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  1. YF-25 Prophecy with customized Tornado Pack

    Ok, second and final run of the paint job for my second set of the YF-25 Tornado Parts is done, too. The outcome of yesterdays spray work is much better than I expected. Someone who doesn't know that this color version does not exist won't guess that some parts of the painting are not out of factory. Especially the outer black and yellow fins got nearly perfect. Now that I have the comparison between hand brushed and airbrushed version, I realize I should have done the latter one on the first parts, too. I tried to make the YF-25 pose in Battroid mode without its stand, but no chance. The wing/engine sections of the Tornado pack are far too heavy to hold itself in a good pose .
  2. YF-25 Prophecy with customized Tornado Pack

    Just started today with the airbrushing of my second Alto Tornado Parts. Have I already mentioned that I hate masking? The surface of the the airbrushed parts is not that smooth as of the hand painted ones, but the distribution is perfekt of course. On the hand painted parts you can see the brushstrokes if you take a closer look. Here's the outcome in comparison to the hand painted part:
  3. YF-25 Prophecy with customized Tornado Pack

    Yes, brush painted, but as I mentioned earlier only the orange areas and the black outer fins with its yellow tips. But even with double coating of paint the orange color kept its smooth surface. Over Christmas I plan to do the repaint on my second Alto Tornado parts, too, as I still have some mixed orange paint left. But this time I'll give it a try by spray gun.
  4. YF-25 Prophecy with customized Tornado Pack

    Thanks, that seems to be a good option.
  5. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Just finished the Eltemus, now waiting to challenge its opponent : Within the parcel of this kit came a Gunpla-catalogue and now I feel the urge to get some Gundam-kits as well. Bad world
  6. Bandai DX VF-31

    Thanks for the link, too. Just ordered. My first order from NY. Just noticed they offer a cheap and duty free shipping method to Europe (13+VAT). The delivery takes 10 days, but that's OK for me. So I give it try.
  7. Have any of you quit collecting?

    This is just the feeling I got two days ago while working on my latest mecha plastic kit (Broken Blade Eltemus Golem 1/60 btw.). The thought crossed my mind if I’m not to old for this hobby by now and how long could I stick to it? A few years ago, when I turned 40, I stumbled across Luca’s RVF-25 renewal version. In my youth I built lots of Robotech kits and with this perfect look of those new Bandai toys I had to get it. By now my Macross collection counts 14 Valks plus different sets of super and armored parts and the VF-31A on order. Plus several mechas from other series, too. On display by turns. Further I began watching mecha anime series again and I hate myself seeing what I missed in the past years. As for me I think this kind of hobby enhances both creativity and fantasy (as long it does not get to excessive). And it is a shame that the second one is in danger to disappear when you have to deal with adult life. My conclusion is you’re never too old for something if it makes you feel good. Especially as real life is not fun all the time. I hope Macross is still there when I’m eighty, just consider what quality these Valks will have!
  8. Bandai DX VF-31

    Want that big cannon - now!
  9. Bandai DX VF-31

    Damn, just made the decision to skip Mirage‘s Super Parts. But now with those missiles again all is open.
  10. Bandai DX VF-31

    Speaker pods could come as an extra set just like Gallia set for VF-25? Extra cash for Bandai
  11. YF-25 Prophecy with customized Tornado Pack

    The YF-25 is the only Valk I have three of. Now that I see the other modes, I feel the urge to get two other sets of Tornado parts although I have no ambition to do the same paint job once more
  12. YF-25 Prophecy with customized Tornado Pack

    OK, here come the other modes. Gerwalk:
  13. YF-25 Prophecy with customized Tornado Pack

    I still think about changing the markings from SMS to NUNS markings. That would make it look even more authentic. But I can only find those U.N.Spacy markings. Does anyone know where to get water slide decals for NUNS-markings?
  14. YF-25 Prophecy with customized Tornado Pack

    I just painted over by hand. I thinned the custom orange a little bit, gladly it had still enough opacity. I applied two layers by brush. No masks, just a calm hand The painted areas are all orange surfaces and the black yellow outer fins. the rest I just left as it came out of the box.