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  1. For Sale: Arcadia 2013 issue DYRL VF-1S. This is the version that includes the clear plastic storage stand and decals as well as stickers. The box is in very good condition with mild shelf wear as shown. Model is in excellent condition with no known defects. Includes all original accessories including option parts. $180 plus actual shipping, if paying for goods and services via Paypal please add 3% to total price.
  2. this is a pretty good list that includes most of the Mandalorian episodes to catch you up on that history as well. https://wegotthiscovered.com/tv/disney-picks-20-important-star-wars-clone-wars-episodes-watch-season-7/
  3. I know that some people are upset that the Star Wars fans on here aren't waiting patiently to find out if it will be good or not. I think they could pull off a good product if they have proper direction, vision, and most of all sound writing and good stories. Unfortunately, I think what we're seeing with the white board is writing/design by committee. What we're most likely to end up with is inoffensive, unimaginative, with plenty of virtue signaling. Disney's wildest dream is to turn Star Wars into the Marvel franchise pumping out fun entertaining and ultimately forgettable movies on a quarterly basis. That Star Wars will not even closely resemble the original trilogy in tone, direction, and quality. But it will make money hand over fist.
  4. Definitely agree, could be more going on, including material failure, but until the investigation is complete, that’s my guess.
  5. I wouldn’t say incompetence, but very poor decision making, that was an expensive, nice and very capable helicopter, and they seemed to be trying to make an off airport landing in poor conditions. Maybe the pilot felt pressure, maybe he was over confident, but those were not conditions I would personally fly in without an instrument flight plan unless somebody’s life was on the line.
  6. Helicopters can autorotate, ie glide, I fly both helicopters and airplanes, and I feel far more comfortable in a single engine helicopter that I can autorotate into someone’s backyard, than a single engine airplane that requires an open field to land in an emergency. Just my two cents. At any rate (without any special knowledge of the incident outside the news) this seems to be a case of IIMC and CFIT. The pilot most likely flew into the clouds, lost visual reference, and then flew a perfectly good aircraft into the ground. Tragic and stupid.
  7. At the end of Ben's internal conversation with his memory of Han, Ben say's "Dad..." Han replies "I know.." That's actually one of my favorite moments in the movie, despite a ton of reservations I have about the movie as a whole, I think they really hit the right note in that scene. Anyway I guess I was caught up in the emotion and missed it the first 2 times. Made me LOL this time, I think I annoyed some of the other movie goers with the timing.
  8. So I've got to ask, I just saw it for the third time (different friends wanted to see it and they were paying), and I finally caught Han's "I know" line. Did anybody else miss that the first time?
  9. I'm not going to say I really liked it, but like you I went in with low expectations, and I honestly "enjoyed" it. I'll have to see it at least once more, I'm pretty sure it crumbles under any scrutiny just like the others of the sequel trilogy, but I didn't leave the theater thinking I didn't want to see it again like I did with The Last Jedi. My general impression after a rewatch this week culminating in The Rise of Skywalker, was that the sequels suffered from three things. One, no concrete vision of where it was going. I'm convinced that any JJ Abrams writing room consists of a bunch of people saying "You know what would look cool and/or mysterious!" Then they write all those scenes together as a committee. . Two, one-upmanship, everything needs to be bigger and badder and more exciting than everything before. "this doesn't make sense, but who cares, it looks cool!". Three, as a result of the first two, there's no real story, just a few tangentially connected events in sequence. Say what you want about the Prequels, and there is soooo much to criticize, but they existed to tell a story. The sequels exist because Disney made a corporate crafted blockbuster that just happens to be set in a universe that so many people love. nuf said.
  10. Probably to large, try resizing the photo to a smaller resolution for web upload.
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