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  1. A wee upgrade for my Blade and his Dodge Charger too. I have a Dio to turn into his HIDEOUT to battle the Suck Heads.
  2. 1/18th scale UNSC Marine. Is in a Whole world of Hurt with these two. I think these Covvies Scale Much better with the 1/18th Scale.
  3. 1/12 scale custom Mezco Action Man/Joes/PMC Adventure Team "EXTRACTION"
  4. Thanks Very much. It was the Very First thing I did whe ThreeA released the Lawmaster LOL Same as you with Riobots Mospeada Stig when he came out. I have several of the Lawmasters and alas one had none working Lights. So ThreeA told me to smash it and prove destruction before replacement. So I Had also some photo Fun with it LOL
  5. Thanks very much. Nice to have the personal touch and not all bought LOL As for bike, mmm well the first film it was the custom Honda? Or one of the Japanese brands. Then in II & Trinity Ducati's. However the TV show following on Blade II (in a round about way) had the Harley. Guess personal choice of the collector or ALL lol
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