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  1. I am also following this with interest. I have contacted CW very recently about pre ordering one myself, and according to them the model is still going ahead. As much as i want to pre order one, i am wondering if it's better to wait and see?
  2. You can essentially kit out 3 vf-1's with the set.
  3. That's strange as i usually get a response on the day or the next day at the very least. Perhaps they were a bit slack whenever that happened? I have never really had any issue with them, and i have bought a fair bit off them in the past.
  4. NY's customer service system is by far the worst i have ever come across. At least nin nin tries to solve the issue instead of fobbing you off with a ticket. Useless.
  5. I think i will skip the super parts for my Roy dx and just settle for the tv style missiles.
  6. Very true! I have transformed the yam 21 and 11b before and they weren't too bad. Easier than some of the DX's anyway. It just gives me a excuse to put the little battroid figures to use.
  7. @myk Definitely glad to have one in my possession again. i sold my first one awhile back and regretted it. Thanks @tekering for the advice! Appreciate it. I will definitely be sure to store Guld back in the box then. Yes look forward displaying all 3 with the flight pose stands. I won't be transforming them, as I will cheat and use the yamato GN-U Dou figures to display the battroid modes.
  8. Thanks, It's the yellow lines on the dx that i am not really keen on. Looks like something from Tron lol Plus for a super secret prototype aircraft, you of thought that they would hide any sensitive information. They have literally plastered it like a sponsor billboard. Thanks, It a very well thought out toy considering it's age now. Having the purge mode as well just shows they went above and beyond. I have a vf-11b on route ,and i just need to pick up an arcadia yf-19 to complete the "yam scale" set. i already have 3 dx yf-19's and plan on getting the same amount for the yf-21/vf-11b dx's too. Fingers crossed anyway.
  9. My Yamato version arrived today. Just waiting on a flightpose stand for it. I think even if i put all the stickers on it, it would still look way more subtle than the dx version.
  10. Yeah probably to deter scalpers or it's a sign of the current times.
  11. It was $259 i believe
  12. God help us for the yf-21 dx
  13. Nin nin at £242. If they keep going they will be at £307 which is what the Hikaru vf-1s is now.
  14. They would probably try and blag you with a MacDonalds lol
  15. Nin nin is at £230 now. Wonder what the price will be at launch.
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