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  1. Well, they do give 45days leeway, it's just it hit 40days before I finally got the arrival notification. Now one massive package is finally on it's way. With lots of P-Bandai stuff.
  2. One set available at Mandarake for¥8,000
  3. No arrival notice yet, got 5 days left before my oldest item waiting for shipping gets thrown in the trash.
  4. Waiting for my proxy to get the missiles in, so I can have the big ol' package shipped my way.
  5. Btw, Mandarake's got 2 sets of the missiles available: One for 6,000yen, the other for 8,000. Both are unopened.
  6. That's not a bad price for an unopened regult.
  7. This is why I put in my order through FromJapan, will probably only be $10 above msrp and international shipping.
  8. The extra color on the booster nozzles is a nice touch.
  9. Jeez, I don't normally do girlie figs, but Sheryl is an exception.
  10. I'll be going for 2, just so I have a backup in case there's something wrong with one of them.
  11. I think the only way to do that around here would be to delete his account and not come back. We're all enablers.
  12. Hopefully Bandai realizes that the VF-1S has higher demand than Max's 1A, and produces a lot more of them. I'll be glad if I can get just 1 on pre-order.
  13. Amazon Japan just charged me, so ought to be shipping shortly. $217.20 with shipping is an easy price to pay for this.
  14. I'll probably only buy 2-4 of them. I hope they do eventually make a TV version, but since this is Super/Strike that's become less likely. Still though, that is one heck of a lot of tampo. Good luck to all securing an order for the Hikaru 1S.
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