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  1. Certainly a better character than Basara (who was more of a walking plot device than a character).
  2. Given they just released a HMR VF-4, and potentially have at least 2 other HMR VF-4s (Max/Milia), I'd rate the chances as extremely low.
  3. I imagine someone who has a business has better options for sending money than Paypal.
  4. After seeing those, kinda glad I didn't go for the PF. I much prefer a more subtle grey panel lining, than the anime-style black panel lining. At least for non-weathered figures/kits.
  5. Just use a cyanoacrylate with a better tip design so you can apply it more accurately. The Tomytec kits are pre-painted (IIRC), so using a normal plastic cement won't work.
  6. Well, in my case it's easy enough to swap in the old head-lasers, and stick the new ones onto the old toy. So I could just stick the old ones on whichever one I want to display in Fighter/Gerwalk.
  7. They are on ball joints. From a direct side-by-side it looks like the ball-joint is on a shorter post from the head-lasers than it is on the first release, so they splay out wider.
  8. Ah, I'd assumed you were importing a photo into the translate app/website. I do the same, the "live" translation is still pretty bad. Sometimes you can get something decent out of it though.
  9. Here's some pics of mine. I also had an old one on the shelf I pulled down for some comparison shots. Yeah, the nose-wheel on the old one will bend that far back, while the new one stops at 90-degrees. Also the new one's head lasers won't sit in the grooves properly, tried pulling the ball-joints out a bit but no joy. Might be stuck that way, or just need a transformation.
  10. You can also just use the google translate app on a phone or tablet and point it at your computer screen.
  11. HLJ: Preorder, shipped, Due Wed Amazon Japan: Ordered after release, shipped, Due Thurs Nin-Nin: Preorder, "preparation in progress"
  12. Looks at pre-orders Why yes I do remember 2 months from now.
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