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  1. I did. He seems to mock a company that he keeps buying from
  2. I am looking for a used DX VF-25F Alto, non-renewal, to pair with a used set of armored parts. It can be yellowed, but preferably no broken joints. Thanks for looking!
  3. I wish Bandai would have figured a way to incorporate an LED mono eye for Char’s and this upcoming Zaku II
  4. Thank you to the following for smooth transactions, with great communication - true straight shooters! @sqidd @Roi_Fokka @pikashoo - I'm sorry I posted this much later
  5. Your MB shelf is filling out quick! Phenex looking good too. I have one along with the GFFMC Banshee and Unicorn Final Battle version. Got them all well under retail, but I know what you mean about the arm joints being a little loose for the price.
  6. Thank you @Shawn for the DYRL blu-ray! You are indeed a straight shooter!
  7. Agreed! I’d especially love to have a GFFMC Gerbera Tetra or Zephryantes (sp)
  8. Crappier versions are perfect for our 6-year old
  9. I'll check it out...thanks! EDIT: Alas, she's no longer on sale.
  10. Max and Miria are in stock at showzstore https://showzstore.com/c/valkyrie-factory_0548?&Sort=2d I'm tempted to order both especially since missing out on the DX Max
  11. Thanks for the comparison shots. I’m eagerly awaiting Char’s Zaku II as well
  12. @tekering Your diorama is amazing and personally inspiring! I need more space though...
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