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  1. My 6 inch Custom O.D.S.T. aka 1/12th Scale. With WCT/Jazware HALO SPARTAN from the SPARTAN Collection. Warthog is the Mattel one for the 12" Master Chief. Woefully Under-scale for 1/6th. However Seat boosts and Perfect for 1/12th Scale. Mongoose is the RC one. Works perfectly well with 1/12th scale.
  2. Classified GI Joe FIREFLY with his Custom Twin Articulated Rotor Pack System aka T.A.R.P.S. I designed and Made. Done three T.A.R.P.S. so far. They have articulated Flight arms for control. They have rotating ROTOR Fans. Fans can be secured to the sides for transport/storage. Also a Four Point cloth strap and working Buckles Harness system to secure the 6inch figures too.
  3. 1/6th THREEA Judge Dredd. Has a GREAT Range of articulation. Also Made him a Lawmaster bike comic style too. Comparison of ThreeA 1/12 Dredd and Lawmaster with 3A 1/6th Dredd and custom Lawmaster.
  4. My 6inch MiniMe (bald beard red flannel shirt) and with some other 6inch Friends too. All the 6 inch Flock heads are customs I have Made
  5. Well My Mezco MiniMe just got something totally unique. Back in the 1970s/1980s we had the 12" Palitoy Action Man 12 inch figures. Loved them as a child and Do still have a few. Well as you know I do these 6 inch Flocked Head Mezco customs. MiniMe is a sanded down Bald version. So I had a fellow Action man Fan make a Box that scales for the 6 inch MiniMe in the Palitoy ACTION MAN style. The Sides have some of 6 inch Mezco Custom flock heads I have done. With Front and Back being 2 different shots of MiniMe. Really think this is Awesome and totally something unique for mi
  6. All the figures are MEZCO One 12th Scale customs. As you can see I opted to make these Flock Head Joes/Action Man/Gyperman/Falcon types. My "Pocket Adventure Team" aka P.A.T. The bald, bearded, flannel wearer is My MiniMe. This is His Adventure Team "RAIDERS"with a unit bar called the "DRAGON'S LAIR". Initially was a small team but It Has somewhat Expanded in Personnel LOL
  7. A wee upgrade for my Blade and his Dodge Charger too. I have a Dio to turn into his HIDEOUT to battle the Suck Heads.
  8. 1/18th scale UNSC Marine. Is in a Whole world of Hurt with these two. I think these Covvies Scale Much better with the 1/18th Scale.
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