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  1. Your getting Mezco One: 12 stuff as well @nathans82? There's a story behind this one. My copy of MP-29+ arrived from Manda via DHL and I ordered it via EMS originally five days before Manda posted the Suspension of Mailing was to be in effect. Two days before the payment was due, I emailed Manda Nayuta if there is a possibility to change the shipping to EMS to DHL to speed things up as EMS was delayed. Agreement was made and I paid the difference. Shipping was done on Friday, came in the DHL Depot in Vancouver, British Columbia on Monday, got nabbed in Custom Fees. Paid the fees last night and got delivered today, plus totally disinfected the entire box before opening it. Delivery guy was also taking pre-cautions as well with the gloves and mask. This is the Shockwave that I was looking forward to get, not the lilac looking one. Singing the song: "One eyed, one eyed giant purple people eater" while fiddling with it. Note that my camera doesn't pick up the dark rich purple as it picks it up in blueish-purple hue and left the coil in the package until I get my MP shelf up again. Edit: It shows purple in this pic anyways.
  2. Good grab for the Low Vis 1a @sqidd at 20k yen and happy with the 1/48 Yammies that I have presently (might get one more, just not in a rush to get it. If it's gone, then I'm fine without it). Now it's nerve racking wait for the next DX 1s or the DX YF-21...
  3. I knew what actually is referred to @Gabe Q. Just trying to pull a bit of laughter here. Oops! I didn't factor in the PF VF-0d @technoblue as I didn't actually pay attention for the pre-orders for that one. My apologies for that one. I actually don't mind if a pre-order for Nora's 51 goes up in 2021 as I think that everyone here needs to recover their own personal funds after this Worldwide situation passes over (I'm actually starting to scrape up some funds for another 1/6th figure that is to be released sometime next year). If it does go according to plan as per Arcadia's ETA, which is now delayed.
  4. You mean Bi-pedal, Gorilla and Fly?? Edit: Or Mass shifting into another gelatinous form like a protozoa/amoeba/paramecium?
  5. The only thing that is to be release this year is the re-issue of non-PF VF-1J with the GBP in August/September (hopefully barring delays) If Arcadia can pull a rabbit out from the hat, it's either the VF-0 (which ones exactly, I can't tell) or the PF VF-4G. Everything is pushed back for next year. I'm waiting for Nora's 51 and the Yammie version can stay in valk mode.
  6. Highest price for the DX 1s Hikaru is 32k yen (unopened, package damaged) and still available at 26k and 28k yen. https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1134181918&ref=list&dispCount=240&keyword=%E3%83%9E%E3%82%AF%E3%83%AD%E3%82%B9&lang=en For us that got the Hikaru's DX 1s, concider us very fortunate to get one before the prices go totally insane later on. As for Roy's release, will see how it goes once the floodgates open upon release date.
  7. Package from DHL via Manda is on the way, will post in the correct thread once received.
  8. Justin's collection review on Arkham Harley dated three days ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymN_YiIAzLw
  9. Don't you have other hobbies? Getting your valks with a long delay is not the end of the world. Isolation might be longer if a second wave is reported. I know that people are whining about when can they get back to their pre-virus way of life, however it's not certain when and how long when this will be over completely.
  10. @Sandman - Did you get this first release (from Collection DX's blog)? https://www.collectiondx.com/news_item/122214/arcadia_160_scale_vf1j_armored_valkyrie If so then that must explain why you didn't get the Grey Goggle version.
  11. Since that a fair chunk of us here are waiting for the PF edition of the VF-1J with the GBP, what is the guestimate price that it should go for? Nearly double the price for this version at 42k yen or around 35k - 38k yen?
  12. NY has the pre-order up. https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/30865-macross-vf-1j-armored-valkyrie-ichijou-hikaru-type-reissue.html
  13. Suspend your shipping til the whole mess is over. Edit: Even if you change it right now, EMS is delayed and DHL shipping from NY will cost you a fortune or your first born kid. SAL is not even an option as per Japanpost.
  14. I'm also in that same boat and as for others that are waiting for the PF version.
  15. I still have the Yammie V.2 version (Rainbow Canopy) and the busted two shoulder joints with the Shapeways replacement parts not installed. Which interns reminds me of this posted in June 11/2018 by Geekz (see pic below). So Arcadia has took more than two years to re-issue this! What's with HLJ's pricing at $22,610 USD?? That's majorly F****ed up pricing!! (I know it's a glitch)
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