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  1. Factory sealed in their shipper boxes, one TV DX VF-1 Super Parts set, and 2 DX VF-1 Missile sets for sale. Prices listed below, plus actual shipping and Paypal fee if not paying friends and family. I'm mentioned several times on the strait shooters list, and my ebay profile Levzloi has 100% positive feedback over the last 20 years. $150 super parts (sale pending) $75 missile set (sale pending on both) Also willing to trade two sets of VF-1 DYRL Box missiles for TV missiles, please see thread below.
  2. I'll be giving it a watch at some point, hopefully the end battle is much improved, it was seriously lacking in the theatrical cut. Still it's important to remember that this is not the movie that Snyder would have made four years ago, it's the movie that got made as a result of the Weden cut.
  3. That is just astonishing. You've clearly developed your talent. I just can't even believe the level of sophistication and detail your achieving here.
  4. Wrong forum, you want to post this in the Wanted forum.
  5. I'm pretty sure Wanda is doing it herself, her (movie) powers came from the mind stone, and I'm pretty sure it's consistent with the comics to have her able to manipulate the minds of those around her to alter reality to suit her desires.
  6. If anyone only collecting DYRL Valks and is tired of paying through the nose for those missile sets......
  7. Thanks to @Angesdad for the successful trade of DX missiles. Couldn't be happier.
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