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  1. I honestly think di Bonaventura is just spouting crap to get people hyped for whatever comes next and in reality he does not really understand the story (for the given value of “story” vis-à-vis Bay films) at hand.
  2. https://deadline.com/2019/03/santiago-cabrera-michelle-hurdcast-star-trek-jean-luc-picard-series-cbs-all-access-1202569185/ Santiago Cabrera and Michelle Hurd will co-star on the series.
  3. Anyone here going to get Generations Selects? This will be the packaging:
  4. The Jedi may de facto kidnap children for brainwashing, but at least when they grow up they can leave if they don’t care for effective organized peacekeeping. Don’t the Sith actively encourage and delight in murder, torture, and slavery, in Legends and the current canon alike?
  5. ...well then why the blue blazes do you spend any time on this board?
  6. I bet it would happen as with MP-43 - Hasbro makes some stock available via online U.S.-based retailers.
  7. Oh wow! That preview clip with all its homage details was amazing. I'm enjoying the pseudo-revival of 1990 Flash more and more! And I'm glad that "Elseworlds" seems to be going with Barry's dialogue in "World's Finest" that there are infinite realities accessible in the Arrowverse and not the silly Kara dialogue from "Crisis on Earth-X" that there are only 52 Earths in the Arrowverse. EDIT: so evidently this clip was attached to the end of Supergirl 4x08 and Arrow 7x08 and will probably be attached to tonight's The Flash 5x08 as well.
  8. Official reveal of Ricochet (Stepper) and red Swoop in “Generations Selects”, the new apparent successor to May Mayhem. https://www.allspark.com/2018/11/preorders-up-for-transformers-generations-selects-ricochet-and-swoop/
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