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  1. It varies. A lot. A VF-1 battroid is roughly the same height as a male trooper zentradi, or Breetai. However, A VF-25 battroid is roughly the same height as Klan Klan in Frontier, despite being significantly taller than a VF-1. Also some of the individual zentradi are larger or smaller, and the scale of Regults to VF-1 makes zero sense if their pilots are the same size as a battroid VF-1. In short: anime magic happens, they are whatever size is right for the scene. Anything else is just justifications for animation inconsistencies.
  2. Well, the Nora inherently has a lot more tampo-work. I'd be definitely down for a sticker-free top-coated version.
  3. The last time Bandai had both stand-alones and combos of the same DX Macross items was when they printed the V1 VF-25 figures. Since then it's been exclusively standalone valk and standalone parts, or combo pack of valk+parts (such as Maruyama VF-171Ex) with no individual printing of either. The "exceptions" being the re-print YF-29 combo-pack which was only available as standalones on the first print, and the HMR VF-1J vs VF-1J armored combo pack. So my money is on either a combo pack, similar to what they did with the HMR Armored VF-1J, or on a stand-alone armor release
  4. Well, I'm in for at least one. Oh, who are we kidding, at least 2.
  5. Ah, the main cockpit exterior block. That would do it. Probably ought to crack my various boxes open and check for defects I suppose.
  6. Good lord, what even is in vol 35? (I haven't cracked mine open yet, waiting for vol 100)
  7. There's some things that are changed, you can either look-up a change overview, or just watch them. The largest change is that a certain little brother didn't kill a certain high-school girl.
  8. Yeah, I have one of those textured ABS sheets underneath, had to cover it up because the grip was a bit too good and I couldn't get the prints off. The Kapton tape is great since if it sticks too much I can just peel the tape off and the part with it. I use 4" wide ~2.5mil thick tape (1mil kapton, ~1.5mil adhesive), 15feet for $33 at Mcmaster, and a bit cheaper elsewhere.
  9. There were some production issues with Winder Egg, thus the random recap episode. There’s a special in June IIRC which will properly finish the story.
  10. Try putting some kapton tape over the surface of the print bed, and then scratching it up with a piece of sandpaper. Works for me when I do 400mm wide PLA prints at work.
  11. Aside from wether or not we get SDFM/DYRL merch in the US, I'm somewhat hopeful that merch and releases for other series might be showing up. For example, perhaps international distribution for upcoming Delta Merch, or an official English sub release of Frontier.
  12. That's pretty much the whole point of the human bits, and there's a bit of payoff further down the road when the two paths intersect (not really a spoiler, because of course they do).
  13. Just got the COBI Yamato in the mail, built the COBI Enterprise (CV-6) already and was fairly impressed.
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