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  1. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Oh Just Superb
  2. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Loving the level of detail.
  3. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Busy with some 1/12 hand sewing seamstress work. Hate hand sewing but A, don't have a sewing machine and B, probably ruin it with and machine lol Anyway "UNIVERSAL SOLDIER" film custom figure 1/12 scale UNISOL GR-13 aka Andrew Scott played by Dolph. Next the vest and that should be interesting lol
  4. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Awesome job and like the RDF markings. Damn Clanners are everywhere!! I Fight for the Dragon, I Live for the Dragon & I Die for the Dragon. House Kurita, Always!

    lmao fingers crossed NOT with HG. My own 1/12 world, who knows lol

    My 1/12 Justice Department is ready for any Perps who break the LAW!!

    I got one of each at HLJ & one of each at NY. Looking forward to customising the 2 spares. Cheaper from Japan with shipping and customs than BBTS/shipping and customs for me.


    Agreed, prices should be lower due to less technical know how needed. Plus Transformed mode should be a solid and robust figure to play with too with NO Fear either. Looking forwrd to building up a team of Riders too (size dependant). As not sure about the rest of you, just that ride armour wrks nicely for combat armour IMHO. Guess why I have so many CM BRAVE Mospeada Riders LOL

    I have some FIGMA, they do make some that are 1/12 as well as the smaller. So none transformable then if making one of each? Hopefully they goto the taller section of their scale thus the Bike sold seperate (i presume for the rider) will be more inline 1/12 scale than underscale. Guess all we can do is wait.

    Wish we knew more from the Figma choice of Mospeada and the Macross too. Mixing brands for different designs is great plus the model kits can fit in there too.

    The huge Anime feet always disliked plus some cells, they were Huge! Let's not forget the guys and girls in the Ride Armour/CVR 3 are supposed to be combat operators away from the bikes. Cat in hell's chance of that with those Anime feet. The redesigned sleeker ones work well imho for none bike combat. Guess that is the problem seeking a real world look from an Anime source.

    Lets face it, 1/12 is where the BEAGLE one Should have been released in scale IMHO. So yeah BEAGLE owners can be picky but hell for me just being 1/12 is why I have 3 on PO. The looks are very promising thus far but till in hand you just never know. Then again I pulled the trigger with 15 or so CM BRAVE Mospeada riders for my 1/18th world collection. Look at all the Nay sayers to these lol 1/10 is just too stand alone scale IMHO so that prevented me pulling the trigger back then and even to this day and had some slip through my hands purely because of that.

    Yay to being a December child. Just been told each one PO is a B'day & Xmas present from my wife. So i am buying only ONE now (extra Sticks) to customise. Happy Days

    Look forward to seeing Captain America Well I have the GALLANT H-90 Almost sorted 1/12 scale Just finishing off before I show. The other Weapons from the show & even ROBOTECH realm I do plan to have a crack at too