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  1. Not being able to understand the videos really takes away a lot of value for me as a viewer and it sucks because it's such an insanely interesting topic of discussion.
  2. Now I need to refind the fixed ver. Origin Leonidas. Sad that the PerfectEffect is still available but the NeoArt isn't. Says a lot about their quality.
  3. You know...if it weren't for the scale I would've searched it ina heartbeat seeing that pic if I hadn't before. That's just a lot of real estate for a one off... With the dragon guy though I figured if it doesn't look right as a mobile suit on display I've got a freaking huge mecha dragon to display instead, lmao.
  4. Jesus....I think that this pic is the best I've seen yet at very least in terms of capturing the color. Bit the bullet and ordered my first 1/72 with that barbatos dragon looking thing. Fingers crossed the quality is up there.
  5. I don't really know how to read this response. Nothing personal was meant by my statement or anything; it's literally stating that Exia is a popular piece that continues to sell and that's all. My bad if it came off some kind of way. ------------------------------------------------------------ Was talking to a friend yesterday and the GN arms got brought up.... I'm really hoping they circle back and knock that out.
  6. The showz store eventually gets to usps but it takes weeks. They ship to shipping companies here in the states that use services like fedex whatever mail that goes through them and then to usps. Usually for me it takes around 3-4 weeks to receive things.
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