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  1. Purchased a valkyrie factory ko arcadia vf-1s clone, which arrived today. For the money, It's actually not half bad. Came well packaged and double boxed. The paintwork, Tampo's and joints are all very good. Transformed without fault and look great on display. Is it better than the real thing? No, but for the money i think it was worth it. Might even go for the focker with super parts.
  2. The new version 2 fenrir is a big piece! i bought 2 and the box they came in was ridiculously big to say the least!
  3. My latest addition. Now I have both types of Cloud's iconic bikes.
  4. I know i will end up getting that SV-51. My finger will hover over the pre order button, then i will click it and say "yolo" That 0D looks real nice too.
  5. Getting an idea of scale always appreciated! I love trawling though youtube for vids on things of interest or unreleased collectables. I don't get why they didn't use the right color to begin with tbh. A money thing perhaps? So people would want to buy the more expensive "better" pf version? Either way they got me intrigued and I could see myself owning one. The vid had prime 1 stuff to so that's cool. (just bought lady Maria on the new smaller base)
  6. Apologies if this was shown before. I've not been keeping an active eye on macross stuff recently. Thought it may be of interest. Cool that they are doing a color correction for the PF-0D.
  7. Skip to 16:30 for the sv-51. I was surprised what was next to it.
  8. Man it really doesn't look a whole lot different from the yamato version. A few extra markings wouldn't hurt it. It looks too underwhelming for my liking. That sucks because I have been looking forward to this one for awhile. I will have to wait and see what the pf version looks like. Hope those wings will hold up ok too.
  9. Agreed, it's definitely top heavy. The design for transform does hinder the movement too.
  10. Yeah mine ain't too bad but if this isn't proof that the yf-21 needs an update I don't know what is. The poses you can put the yf-19 in are incredible. It''s the most solid valk I've ever handled. The thing does not move, nothing is loose. The 21 is a great looking Valk, but it's really time to bring it upto today's toy standards. I want to be able to pose it like the 19, it's just incapable of any crazy poses like that. I just have to leave it standing as the ankle joints are loose on mine. Unfortunately for me, my antenna snapped on my 19 before I even touched the thing. I've got a picture here of the replacement antenna from shape ways. I like the black, it suits it. Thanks to @Xigfrid for sharing the pics and info on them. Handy option for anyone who has also been unfortunate with their 19
  11. Fighting over shelf space already
  12. Pre ordered the Collector's edition via GAME in the UK. £169 isn't cheap, but the 40cm Arsenal bird looks cool. Can't wait to try the vr missions out. Wish the whole game could be played that way. https://www.game.co.uk/en/ace-combat-7-skies-unknown-collector-edition-2538024?cm_mmc=Google+Shopping-_-Mint+Software-_-Mint+Software-_-+-+&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIltCc-I2n3gIVEpAYCh3J3ANFEAYYASABEgIm_vD_BwE
  13. Looks like I need to order some of those spare antenna too! You would have thought Bandai would include a spare or softer material version like they did with the vf-25a. Not ideal but can be fixed I guess.
  14. Still waiting on my three dx 19's to arrive. Decided to throw these two into battroid mode ready for the 19 to hog the limelight. They transformed without issue and the joints are nice and tight. The 11b holds his gunpod like a champ. Not bad for an older release. The 21 can be a little wobbly on his feet. Once you sort the pose and balance, he looks like a boss. Can't wait to see how the 19 compares with these two. Hopefully someone will release the 11b and 21 in the near future.
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