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  1. Doh, typo! Tranformers -> Transformers My eyes just gravitated to the words...
  2. Oh damn, 20% off at Ebay again for Father's Day! Get 'em while they're hot!! Just another tip, if you have Chase Freedom, sign up for their Ultimate Rewards this quarter for 5% cashback using the card via PayPal. There's another 1.5% cashback via Topcashback.com and Mrrebates.com. I use both, and I haven't inserted a referral link anywhere here. Total, if everything goes well, is a whopping 26.5% off on merchandise price up to $500 worth of goods, which makes this $126.50 off! I bit the bullet and picked up a new Arcadia Ichijo Hikaru Strike and used Yamato Roy Focker Strike 1/60. Total came to an expected $423 for both. Good luck!
  3. Yeah, I know. They've been released since 2016 for regular and 2017 for premium. I've been trying to get the info out of them, and even asked for a link to the Taobao page they claimed to have info. So far, nothing. Does anyone know how the coupon code works? Does eBay absorb the discount?
  4. Um, yeah, I'm pretty sure. I'm not interested in any of the other mechas. See for yourself: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Arcadia-Macross-Roy-Focker-1-60-Scale-VF-1S-Strike-Valkyrie-New/112375766190?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  5. So using today's (May 4, 2018) eBay 15% off coupon, I picked up an Arcadia Roy Focker Movie Strike version VF-1S Valk. However, the seller told me it's for a pre-order version due to come out in Q3/Q4 2018. Has anyone heard of this??! I can't find any info on this, even on Arcadia's site (and I can read some Japanese). TIA.
  6. Sweet. I got the Transformers version of Petter Solberg's ride from the mid 2000s. I'll have to put up some pics.
  7. Luckily, you got away this time. Last week, there was a 20% off coupon good for up to $100 discount!! I unfortunately missed that one. Wanted to buy the Arcadia 1/60 Valks...
  8. I'm with you. I'm late to the Macross game. Been spending most of my funds on Transformers instead. I actually hope I can get some reissues from Arcadia in the near future (like the Roy & Hikaru Strike versions) at a reasonable cost vs the ~$300 for Hikaru from Japan and $235 for Roy. I was lucky to pick up the Millia from NY for 21.5k yen shipped (until they dropped it an additional 3k yen!).
  9. How much did you pay for the TW? TF-Source has all 3 coneheads on sale from time to time. I missed the really good sale sometime last fall ($150), but they had them for $180 during Black Friday. Not as good, but def cheaper than buying separately.
  10. FYI, I also bought mine from NY. They have it for a pretty good price of 15,480 yen. It's cheaper at least by 2000 yen over most of the other popular places. Shipping charge was 2715 yen (as billed) to California. The current exchange rate is around 106 yen/$1US. Try to use a credit card that doesn't charge foreign transaction fees.
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