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  1. The cannon from the Poison Toys Launcher Striker pack can also be used with the "Hurricane" as a 3rd weapon. and it can mount on its backpack.
  2. My Sinanju has 2 major broken parts that can't be fixed and one of the heads was broken into pieces in the box.
  3. Photos of my Metal Kindom Strike. It's near 100% the same as the original Bandai figure.
  4. It's near perfect from what I can tell. I'm impressed with the results.
  5. I received the Metal Kingdom Aile Strike today. Other than some of the tampons markings being a bit lighter than the original's and even having a couple markings the original doesn't have, it is damn near identical and appears to have the same level of detail and quality as the original. There may be some minor differences in paint finish but just different, not worse. The die cast metal seems to have a shinier appearance than the original's but it also isn't a bad thing. Early product photos don't do it justice and if you didn't have it next to the Bandai figure, you'd probably never know it was a KO
  6. Odd they changed the head. The original one didn't even look like a gundam.
  7. What is it you actually prefer for the WuMing?
  8. That's probably a pre-production unit.
  9. Just got notified my PO for the MB Sinanju is due, which means that it's close to shipping
  10. Review of one of the Motor Nuclear figures. I like the looks of it https://www.bilibili.com/video/av82463425
  11. I put in my PO as soon as the news went up about the kampfer. I'll check with them just in case.
  12. Got notification that the MC Freedom is ready to ship. ShowZStore seems to have 2 listings for it though.
  13. You got notified for the kampfer? I have a PO in for it and I haven't been notified yet.
  14. FedEx is lying so they need to be held responsible. However, since it also sounds like Bluefin is being problematic, so in the end simply dispute the charge with you CC which will light a fire under Bluefin's ass to go after FedEx. You didnt receive your product so you shouldn't be expected to swallow the loss FedEx caused..
  15. Where are you seeing prices close to $130? I haven't seen anything except a listing on amazon.co.jp under $250 that's actually in stock.
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