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  1. Tempting, but I already have the 2.0 MG filling that particular hole in my collection. Looks good though.
  2. When Yeti's back in business I need to make an order, finally. Kept putting it off, but my display cases just can't hold everything anymore unless I improve the stand situation.
  3. It's actually an upcoming Calibre Wings release, with a Macross Zero paintjob.
  4. That's actually a Hikaru TV VF-1S. Which is essentially the same thing, other than the name.
  5. Their shipping times are decided by which shipping service you ask them to use. EMS, SAL, FedEx, DHL. Currently, to the US, DHL is the only option. It typically takes 3-5 days.
  6. The 1J was a weird one, as it was relatively easy to pre-order, and then the price went sky-high after release. Which is quite simply explained: it was a new line, lots of people already had 1/60 and 1/48 VF-1 figures from Yamato/Arcadia. Only after it released and people were generally amazed with it did the price go up, and the follow-up 1/48 DX VF-1 figures get scalped to high heaven. Apart from the 1J, the 1A and the 1S followed the same pattern as the VF-31 figures: pre-order sells out quickly, prices spike, but then prices come back down closer to release. For the 31 figures (and to a lesser extent the 1A) they were even available after release at MSRP for some time in several cases, despite massive scalping markups right after pre-orders sold out.
  7. Or just buy one from a desperate scalper off Amazon Japan closer to release, once the price starts falling again. Which it will. Happened with every DX VF-1 so far, aside from the 1J which wasn't scalped much to begin with.
  8. Based on every single DX release in the time I've been collecting (since before Delta), the scalper prices will go down as we get closer to release. So don't panic and buy at a markup people, just chill and worst case you can buy on release day or shortly thereafter for at worst what scalpers are asking now.
  9. Pretty much, so I wait. Debating if I want to shell out for domestic shipping and more proxy fees to combine it with something from Jungle via Tenso.
  10. It's ordered off the P-Bandai listing via a proxy. Still just shows as completed, undelivered. So we play the waiting game.
  11. Wow, that's a damn good deal. MSRP (for all of those together) would have been around $300 before shipping.
  12. Looks great, thanks for the paint info, as the bits at the end of the extending booms on the main guns worry me a bit.
  13. So for under $300 you have two options: Wait till release day, and hope the scalper price drops or there's extra MSRP stock available Wait till after release day, and hope someone on the forums is willing to sell a spare at cost.
  14. FYI, you can pay through paypal in Yen, you just need to select currency options and turn it back to yen (it will always default to your native currency).
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