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  1. Where did you end up getting the first release YF-21 from? I have two YF-21s, but both are the re-release version. Was thinking of selling one of them to get the 1st release but still debating if it's even worth it since I've read that the FP for the YF-21 isn't all that great.
  2. YOU'RE YELLOW! VF-25F turning all sorts of colors

    Agreed with Cat. If cheap enough, it'd be worth it if you wanna put some effort in whitening it. It's not hard or expensive, but requires patience. If done right, the results are very rewarding.
  3. Arcadia SDF-1 Movie version 1/3000 reissue

    ...you must not resist... give in to the dark side... it is your DESTINY!
  4. Arcadia SDF-1 Movie version 1/3000 reissue

    Ready to sell me some of those VF-1's we had discussed a while back...?
  5. BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    You actually need 3... one for each mode! LOL
  6. BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Up at HLJ: https://hlj.com/product/BANN55061/Act
  7. YOU'RE YELLOW! VF-25F turning all sorts of colors

    From my own experience, the H202 does seem to affect some paint and not others. On my jetfires, I noticed it lightened the reds. Most of time, the solution is applied using a Q-tip directly on the plastic and over the paint. But for certain areas where I don't want the paint damaged (like the chest area in the above example), I cover the paint w/ tape before applying the H2O2. I then put those treated pieces in a sealed ziplock bag (to prevent drying/evaporation) and leave the bags in direct sunlight.
  8. YOU'RE YELLOW! VF-25F turning all sorts of colors

    So after going through this post I was inspired to finally try the whitening on a Yamato figure (after whitening a few G1 Jetfires). I used Developer 40 Hydrogen Peroxide Hair Gel. But I didn't want to experiment on any of mine so I picked up a cheap, damaged & yellowed 1/48 VF-1A: The yellowed figure next to a white VF-1J for comparison: Disassembled the figure in preparation for the Developer 40 treatment: The back panel and wings after one full day of sunbathing. The chest plate is untreated in this picture for comparison. The final result: It's still not as white as any of my original pristine figures but still very passable for display purposes. And especially since the junker figure only cost me $75, this experiment was totally worth it.
  9. That's how I feel looking at your TV Max and Kakizaki. ...grass is always greener... Lol.
  10. Really bummed I lost an eBay auction yesterday for a 1/48 VF-1A DYRL Kakizaki by a freakin $1 because my stupid browser froze on me in the final 15 seconds of bidding. I guess I have to settle for these two obscure birds that no one seems to want: Ostrich came in today and the 1D a few weeks ago. Shout out to @Offswitch for both! All that's left on my list are the VF-1A TV Max and TV Kakizaki and I'm done (in either 1/48 or 1/60 scale). Anyone wanna help me finish my collection?
  11. Thanks for the tip. I checked Jungle every now and then but not as often as I should. As for the 1/48 TV Max on eBay: I've been lucky enough so far to get most of the valks at "reasonable" prices. I'm now at the point where I'm hitting the "rarer" ones and have been paying exorbitant prices (YF-21, VF-11B, VF-1D, VT-1). I've been avoiding that 1/48 TV Max listed on eBay hoping I could find it cheaper elsewhere but I'm about to give in soon. I think you and I should go to rehab together and seek help for this addiction.
  12. Where did you find TV VF-1A Max and Kakizaki? I've been searching high and low for those 2, in either 1/48 or 1/60, and have come up empty. I even had an easier time finding a VT-1 Super Ostrich (sale pending). After seeing your posts, I feel a LOT better. Finally, someone who has gone even more overboard than me. I just started collecting since X-mas and in less than 4 months have over 25 valks in both 1/48 and 1/60 scale (mainly thanks to the help of the many fine folks on this site). I'm only going for the main canon valks though, from SDF and MacPlus. The two TV Max and Kakizaki are the only ones I still don't have. Someone posted these two about a month ago here (at awesome prices) but I missed it by an hour (that's what I get for spending time w/ the wife and kids... lol). Congrats on the collection, though. Looks like it's shaping out to be a great one.
  13. YOU'RE YELLOW! VF-25F turning all sorts of colors

    The tail piece can be tricky. I have 4 Jetfires and 2 of them just fell apart after removing the two screws. But the other two required more work. You have to take a flat tool (like a plastic scribe used to disassemble laptops, or an Exacto blade if you're feeling adventurous) and wedge it loose at the point shown in the pic. But like you said, be careful. One of my Jetfires was probably left in direct sunlight over long periods of time so the plastic has pretty much degraded to the point where the slightest pressure and the plastic cracks/breaks.
  14. YOU'RE YELLOW! VF-25F turning all sorts of colors

    I've also had fantastic results whitening all of my G1 Jetfires w/ Developer 40 hair gel (hydrogen peroxide). Stupid me couldn't wait until summer so I did this over a few partly cloudy days in the fall. I would highly recommend waiting for the long summer days. One minor thing I did notice was that it seemed to slightly wear down (lighten) the red stripe on the chest area. I need to whiten some Yamato 1/48's but for whatever reason I'm too chicken to try on real [i.e. expensive] Valks..
  15. Can I be part of the cool "I-overpaid-but-hell-it-was-worth-it" club? Just finally got these two birds recently, from this very forum. Wasn't lucky enough to get the first releases of either one (YF-21 doesn't come w/ fast pack/stand; VF-11B doesn't have flip top box) but just happy to have them in the collection w/o having to pay even higher eVil Bay prices. Anyone wanna sell me a V2 1/60 Super Ostrich?