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  1. It’ll probably never happen but I’d LOVE a DX VF-0 Back to the topic at hand...I’ll bow out after I somehow secure a DX SDFM 1A Kakizaki
  2. Congrats to those who got through! 1. Missed on Ami Ami 2. Kept getting an error message at AE 3. HLJ was a ray of hope and got all way the way to the payment page spinning but I ended up getting cart-jacked. I hoped to get a confirmation email that it actually went through. Alas, none came. Now, I patiently await TV Kakizaki to complete my DX set though I'd be content with my Hikaru IJ and Max 1A.
  3. I had it in gerwalk for a few hours but I like it best in fighter mode. The micro missile pods are from my spare Roy VF1S. Gotta be able to defend yourself!
  4. Yup, I am in this category. My goal is to collect the DX vermillion squadron (minus Roy) and display them sans missiles.
  5. For the price of one, it’s almost as much as 2 DX 1/48 VF-1A Max(es) from YJapan. No thanks
  6. FWIW, I felt I overpaid for my VF-25S at $40. It's strictly in fighter mode, and I'm considering super-gluing it together and giving it to my son to whoosh around with.
  7. I've been planning to do this to my assembly kit VF-1A as I grew up near Point Mugu NAS and I used to see VX-4 Phantoms and Tomcats
  8. It resembles the Zaku II commander variant's fin
  9. Hangin’ loose with my braddahs
  10. Same here - gappy, but maybe with a complete transformation or two it will decrease similar to what some people observed with their 31a Kairos.
  11. My CD Japan pre-order is now processing for shipment.
  12. This parallels closely with sneaker collectors’ reactions to prototypes / non official pictures too.
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