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  1. They ship different things at different speeds. The Gurren Lagann definitely went out surface, but after they shipped mine I also got something else (a much smaller item) shipped air and it showed up in like a week or two.
  2. Yeah, mine shipped in late September, and showed up in December. It's slow-boat shipping.
  3. My day-job mostly consists of doing design work. Most of that design work isn't coming up with the initial CAD model, it's doing the tolerance analysis and putting together the drawing packets to actually produce something from the CAD models. I might spend a day modifying an existing assembly for a new project, and then 3x as much time making the drawing packet for the modified parts. If I were to copy an existing part, sure I can get the basic model into CAD, but I still have to do all the tolerance analysis and drawings regardless
  4. $130 VF-1 $13 of that is eBay fee ~$10 of that is shipping (or at least used to be shipping, based on ShowZStore Prices) How much do you think it costs to produce the injection molded runners? How much for the metal parts? How much for the assembly? The painting? The packaging/stickers? The QA? (Even these will have some minimal level of QA/parts rejection just due to things that can't be assembled) The manufacturer's profit margin, as it's unlikely they're using in-house manufacturing? I'd guess the per-item cost would be at least $40 to Valky
  5. Yeah, as someone who works in manufacturing, you're not making sense. Perhaps if you used fewer hyperboles and exaggerations. Also, maybe knock off the attitude?
  6. At this point I'm just going to assume you have a hate-on for greymarket stuff and are only replying to this topic to vent it at anyone who doesn't share your opinions. You're also significantly underestimating the cost of actual production if you think that they're raking in 100% profit. Plastic costs money, molds cost money, injection costs money, hiring people to assemble and paint cost money. Despite your assumptions, the cost of production is a much larger factor than the cost of development when it comes to these figures. Just look at how Arcadia's costs have gone up on designs wher
  7. In case you didn't realize, they're probably paying similar sweat shop wages as Bandai and Arcadia do. Maybe a bit lower due to the lower quality/tolerances of the finished product (which means lower rejection rates), but the worker wages are likely quite similar. Don't delude yourself to thinking that anyone manufacturing in China is paying a decent wage.
  8. Manufacturing isn't free, they do have costs. Eating $30 extra in shipping costs on every single unit isn't going to help things. Plus people may have noticed exchange rates are going down for the dollar, which would also be hurting them.
  9. Could also be COVID-related shipping issues. Apparently hiring containers going out of China right now is difficult and expensive. They might just be waiting for when they can ship things out without destroying their profit margin.
  10. Yeah, saw that one and decided I'd rather get one that at least is complete.
  11. Those decals look pretty nice, the carbon-fiber-ish appearance.
  12. So, we have 31A models in Chuck and Mirage colors, with new super packs that attach lil-draken style? Are those also new weapons pods I spy as well?
  13. Don't even ask, it was over $100 to ship the MGEX Unicorn.
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