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  1. From Toyark https://news.toyark.com/2019/12/06/hot-toys-iron-spider-official-pics-372642 To be released in Q2/Q3 of 2020, pre-orders and pricing not yet determined.
  2. Another worth it deal!! Yamato/CMS Piece Milia 635 for 5k yen (unopened, package damaged) https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1125352916&ref=list&keyword=マクロス&lang=en It's got the mold release oil once you open it. Use baby wipes, air dry and acrylic spray it afterwards. or Disassemble all three and soak it under a warm dish washing/baking power for 5 mins and go through all nooks and crannies. Air dry and use acrylic spray.
  3. That's true... Same price as the Arcadia 51 with the switched feet (at least there is replacements from HLJ and NY).
  4. Anyone slightly interested?? Yamato 1/60 (v.2?) YF-21 for 39k yen. Item A-, Box B) https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=TOY-RBT-02482-R
  5. These could make a better Macross themed Chess set that compared to the HMRs. The question is: King and and Queen for both the Zentrans and Humanoids.
  6. I'm actually waiting for a MP Jazz to be honest (don't know if I want to get Fans Toys version of Minerva. Still waffling on Hydra and Koot). Got Studio Ox's Azalea v.2 on pre-order as I have the Reformatted version. The only thing that I'm still thinking of finishing off is Iron Factory's interpretation of the DJD as I have Dubhe (Tarn).
  7. Details on the Heavy Duty Infantry Mandalore. https://news.toyark.com/2019/12/02/the-mandalorian-heavy-infantry-mandalorian-figure-by-hot-toys-372230 $281 USD, pre-orders up on Sideshow, to be released between October- December 2020.
  8. 1/48 Yammie Hikaru 1J for 20k at Sahra branch (opened, package damaged) https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1115610573&ref=list&dispCount=240&keyword=マクロス&lang=en Edit: The 13k yen version is a death trap - you'll see why when you look at the listing.
  9. borgified

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Chuck at 19k yen At Umeda branch (unopened, package heavily damaged) https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1125059597&ref=list&dispCount=240&keyword=%E3%83%9E%E3%82%AF%E3%83%AD%E3%82%B9&lang=en
  10. So you managed to sneak in an order for Agent Gomez without any trouble @nathans82? I'm already on the wait list for Robin Roach and Grub. If I get him, it's a bonus, otherwise I'll get Ghost Rider.
  11. Since the Strike Hikaru has the mis-matched modex number, is it possible that Roy's will also have it also? If so, then maybe not getting it.
  12. Bare bones DX 1s looks good for now. Upon getting the SSP and Missile set together on the valk is another large leap.
  13. Keith's Hs for 15k yen at Utsunomiya branch (opened, package damaged) https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1077407252&ref=doc&dispCount=240&keyword=マクロス&lang=en
  14. (1) 1/60 Yammie Fan Racer (Blank version) for 7k yen (package opened and damaged). https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1124787364&ref=list&dispCount=240&keyword=マクロス&lang=en (2) DX VF-1a Max for 20k yen at Complex branch (unopened, package damaged). https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1120352947&ref=dos&dispCount=240&keyword=マクロス&lang=en
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