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  1. Distill isn't a shopping bot, it's just a plugin that lets you know when a page updates. Not very useful for pre-order madness, but helps when you're watching for things to show up on Mandarake or the like.
  2. I'll go in on this as well. Beats paying money to scalpers.
  3. FYI, hobby search apparently got another stock of VF-31E Chucks, and they're available. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10589490
  4. Thanks for the heads up, quality is unknown, but considering the cost of a Yamato I'll take a chance.
  5. Different people, different priorities. I'll take posability and good transformation/good handling over line-art accuracy any day.
  6. Also I'll point out that you're comparing it to the lineart, which may or may not be accurate to the way Kawamori actually wants it to look. I'm fine with getting a reimagining which more closely matches what he intended to portray in the OVA/movie.
  7. I would totally buy the 17 and 19P, if it was a better time of year for my finances. Good luck!
  8. Well, I guess that means I need to get one.
  9. In addition to what @PsYcHoDyNaMiX mentioned, they also stuck a bluefin sticker onto the box. Which I think mean any issues go through them rather than Bandai (that’s how it is for gunpla kits).
  10. The ones HLJ has should all be good at this point. honestly might make sense to wait for them to go on sale though.
  11. Flying Mule finally shipped out my Calibre Wings VF-1S. Unfortunately, it's missing the two dorsal fins right behind the heatshield. Emailed them and still waiting on a response. Also got in my Metal Build Strike Freedom (Soul Blue) from Bluefin. Loving how they've started selling web exclusives.
  12. Ah, you found one. Going to go down the rabbit hole on the various backpacks next?
  13. A microfiber duster also works well, just need to get one of the ones where it's just strands coming out of a handle, so they don't catch on things.
  14. They’re on my “last resort” list when it comes to POs at this point anyway.
  15. It's a beauty, but there's a re-color version coming up if you want to skip that aftermarket price.
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