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  1. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Thanks for helping there, Scyla and yea it's the Fansproject Pinchar. Honestly, it's a decently looking line but it feels like it took until this last release for them to finally get things right with all of the q.c. niggles that the line had to that point. It's really unfortunate. Striker Manus came in yesterday and I really can't want to open it.
  2. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    I keep going to purchase these but then I just can't. Hoping something pushes me over the edge before they're sold out! ... MakeToys' Thunder Manus is out for delivery today... label me hyped!
  3. Acid Rain - new 1:18 mecha toy line.

    B2Five Wave 2A Review up: http://kumastyledesigns.com/b2five-wave-2a-review/ I honestly like this wave and get in-depth in the review but I'm pretty "over" strongholds at this point and am more excited for the using the additional parts for the combination aspects than anything. Here are some pics from the galla portion:
  4. Bandai Gobots/Machine Robo Series Toy Thread

    It's ok; TBH I'm more in it for the DX stuff than anything as it is. I'm just glad to hear that overall the line is fairly solid because it makes it worth checking more of them out.
  5. Bandai Gobots/Machine Robo Series Toy Thread

    Was just answering your question in general which is yes, it is available at retailers although it's unfortunate that it's not available at the retailers of your choosing. I have 0 familiarity with Gobots but since I don't remember it at all from Machine Robo I'd go with Gobots if either. You've just given me an excuse to rewatch Revenge of Chronos, though. ------------------------------------------------------------ Tough Trailer looks damned good. Hoping the build quality is up-to-snuff. ------------------------------------------------------------ Asking across boards; for those of you who've invested into the smaller-scaled line, how are they quality wise? I opened Battle and Shuttle and both are a floppy mess. Trying to get a general consensus before investing into more of them.
  6. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    I hope its's the former. I'm really at a point to where I could stand to stop buying outside of non-G1 stuff. Collecting too many other lines at this point.
  7. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Outside of Thunder Eberus there really isn't much dropping that I'm insanely hyped for this next quarter or so... I'm starting to wonder if I'm about at my peak with 3PTF stuff... would be nice!
  8. Bandai Gobots/Machine Robo Series Toy Thread

    It's been out for a bit now at Robot Toy Base. Mine was sent to me from the company for review, but it's a production run sample just like the ones that were sent to retailers.
  9. Bandai Gobots/Machine Robo Series Toy Thread

    The Review for Action Toys' MRDX-01 Bike Robo is up! http://kumastyledesigns.com/dx-bike-robo-review/ The review is in-depth but overall I dig it. It's nice to see the Machine Robo line get the "Masterpiece" type of treatment for characters that aren't Baikanfu. http://kumastyledesigns.com/dx-bike-robo-review/