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  1. Oh, you can find 3D metal printing, it's just ridiculously expensive. We've got a bunch of sintered tungsten-bronze pieces that we buy at my company, little ones like 1"x1"x2" and hollow. They cost us several hundred each.
  2. Yup, removing the foot wholesale to swap with someone else is pretty straightforwards. Two screws, take the thinnest electronics/precision screwdriver you can and press the foot as far as you can into the opposite side of the leg, then just try not to strip the screw. I managed to get mine off without too much trouble, but I could see someone stripping the screw head if they're not careful, as you have to unscrew it from an angle. Shameless plug: if there's anyone that has two right legs, I'll swap you a left. Though so far it seems that the error is consistently 2 lefts, leading me to believe it's an intentional cover-up (of the manufacturer) for some manufacturing mistake on the right feet parts.
  3. Yes, though the bottom part that attaches to the back 2 toes can pop off (it's the connection with the failed glue on mine), and the front toe can come off if you push the pin out. There's 3 parts that need to be replaced, the metal core of the foot, and the 2 plastic pieces that clamshell the front/back foot joint to the metal shaft inside the leg. I'm figuring Arcadia might just be replacing the whole foot however, to avoid having to pop the glued joint and pins.
  4. Short answer as to why it’s not fixable by 3D printing: One of the parts that needs to be replaced is the metal central piece of the foot. A plastic printed part will likely not last very long due to the stresses on the part.
  5. Try emailing HLJ and asking if they can check and send it to Arcadia for fix if it’s not correct?
  6. Nothing further since the last email, which stated they did not at this time have any spare parts available. I think it's going to be a waiting game, but if there's any update I'll post it.
  7. Unfortunately they'll just give up their pre-orders, or keep them and hold the valks until the price goes back up.
  8. I helped my friend armor up and pose his 31 in the armor parts, in gerwalk, on the stand. It's pretty bad, the leg articulation is severely limited by the interference of the armor parts, even with the sliding feature. Not to mention that because of how fat the leg are, and the limited amount they can splay, you actually can't even use the second attachment point for the support arms, which is the only one that will reach the cannon pod.
  9. If the weight of the cannons is an issue, you can use a Tamashii stand to support it via that second hole in the pod, a bit less visible than the monstrosity that came with the armor parts.
  10. Well, fortunately Gerwalk is probably the least good looking of the modes, to go along with what a PITA it is to pose. I'm guessing lots of issues with the intake and thigh armors popping off and interfering?
  11. Just needs an electronics/precision/eyeglasses screwdriver. I’d get the one with the narrowest shaft possible, so you can get a better angle on the screws.
  12. Well, managed to get the foot off mine fairly easily with a precision screwdriver. So if anyone has the other ankle, they are actually fairly easy to swap. The only thing to be careful of is making sure you don't strip the rounded screw, which is a bit harder to reach and somewhat up inside the leg. Had to unscrew it with the head at an angle, but no signs of stripping when done carefully.
  13. In my case it's too much WarThunder. Well, here's hoping that Arcadia is able to arrange the production of a bunch of Right feet.
  14. So, I did manage to get somewhere contacting Arcadia directly, though they do not currently have any parts available to send out as replacement parts. Hopefully at some point if they have spares they'll be willing to send a set to my Tenso forwarding address.
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