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  1. It doesn't release for 2 more days, so I'm not sure why everyone's so worried places haven't shipped out yet.
  2. Did you pay with a credit card, and was there an additional shipping charge? I've only had stuff delayed for additional charges, or holidays.
  3. After watching the transformation video I'm noticing a lot of similarities in design to the VF-25 and VF-31.
  4. Got what will be my last Mandarake order for a while, need to start controlling my spending.
  5. I bought one more-or-less for that purpose, so yeah I'll post some pics.
  6. Who knows what they're planning on, but the only 31's equipped with the armor in the movie were the 31S Arad, 31E Chuck, and 31A Kairos. It's unlikely we will see armor for any other 31, unless the second movie adds it.
  7. You can go to FromJapan and just stick the URL into their search bar, that'll bring up the page for shopping requests.
  8. I would definitely buy that Roy paint-scheme VF-4. Not a big fan of the M&M though.
  9. Looks like Amazon is best price once more. I really do hope they start allowing more things for overseas purchase.
  10. Looks like the Yamato YF-19? The Arcadia and Bandai versions are not as wide across the wing-roots and are generally more elongated.
  11. As I understand it, the Yamato V2 VE-1 had a lot more tampo than the other V2 VF-1 figures.
  12. Seller ought to be paying for shipping if you received a defective product. Have you contacted Amazon? They may cover shipping and/or refund. [edit] It's important to check if the item was shipped by Amazon, or if it was shipped by the seller. I think you can file for refund through Amazon in either case, as you received a broken item.
  13. Been building the Aoshima VF-31a. Haven't started on the Catgirl yet, more interested in the VF. Paint's a bit sloppy, since entirely done with gundam markers (and a 1mm Molotow Liquid Chrome pen). I'm a little annoyed that the panel lines are so much deeper on the wings than the rest of the kit.
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