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  1. Looking at the ending/sold values on the auctions. https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/closedsearch/closedsearch?va=DX+VF-1A&vo=&ve=&auccat=0&aucminprice=&aucmaxprice=&slider=0&ei=UTF-8&f_adv=1&fr=auc_adv Several sold for 20k, several for 23-24k, and one for 19.5k
  2. Good news again guys, "pre-orders" for the Max 1A are now down to 20,000yen on Yahoo Japan Auctions. Get ready for a bunch to be available on release day.
  3. If you want to skip the silver stickers entirely, I use Molotow Liquid Chrome paint pens instead. Same mirror chrome shine/finish, but you can paint it directly on the surface and then do clean-up like any other paint pen. Downsides are it takes a while to dry fully, and it'll loose the mirror shine if you touch it too much directly. It's great for the little recessed bits of chrome though.
  4. 10% want accuracy to real-world aircraft 10% want accuracy to the anime 10% want accuracy to the artbooks 70% don’t really care which it is, or if it’s a mix. [edit] And Bandai does none of the above.
  5. Nice, I only managed to get 2x 31E, and one of them's from an Amazon Japan 3rd party (at roughly NY mark-up price). There's still the 51, the VF-1A, and the VF-1S coming down the line though. Plus some other assorted things. I guess at least I've already paid for the Stampede and Strike sets.
  6. Interesting, I guess I need to get or print one of those.
  7. It also works with the VF-0 gerwalk adapter.
  8. Just put mine on the Arcadia stand as well. I'm slightly irked that the stand adapter for the VE-1 is offset to one side, which means that the clamps don't match up properly on one side.
  9. These aren't knurled or anything, ought to be pretty easy to tap them out and back in.
  10. Yup, go to your local post with the tracking number and ask if they have your box. Same thing happened to me, and they'd lost the label off of my box, but they were able to find it based on size/mandarake label on the side and release it to me. Retention notice, no pick-up slip.
  11. Same here, 1 of 2 and the same exact bit (left side, upward facing).
  12. Well, looks like 1 of my 2 copies also has the issue of one of the clamp parts being the wrong one, with the "underside" (open side) showing towards the outside. Debating if I should poke Amazon Japan, or if it's too minor to bother.
  13. Here's hoping they stick with the weathered grey-blue look the prototype showed.
  14. I have A, S, and D, but I do want that PF D. Very smexy.
  15. Just got my 2 Arcadia stands from Amazon Japan. Looks like the boxes even made it undamaged (the Arcadia ones, not the Amazon one). Need to pull them out this evening and mount up a couple valks. Not sure which ones yet.
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