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  1. Hell, I want that Ozma VF-25. Where can I place my preorder?
  2. I don’t get what it is that drives people towards carrying out such cowardly acts. But unfortunately it seems to be human nature and will occur every now and then
  3. This came in today (had to release out of the fangs of customs). I decided to get a model kit of the Scopedog instead of a completed figure. But man is this box huge, not to speak of the number of parts This will be fun (at least I hope so)
  4. Wow, I like that. Especially the lighting in the cockpit. Awesome dude!
  5. Just placed my order at NY. Now I have five months to find a bigger display space for my Yamato
  6. No, in reality mine is the same color as in your pics. I took that picture with my iPhone within a LED-Photobooth and used the quick enhancement filter on it. Btw. I have to say it again Kuma, your pictures are amazing
  7. My Thunderbolt just arrived and I just can confirm everything that is said in Kuma Style's review. Besides I think it fits extremely well with the FMP Metal Build line as the Thunderbolt seems to be 1/48 scale, too.:
  8. I could not resist and so this came in for me today:
  9. Although it is a little bit chubby I love the design. For me the second best drone fighter after my favorite, the QF-4000.
  10. At first I thought I would build myself a V.F.G fighter squadron but now I‘ll get a Zentran sadomasochistic Valkyrie Racing team with a fetish for catgirls?! Now I wanna see this as an anime
  11. +1 I had exactly the same thought
  12. According to the pictures it seems to me the „two seater“ parts are only the plates for the foot rests in the engine compartments. The rest of the fighter seems to be just the same mold as the VF-31A
  13. Hopefully! It‘s really anoying that the gun of the VF-31 is melt to the rocket pod. And even more the part is only used in fighter
  14. As we still have to wait for the VF-25 and VF-31D I grabbed a VF-31J Anniversary during the last NY sales event. But I don't like those Macross Anniversary color schemes and the color schemes in the VF-31 Master File book are all white or light grey - A little bit boring. So I went for a scheme from the VF25 Master File: Underside all black and upper side dark gray. #did some quick shots but unfortunately the color contrast between black and grey is hard to notice due to LED lighting. In day light it looks just like shown in the book . Was again fun to build, both fighter and girl . Can't wait for the next VFG releases, going for a full VFG squadron at least.
  15. CrossAir

    Hi-Metal R

    Aw, those damn Clanners sneaking around here again
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