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  1. Got my "December is now April" email from NY for the strike parts. Never ordering from them again.
  2. No but now I need to watch that
  3. Please post pictures especially of the one with the jetfire paint job Edit: I just watched a video on why Jetfire was a Valk this year. The history of Macross/Robotech and merch is crazy!
  4. Right? Who's would be less than ecstatic when someone finds and returns their $200+ imported figure??? Who knows... maybe it was for the lady of the house.
  5. That's crazy. I don't even know anyone else IRL besides my best friend from way back in second grade who was a big fan of Macross. Nice work!
  6. So much better than the 80-90s i really thought i was screwed
  7. Yeah someone from the post office called me about the case at lunch (and yes they can track the exact gps location). It was at the neighbors
  8. Gotcha... I think the issue is Japanese shippers may not use be using standard fonts and for OCR software it can have trouble reading anything but the main common 12. Man this sucks but maybe I can get them to switch to something readable by the USPS scanners and help others down the line.
  9. first thing i though was ... is he talking about Japanese people??? WTF! LOL
  10. After cancelling my VF-1S at NY and reordering and using Tenso, I just got a delivered notification that says I signed for it this morning When I called the USPS they said that signature was listed as waived (not by me) and the address was unreadable so they didn't have it in their system. They opened a case for it.
  11. Could you show how you have the stands holding the ride armor from behind? I am not feeling confident in the stand and mine kept trying to drunk dive.
  12. I also kept having the right arms pop off and with the cloth in the way while in ride armor its frustrating as heck to get it back in (other parts pop off)
  13. Call DHL Customer support and give them your tracking number and ask what the hold means. Might be nothing, or might need something.
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