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  1. That would be very helpful. BTW, if 2.2 is clear canopy w/ fixed crotched, what does 2.1 mean? I thought maybe fixed shoulders but I see the VT-1 as 2.1 which eliminates that theory.
  2. Darn it. That means my TV valks will never match. I never new what 2.2 meant in your chart but now I know "...and knowing is half the battle!". Thank you both for the info!
  3. Another question for you old timers: Did Yamato ever release a 1/60 VF-1S TV Roy (bright white plastic with yellow/black stripes) with a rainbow canopy? All of the TV bright white VF-1S I've seen all have clear canopies.
  4. I'm green with envy too! The last 1/48 DYRL I'm missing. Tired of waiting for one to pop up so picked up a cheap sunburnt red Hikaru, whitened with peroxide and repainted it (forgot to paint the red arrows on the head): Would still love to pick up a legit one if anyone here wants to let theirs go (hint hint) ...
  5. dafob

    Hi-Metal R

    Why'd you guys have to go and mess with me like that? Especially since I've been itching to find a 1/60 Angel Bird these last few days. Like @Slave IV said, I knew it was a joke but but found myself clicking on it anyways...
  6. I've had conversations with @Shizuka the Cat about this and we thought we were the only ones that needed to go to therapy. Glad to know we're not the only crazy ones! Holy hell... 5 Angel Birds?! That's freakin' awesome!!! I have the fan racer model kit but no birds to display it with except for my lone 1/48 Angel Bird. LOL I stayed away from the special editions like the weathering versions and repaints. I've kept a spreadsheet of everything I've purchased. In the past 16 months of collecting Macross I've spent $18,483! This includes Yamato 1/48's & 1/60's (SDFM, MacPlus, MacZero, and a few M7); some Arcadia valks, and most of the HMR valks. I haven't seen Frontier or Delta so I haven't picked up any Bandai DX stuff except for the VF-1J (VF-1A Max PO'd). I've chatted with many members on these boards (and even had phone conversations with a few). I love all these old stories you guys post during the years I was MIA. I pay attention to each and everyone one, piecing together a mental timeline of how things went down and what it must've been like to collect during those times. I started out as a Transformers/Voltron collector but truthfully I get the most satisfaction these days when I pick up a new valk.
  7. The prices you've listed and the history lesson y'all have given me brings tears to my eyes. I've made it no secret that I started this game way late. I bought my first Yamato, a loose 1/48 VF-1S Roy in January 2018. I was a poor college student when the 1/48 Yamato's were released, and then a poorer new home owner when the v2's were released. By the time my finances were stable, I became a parent and collecting was once again pushed aside. But now I'm all in. In the past year, I believe the only one crazier than me is probably @Shizuka the Cat. But I'm pretty sure I'm a close second. I've picked up every cannon 1/48 valk except TV Kaki, and every 1/60 canon valk except for the Angel Birds, Cavaliers, VF-X and VF-11C. Most things I've picked up were at premium prices. Since I'm pretty much all caught up, I can finally join all you fine folks in these discussions and other fun things like PO madness nights.
  8. That explains a lot about the Angel Birds and VF-X. I didn't know they were also Chronicles exclusives.
  9. Thanks for the info. I've learned that the weathering editions were very limited so that makes sense. Some of the non-canon valks and repaints may not have been popular at the time they were released so I can see those as hard to get today. In terms of canon valks, the only 1/48 valks that seem to be hard to get are the Macross Chronicles Max and Kaki. I know you mentioned shops still stocked them and Kaki was less stocked due to overstock with Max. But what about 1/60 valks? From my experience, these seem to be hard to find or go for really high prices: 1. VT-1 Super Ostrich -> I know all had shoulder issues, but was there only 1 run w/ no reissues? 2. VE-1 Elint -> a regular release w/ rainbow canopy and 30th with option parts... why so expensive? Arcadia PF version really hasn't dropped price all that much. 3. VF-1J Mass Production -> I know it has the most tampos and only 1 release. Is this why it's so coveted and commands such a high price? 4. VF-1A Angel Birds -> this one seems to be the rarest one as I never see it posted for sale. Was this a special limited release? 5. VF-X -> only 1 release? 6. VF-1A Cavaliers -> only 1 release? 7. VF-1D Virgin Road -> only 1 release? 8. VF-11C -> only 1 release? I've managed to get some of these (missing VF-X, Angel Birds, Cavaliers & VF-11C). I just want to know why I have to pay so much.
  10. What would you say is the top 5 rarest, most hard to get Yamato valkyries in both 1/60 and 1/48 scale? Which ones had the lowest production runs?
  11. I was already watching that auction since yesterday (I'm one of the watchers on the list), but if it makes you feel any better: "...Thanks @no3Ljm for the link. You rock!!!..."
  12. LOL. Sorry bud, I just blew the wad on the DX Max.
  13. I went ahead and accepted the offer at $285. I figured it was like found money w/ eBay bucks so even if he never sends me anything I didn't really lose anything. oh, and @fry, you're welcome... LOL
  14. It's been awhile since I've done it but I think you have to activate it in your profile. You'll start getting 1% back for every purchase and every so often they'll have specials for 5-10% that lasts a day or two.
  15. Hahaha. He countered the same for me. It's true about the use-'em-or-lose-'em thing. I'm hesitant in this case because this is a PO. The valk won't come out until Oct. eBay only guarantees purchases for 6 months. If I buy it today, 6 months puts it right at the time of release. Even though the dude has 100% rating with 1800 feedback, who's the say he won't run off w/ my $$$. I won't be able to file a claim w/ eBay by then. Dammit! What to do...?
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