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  1. Well, that seems to come mainly down to where the battles took place. Delta used a lot of in-atmostphere scenes, plus some ground-level fights. Frontier was almost entirely space, excepting a couple small ones inside island 1, and the stuff on that planet mid-way through the season.
  2. Too late for me, already have 1 paid thru FromJapan and a second thru NY. I really hope their QA is spot on this time around.
  3. Looks great, can't wait to see what everyone manages with them as builds.
  4. VF-1J Miria VF-1S Claudia VF-1A/J/S/D//VT-1 Misa or Minmei
  5. If they make an armored VF-25F, wielding Michael's sniper rifle, and with the girl being Sheryl... Well, I'ma need at least 2 if they do that. If it was Bandai rather than Aoshima then they'd definitely do it, with a Black Bunny Sheryl as a P-Bandai release.
  6. It looks kinda like there's super-boosters in the backpack kibble. Also the tweet that went with the image is: Which translates to: The bits about "overwhelming volume" and "further evolution" seem to hint that it's more than just a VF-25G version.
  7. I'm thinking supers personally, a lot of the apparently leg bulk is probably just from the outboard jet engine and how the legs open up. Then again, might be armored, there's something that might be the ball-mounted laser cannons in that backpack mess.
  8. I have a bunch of Eaglemoss BSG ships and some gundam model kits (including a PG) sitting on the shelf behind me in my cube at work. No problems so far. Plus the PG was a gift from a Japanese rep, so definitely want to have that built and out next time he stops by.
  9. It's definitely an Aoshima VF Girl model kit, going by the linked post. Since the silhouette of the VFG 25 is a bit different from a VF-25 battroid it's hard to tell if it's wearing a super/armor pack or not (going off the twitter post I'll guess super pack). The only think that's 100% clear is it's holding the VF25G's sniper rifle. Text on the twitter post translates as:
  10. @VF-Zer0S posted these in the toys forum. Looks like Aoshima is going to announce a VFG 25G. http://figsoku.net/blog-entry-185117.html
  11. Yup, looks like they're making a VF-25G valkyrie girl. I still think they're majorly missing out by not having the girls be macross characters. Like a VF-31C Mirage, or a VF-25G Klan.
  12. Helicopters can do something similar (auto-rotation), but it's harder to control as I understand it.
  13. There's space (ha) for both types, but it really needs to be clear up-front what type of show it is. Of course, for anything that's a sequel/prequel it should follow the genre of the work it follows. BSG was popular not because it was dark and gritty, but because it was well done dark and gritty with good production values and good acting. Even the plot was decent (aside from the dart-board "who's secretly a cylon" bit). For other examples, look at Dark Matter. Contrast with say Firefly which was much more light-hearted.
  14. Pretty sure the first fighter-mounted fold boosters were the ones shown in Plus and 7, so definitely came much later than when the VF-1 was the standard fighter.
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