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  1. Cool here as well, the only armored VF-1 I have is the HMR.
  2. For the 2ss you could use a Bandai display stand 4or 5 to hold the bits.
  3. I use a bunch of their gunpla stands for my gunpla. Nominally, these are the purposes for Display Base 1-5: 1, 4: For 1/100 MG scale gundam kits or 1/72 scale Macross kits. 2, 3, 5: for 1/144 scale gundam kits. I wouldn't stick an HMR on anything other than a 1. Even a 5 isn't great for it due to the base-plate being 3 narrower parts, rather than the single large piece of 1.
  4. I think you're protected against the company folding, since it covers non-delivery. I don't usually bother when it comes to stuff bought new, but I guess this is one case for doing so.
  5. Shipped out some of the Hachette VF-1 collections from HLJ on 3/14. Haven't left Japan yet. Oh well.
  6. I only started getting DX Valks around the time of the renewal VF-25, only one I had before that was a beat to crap Chunky from a garage sale. Never had any Yamato valks until after the company was gone. I only have a single Yamato 1/60 VF-1 (and 2x 1/48s), which is a V1. Never saw the need to buy Yamato over Arcadia.
  7. I moved a year ago, and all of the work of taking down my valks (and gundam models), transforming them back, boxing them back up, and taking them over was just exhausting. Doing that many transformations in a short period just took the fun out of it for me, at least for a while. The DX is legitimately the only toy I've actually enjoyed transforming since then, and most of the ones back up on display are still in fighter mode.
  8. Y'all making me feel bad for not ever having pulled my PF VF-0S out of the box. Of the toys I've actually opened up for more than inspection: Yamato: YF-21 Arcadia: PF SDF-1 Bandai: DX VF-1S Regarding the DX: as an engineer, I appreciate small improvements across the board. There's no need to re-invent the wheel with every toy, sometimes you just need to change the spoke pattern or the radius a smidge. The DX VF-1 is by far the best posing battroid I have. The transformation is simple and the articulation is amazing. I haven't personally had issues with fighter alignment or the swing-bar.
  9. Yup, it looks good. Working on my Thunderbolt right now, definitely going to take a break and do something less complicated after though rather than move on to the Psycho Zaku.
  10. Just what the MG Full Armor Thunderbolt needed: EVEN MORE WEAPONS! I kid, but seriously beware of "weapon fatigue" if you do this at the same time as the rest of the suit.
  11. Honestly, just charge-back your card and let ebay hang.
  12. Haven't shipped mine either. I'm debating asking for a refund, though I know I'll just end up with weird store credit.
  13. I suspect that any further Delta releases will be once the movie is out.
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