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  1. If anyone is interested, http://newtypehq.com has several MB Eva-01, GFFMC Zakus, and GFFMC RX-78-2 figures in stock.
  2. MC MB Destiny Freedom colors, coming next year
  3. I ordered the MC SF Soul Blue and it shipped on Monday. Hopefully I'll get it next week.
  4. Wings of Light add-ons. Bandai's are ridiculously priced, but you can get the Daban version for around $40 - $60 and they work perfectly. If you get the MC version of the Heine custom, it comes with orange Wings of Light that are really striking.
  5. DL has kits specifically for MG or MB. and the SNOW kits are supposed to be compatible with both
  6. Yeah. It does come with the extra parts.
  7. I'm guessing not a lot of people have seen this version. MC has this, the Soul Blue, and a pearl coating version as well. https://youtu.be/G5fYArcTeiA
  8. I haven't put mine together yet. I have the red shield only kit and the white kit that includes the GN mega launcher. I can say that the colors are good for their applications. You will need to apply water slides though so that's something to keep in mind
  9. So got the DL(?) red GN shield kit last week and the SNOW(?) white GN shield kit this week, both for the MB Astraea figures. I haven't put them together yet, but one of the Chinese gunpla builders has a video for the DL kits. I got mine for $30 each including shipping at the time. Samueldecal.com still has the DL kits in stock, but his shipping can be a bit high, and the SNOW kits can be found on ebay and aliexpress
  10. Meanwhile I just picked up one of the 3rd party GN shield kits for the white Astraea that comes with 4 shields, several variations of mounting hardware and an additional GN mega-launcher for $30USD. I figured Bandai was going to overcharge for any add-ons like this.
  11. Yep. I wasn't too impressed with the HiRM Wing Zero either. Especially the number of parts that are barely held on by friction.
  12. The MC version came with a set of orange wings of light. They look pretty striking compared to the pink ones that came with the regular release.
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