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  1. Thanks for confirming what I've been dreading. Fingers crossed... It's funny (and kinda sad) but I feel like I just won the lottery. Taking everything into perspective, what really happened was I just spent $173+$36 dollars for a plastic toy. Four years ago I would've balked at spending $50 on any "toy". Macross collecting has totally changed my perspective and perception of what is "cheap" and what is "overpriced". We shouldn't feel so excited just to have the CHANCE of spending this munch on a collectible. Am I wrong in blaming Bandai for not producing enough? Or ultimately hating Harmony Gold for their stupid stranglehold on the worldwide licensing restrictions?
  2. Already did, but thanks for the suggestion. I won't get my hopes up until I get a shipping confirmation.
  3. So I was one of the "lucky" ones that got my order on the "we-took-way-too-many-orders-and-now-we-can't-fulfill-them-so-your-are-screwed" list on release day at HLJ. They pretty much encouraged me to cancel my order and look elsewhere. I'm so glad I didn't and kept my order open because this morning I woke up to this: Did anyone else in my situation also get their orders through? I checked my credit card and they did charge me BUT I'm still skeptical that they actually have one for me at this late stage. If they charged me, does that mean they actually have one reserved with my name ready to be shipped?
  4. Grrr.... way to rub it in and kick us when we're down, why don't you... ? Congrats, guys!
  5. Ah yes... welcome to the club my friend. Misery loves company...
  6. I just got a wonderful email from HLJ that they couldn't fulfill my order. I ordered last Thursday/Friday, pretty early on when stock was made available on their website. Thank goodness I got one from AE on PO night months ago (which just shipped) but this really does suck for those that were expecting HLJ to fulfill their orders from Friday:
  7. There's still AmiAmi for those that missed out tonight right? They haven't opened up orders since the initial PO's sold out. What are the odds they'll open up again in the next day or so?
  8. TOTALLY! Actually, I'm not worried about the cost of getting two... I'm more paranoid of the wife's wrath when she sees the charges.
  9. I didn't know you could cancel an order w/ HLJ yourself...? I'll give it a shot.
  10. Crap. I think I ordered two by mistake since I never got confirmation for first one. But now I just got both confirmation emails. I hope I can cancel or unload the extra one.
  11. I got an order in, but I have no confidence in HLJ anymore. It doesn't show up in my history nor did I get an email confirmation.
  12. Such a great suggestion. I didn't know 3M made that stuff either. Thanks! Thank you for the suggestion. There are so many decals on taobao. Do you have a direct link to the one you used?
  13. I didn't know Tamiya made masking tape. Thanks for the tip.
  14. Apparently, my masking technique sucks balls as evident by the minor paint bleed on the legs. I used basic blue tape to mask most parts as seen in some of the pics above. I've always had a love/hate relationship with blue painter's tape: I HATE that there's paint bleed every time I use blue tape, no matter if it's painting figures or walls. LOL For other patterns (such as the kite logo on the wings, all of the little circles with a line throughout, the triangular bits on the shoulders, etc.) I printed shapes on standard address labels and then cut them out and stuck them over those parts. After spray painting, it was just a matter of peeling them off.
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