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  1. I wish I was sophisticated enough to airbrush. I'm just a novice compared to some of the pros on this board. I do take the valks apart but some pieces can't be disassembled easily due to glue so I have to mask some pieces. If you're interested, I posted my progress here: - VF-1J conversion to TV Kaki - VF-1A DYRL conversion to Alaska Base
  2. I see you noticed that. That cleanup is the first on my list. Stupid paint bleed. Will use brush for the cleanup, unless anyone else has a better method...?
  3. Still love the Yammie 1/48's. Even made two customs recently:
  4. After experimenting with repainting a Yamato 1/48 VF-1J into a TV Kakizaki, I decided to try another custom repaint. This time, I wanted to do something that was never officially released: a 1/48 VF-1A Alaska Base. I've found pictures of 1/60 VF-1A Alaska Base customs, but not 1/48's so please excuse this post as it's very picture heavy. I started with a junker/broken 1/48 VF-1A Hikaru DYRL that I picked up from @eevli. Here are the results: Like the other project, I started by taking the valk apart: Then painted using basic rattle can spray paint: Left the pieces to dry in the sun: Partially assembled: Fully assembled: So that's my progress so far. I still have a bit of work to do: clean up the messy paint on the legs, heat shield, all the decals/tampos, and maybe painting the knee caps and antenna green per the mech manual (but I kinda like 'em white). Does anyone know what marking or call sign it should have (i.e. number on the wing and fuselage)? Any thoughts/suggestions/feedback on what I've done so far is very welcomed.
  5. Paint was done with basic rattle can spray paint. I used whatever I had in the garage which was satin finish. In hindsight I should've used flat but I kinda dig the slight shine. I do agree that too much shine wouldn't look good (like gloss paint would be too shiny). I'm currently working on making an Alaska Base using another junker I just picked up. I'm procrastinating though because masking with tape takes a long time and I'm usually not too motivated after coming home from work each day. Hopefully will have it done soon and will post pics.
  6. That's exactly why I do it! LOL It's not that I need the money or rewards (though it's nice), but it's more to hide toy purchases from the warden (aka wife) since she doesn't have access to my eBay account.
  7. This is off topic, but a few weeks ago there was discussion in this thread about eBay bucks and how to leverage it. Well, there's currently an 8-13% promotion for eBay bucks right now. I've already accumulated $320, which is a good chunk to apply towards a VF-1S off eBay. OK, sorry for the side topic. We now return to your regularly scheduled programming already in progress...
  8. I did make an effort for you, but it sold out before I could checkout. We're not all douche bags here...
  9. I hope someone got an order in for you bro. I tried to get it at $177 but sold out as I was checking out.
  10. Weird, they just raised the price to $177... ?
  11. Thank you for the links. $98.89 shipped from NY with the cheapest shipping method. Between these super parts, the VF-1S and Dairugger my wife is gonna be SO PISSED when she checks the charges later this week. And it's only 6 days into the month...
  12. So I'm new to TWE items and never had the pleasure of placing an order before. I wanna get the super parts on 6/7. Sorry if this question has been beaten to death but where's the best place to order from (price and reputation)?
  13. I clicked on the link that @gulan posted here. The PreOrder button was active so I immediately clicked on it to add to cart. Clicked checkout and got that sold out message. This was all within less than 5 seconds. Grrr!
  14. Another example of a store where I get it into the cart but can't check out fast enough... <sigh>
  15. Sold out within a few seconds of this posting... lol
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