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  1. Wow- that's the kind of tactics I was hearing about NY a few years back. Crazy that they would adopt the same style as the most hated store among Macross fans.
  2. I had no idea about Nin Nin- thanks for the info! Okini sounds like the better option
  3. Yeah I had seen it at Nin Nin for 307 but that seems like a pretty big markup. I want to see if i can get it from a proxy before I go S&M on my wallet
  4. Can anybody recommend a decent proxy service for the VF-1D? I see plenty of entries in google just not sure if there are any to beware of... like a nippon yasan of proxy services. Thanks in advance
  5. Wait- the GBP is an accessory? I was reading comments and it sounded like an entire non transformable valk. Right? I have a little saved but I'm having this weird panic where it builds up and about every 3 days I say I'm just gonna buy it, and then I come back to the computer and look at it and it just doesn't balance out and I close the page because I think I can do better (like its a girl lol) Thats just kinda evil lol... also I dont think anyone who has seen the set will settle without a pretty good chunk off the price, and I dont wanna pay 100 for the fan racer. If this thi
  6. So conflicted on the VF-1D... not a fan of the that valk (or orange lol), but being able to recreate the iconic scene with Minmei is pure nostalgia. Also I want the fan racer. Im going to regret this either way. Any news on the GBP release?
  7. You rock! Thank you!
  8. Sorry... if you don't mind could I ask- how does one go about unlocking their card and dodge the possible order block?
  9. Is something special required for AmiAmi other than entering you CC info?
  10. I got one. Thank you sir
  11. I put in a support ticket with NY and they got back to me last night saying their strike parts are delayed 2 weeks so they were not able to ship out at once but they can send them to me by UPS once they get the shipment (I asked if I could upgrade due to EMS not shipping).
  12. Got my "December is now April" email from NY for the strike parts. Never ordering from them again.
  13. No but now I need to watch that
  14. Please post pictures especially of the one with the jetfire paint job Edit: I just watched a video on why Jetfire was a Valk this year. The history of Macross/Robotech and merch is crazy!
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