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  1. VF-1A - SOLD 1/60 VF-1S - SOLD
  2. Shout out to @Ridden001 Had a great transaction and fast shipping, packed very well. A+
  3. Im interested in his VF-1J and he messaged me back saying he had a family emergency and has to put his sales on hold, just wanted to let you know in case he doesnt reply back soon
  4. 1st release VF-1J complete with decals applied - SOLD this is the first release with the rainbow canopy, cracked shoulders, and difficult crotch swing bar attachment. the rainbow coating is still intact with no peeling the cracked hinges at the pins were carefully fixed with super glue and move just fine, transformed multiple times with no problems or signs of further breaking/cracking. the white is not a brilliant white but it is also not yellowing, more like a cream white. Still a nice toy and will make a good beater to handle and play with while your other valks stay safe in your display case , or just have it displayed
  5. checked my ray and he is good, have to wait till xmas to check my yellow. my stick however has cracks on both sides and has not been transformed!. I put a little drop of super glue with a toothpick to get into the crack, put a second teeny drop to coat it, hopefully that will strengthen that part and not cause it to break
  6. Mine came in from kuramatoys sucks cuz its a xmas present from my fiance to me so cant open it till xmas , really hoping mine is free of defects.
  7. Thats unfortunate that the wings dont line up even still, with this being the 3rd release you’d figure they have the assembly down by now......
  8. Still no update from kurama toys on my order, still says its pending
  9. anyone ever order from kurama toys and not have their order fulfilled? just curious and hope my order gets fulfilled for the vf-1s (fingers crossed)
  10. Wow!, I'm glad i got one from kuramatoys even though it was $250 price last night, it shows my order is pending right now, really hope it goes through (fingers crossed)
  11. ralliart209

    Hi-Metal R

    Does it come with the correct display stand piece to display in fighter mode? Or is it the same ol incorrect one to use with super parts in fighter mode?
  12. ralliart209

    Hi-Metal R

    Mine is still in preparation from them. I placed my order last wednesday and still no ship notification. Good thing i got another one that got shipped out today from somewhere else. Have a feeling MK might not full fill it :/
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