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  1. - I just looked on the toysource and there's a bike robo listing for 119 (like a 30 buck mark down.) With that, from what I recalled I think the DX Bike Robo was a relatively small run in comparison to normal releases, but I can't be sure this far out. - No; the smaller machine robo toys were fiddly junk unfortunately and that's why people didn't take to them. They're no bueno and that's why I never even bothered to review a single one of them. Never know what the future will bring but if they happened to not make any more at this point I wouldn't blame them one bit.
  2. Exactly. Can't be too confused as to why a company would move on from stuff that has unsold to the point of being clearanced out everywhere. --------------------------
  3. Yes; they've been trying to work on lines that may actually sell. (And I'm saying this as a fan of the DX Bike Robo)
  4. I dunno... I've never really had problems with this stuff and I'm not doing anything special just using the links people here and whatnot are nice enough to provide. Regardless I hope that everyone who wants it gets it.
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