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  1. That's a GREAT Name. Nice design too.
  2. I have to admit this is beautiful. Sorely tempted to get one to use with my 1/12th World of figures.
  3. Don't have the metallic ones but I Do love the ones I Have. Makes me Laugh when people gripe about Transforming the Sentinels Riobot Ones. These are a Test of patients But same time much fine too.
  4. That's their Sale price??? Bloody hell mine PO was £145 and NY SALE price is £150 HAHAHA
  5. Jonathan is an Easy custom suited up. Headsculpt is the only main issue. Still looking for the right face/headsculpt for this.
  6. Let's Not forget these Are toys. Play with them, Enjoy them, Customise them. Personally i Love customising mine (guess why I have 7 in total so far) from New coloured cloth suits to accessories the figures can have on them/use. Sad to see some don't appeaciate these are Toys first and foremost, not bars of precious metals. As far as yellowing, Not seen that with mine on Any of them.
  7. Very Cool indeed. Long shot but any chance you could print Jim's head at 1/12th scale? I can then sort a action figure body and make his clothing to add to my collection.
  8. Oh Yes saddlebags fit the other Mospeada too. Same could be said Why Gallant with Yellow and Not all. I guess either they wanted to get the others out even though Not happy with hand weapons and saddlebags or Yellow was Always the Intended goal?? Or and it's a Long shot R&D slow getting them out and Maybe Boxes Accessory sets could appear. As said LONG SHOT I know.
  9. Fabric paint pens. Take the figure apart and get to work. It's boring but gotta say Wolff's Purple suit is perfect. Plus added the "13" to the shoulder bell armour. Also did the grey suit too. That was my first to Test how it worked.
  10. Yay Finally have My Birthday Present from my Wife. Plus a Day Early. Also HLJ free KitKats as well. Yellow Is awesome. Feels more sturdier than previous 2 or is that Just me?? Having now in the Flesh Yeah Great job with him. Bike looks terrific (not transformed yet) and those Saddle Bags are Double the size almost of the Old Model Kits (which open). Great as practical too as we have seen people show already. Also added a photo of the Riobot H90 Gallant with the 2 Aftermarket ones I have. Top from Plastic Cretins. Middle from Riobot. Lower from Cap/Moscato Think Both of the After Market did an outstanding Job.
  11. Let's Not forget when Stig came out many complaints from people. Made it sound like it was gonna be unsuccessful. Though that Is Not the case. I love the triplets of both characters I have and found them great to customise too. ALL brands have Flaws of some kind IMHO. Transformation is not CM Brave tricky and personally pretty Damn Nice (same as CM considering its 1/18th scale). Yellow still with customs so cannot say But I'm excited as hell.
  12. Well not a whiz with Photoshop but recalled this Meme was done using My photo of Stig. So Imagine change of the Name of LEY to YELLOW and it's where My figure Is hahaha Damn UK Customs Best clear it Quickly.
  13. It's possible. Though not had issues with the other 2 when transforming them. Maybe alas too much force. Good luck on a smooth replacement from Amazon. Jpn. Details and photos tend to be the Norm with Most Replacement requests btw.
  14. I think the Height is suffice. Don't forget JIM Is taller (if they Make him) than Yellow. Is Yellow's face/head smaller than the other two? Looks it in the photo.
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