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  1. Your correct @DYRL VF-1S. Ivanoff is non-PF is time round, however Arcadia can give us a PF version of Ivanoff down the road. The PF version can be weathered in rust like effect and 50% of us will still get it regardless. I wonder if @Dobber will customize Nora up if he decides to get one?
  2. I'm sure that this version of Nora will be non-sticker free @Sanity is Optional to much of your dismay. If the PF does get released for another 10k yen, then there is that non-stickered option.
  3. You think that Yamacadia will smarten up after screwing up Ivanoff twice and a lull between two 51 projects, that should be the case right @Corrinald? More of your enabling pics planned @Saburo?
  4. HMR 1s Roy (sans the stand) for 17,080 yen [Box B, Item B+] https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-019039-R
  5. Arcadia's 51 Nora version is a shade lighter than the Yammie version @Mog. The Yammie is more of a crimson red (?) and the pre-orders for these version is a bit easier to order, however possibly 2.5x more than the regular DX. Your call if you want one or not and it requires your kindey and 1/2 of your liver in the process.
  6. Oh @no3Ljm. Time to do your magic here !! I'll will be looking forward to Nora as well. Non PF version like Ivanoff's I take it.
  7. https://news.toyark.com/2021/04/16/the-mandalorian-ahsoka-tano-figure-and-deluxe-set-with-grogu-by-hot-toys-424190 Priced at $315 USD for the DLX on Sideshow, to be released in July-September of 2022. Updated edit with pricing on the regular version: $285 USD
  8. From Hot Toys Collector's Facebook page. Note: Lamp Light is an added effect (not present on the real thing), complaints about the face is not Rosario's (according to various "Karens" that are expressing their dislikes) and the secondary stand is not present in the deluxe set. Details will be further posted when revealed later this morning.
  9. Love the announcement, however I don't like to fork out eight billionity dollars for a real sized version of it (if it gets made unlike some here).
  10. "Riddle me this, Riddle me that. Who's afraid of the Big Black Bat (Samuari v2)?" Two separate items here, link as follows. https://news.toyark.com/2021/04/12/batman-ninja-batman-2-0-and-samurai-horse-1-6-scale-figures-by-star-ace-toys-423815
  11. Bio Goji keeping a close eye on Hikaru like a feline on prowl?
  12. If your tired of using the stands listed, then hang it from the ceiling with heavy duty fishing wire with the hopes that it passes the drop test. Unfortunately G1 Fort Max didn't pass the "Drop Test" and was pulled out from the shelves here in America from what I understand.
  13. Just make a stand from a large box of popsicle sticks with wood glue and hope that it doesn't shatter into wood splinters. Flightpose stands can be used, however watch out for the clear rubber plugs that might leave a mark on the valk itself.
  14. Who knows @rocketblast as its all speculation right now as it's not written in stone.
  15. @Bolt - Incorrect answer. Buzz gets rebuilt again like the Million Dollar Man with upgraded bionic parts.
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