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  1. Many thanks to @technoblue!
  2. Thank you! @spacemanoeuvres
  3. Having a Max type of day
  4. @borgified Thank you! Both were priced below value to me. Hope you get one too.
  5. @Sanity is Optional Thank you! I'll give that display a try. This ran me... a trip to the dog house @SaburoThank you! I'm also optimistic for an Arcadia revision. Wish it would be sooner, but would love having a 25th anniversary sticker on the box.
  6. @Lolicon @Slave IV Thank you! @Saburo Great photo & congrats on the new valk! Had a package waiting for me at the house. Looking forward to setting up the trifecta display. Now should I display with Yamato weathering or Arcadia YF-19?
  7. Thanks! Seriously, most Macross items were marked up significantly. I thought it was fairly priced ($158)
  8. New Year's Eve shopping with the Misses in Little Tokyo and found this in the Jungle. It was different going through the buying experience in-store, a first for me.