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  1. Damn, hoped it would be only the standard version, but with supers I have to get a hold on this! And when they‘d do a tornado I need even twice. That is so mean, after the first VF-25 I thought to quit on this line. But at least the VF Master File has lots of color versions to offer
  2. I see no additional pack at all. It's only the silhouette of the backpack with the Battroid arms/shoulders in front as well as the unfolded engine compartments at the leg section. I assume differences will be the sniper rifle, the head/antennaes and parts of the girl.
  3. CrossAir

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Seems a little massage really does the trick:
  4. Love that little magic box of yours! Just great, awesome...hell I get out of words
  5. Thanks a lot! FYI (unfortunately for me) this one is not from an anime, currently it’s only a line of robot model kits. Would like to see an anime of this as it would boost the lines publicity.
  6. When I saw this I thought that I missed a Macross fighter. Looks perfect to me! Great work and cool idea!
  7. My work over Xmas holidays: Frame Arms Jagd Falx. Lying around for quite a while, but had to get rid of the big box as it took to much storage space . I gave the inner frame a gun metal finish instead of the lighter grey to make it look a bit like a Metal Build .
  8. Hah, I experienced the opposite when starting with Bandai or Kotobukyia kits. Suddenly almost no glue was needed anymore. But I can say you can’t rip off my old Hasegawas anymore, half is plastic and the other half consist of glue
  9. Wow, looks fantastic, Anubis! Great work, I really love this scheme. I have built lots of Hasegawa fighters in my early modeling years. Need some work but detail is always great.
  10. Pre-ordered this more than one and a half year ago just for fun as I liked the colors. Finally showed up today. I did not expect the box to be this huge. At first I thought someone has sent me a coffee machine No idea were to place her as she will not fit in my shelves, my wife will kill me.
  11. Looks really good so far! Especially as it is my favorite Valk in my favorite configuration I‘m looking forward to see it in the final stage.
  12. Hey dude, your living room is on fire - Cool effect!
  13. Coloring was a little bit inspired by the pilot suit of Lockon Stratos from GUNDAM 00.
  14. Yes, the wings don‘t stay tight in fighter mode. When re-adjusting the valk during the photo shots I always had to push the left wing back in its place again. Some latch would help here, especially if you want to display it over head.
  15. Awesome, looks perfect up to the tiniest detail.
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