d been made by SV Works proper.
  4. Picked up the Carbonized Second Sister at GameStop and, wow, what a great finish it has. Definitely a couple cuts above the standard finish. Recommended.
  5. Looking at the Sv-51, VF-4, and VF-27: pure sexiness. The real answer, I think, is singularity of purpose. Most other VF’s can take on various mission packs for purposes that the original VF design isn’t ideally suited for; indeed, in the case of the VF-25 Messiah there was a desire to make an “all-regime” fighter, good in atmosphere and space, with the ability to take on various Super/Tornado/Armor parts to change roles. The Slayers all seem to be purpose-designed for limited roles, or one role. The VF-4 was space-optimized, and wasn’t really used much in atmosphere. The Sv-51 was the first operational VF, built in response to the VF-0 series and intended to defeat them. The 51’s Super Parts were intended to assist. The 27 was made in response to plans for the YF-29 Durandal getting leaked to Macross Galaxy, which made them modify their 27 (which was a match for a Super Messiah) to accept its own Super Parts (more thrusters, gas, and missiles) to almost achieve parity with the 29.
  6. Gotta get Wedge. Hopefully they make Biggs, Jek Perkins, and Garvin Dreis too.
  7. Camera angle, and it’s missing about ten feet of engine and propeller spinner.
  8. Want a grey primered one I can paint myself.
  9. Oh geez... which of those is going to be more collectible...
  10. So this arrived. Heavy guy, it’s mostly metal. Interesting tidbit: it doesn’t explicitly say USS Thunderchild ANYWHERE on the model, although it’s on the box. I’m very pleased, regardless! Edit: UK based eBayer aheebob has already made waterslide decals saying “USS Thunderchild” available for this model for about $10 shipped to the US.
  11. Here’s the studio model that was sold at Christie’s auction house, and it’s kinda dark, so I’d say lighting.
  12. I met him at a Star Trek convention, he signed my Decipher DS9 Nog card and shared an anecdote or two. At a panel I attended, talk was had about what a potential Captain Nog might be like and much laughter was had when he came up with “Mini-Picard!” Thoughts are with his family.
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