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  1. If there's anything Kawamori is good at, its coming up with cool VF designs
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIvnLgLuVFs DCS Supercarrier trailer, pretty awesome
  3. https://thepostmillennial.com/trudeau-government-cancelled-replacement-of-60-year-old-snowbird-planes-in-2018 "Internal government reports revealed concerns over the aircraft's safety for some time. In 2003, for example, "escalating technical, safety and financial risks" caused civil servants to request that the Snowbird planes should be replaced "immediately."
  4. Those Tutors have been in dire straits for years. Another tragedy due to successive decades of the government playing hot potato with the defence budget.
  5. Yep, they've teased a brand new VF design, and I'm personally hoping to see if Kawamori has finished the transformation mechanism for the Sv-164 Svard.
  6. CF Snowbird crash in Kamloops today. No word on injuries or deaths. https://vancouverisland.ctvnews.ca/mobile/snowbirds-plane-crashes-after-taking-off-in-kamloops-b-c-1.4943375
  7. Stumbled across this girl on youtube, she can really drum! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Njmd7hWGpr4
  8. I don't remember the books or the OVA ever mentioning how thick/thin the atmosphere, and how strong the gravity is on Faery. It seems to be close enough to Earth since people can go outside without much difficulty.
  9. Nice! Thanks, very much appreciated. I gotta try and get my hands on a Macross artbook one of these days.
  10. Would you mind taking a pic or three? Seeing all the pre-production design sketches is half the fun of mecha shows for me.
  11. Definitely one of my favourite scifi "grunt" fighters.
  12. I found that they continually improved the CG throughout the OVA. The first episode of Zero had some really stiff movement and camera work with the Tomcats and Fulcrums, and the missile trails/flares/explosions were decidedly PS2-eqsue, but by the last ep. it was really well done.
  13. Yep, adding the capability to carry 6 of them internally.
  14. Of course, there's no practical way for them to go door-to-door confiscating firearms, even with a list of license holders. This is why they included a two year amnesty period for affected owners to hand in their firearms. The Canadian gun community has time to mount up a defence. They've included provisions for adding other models to the ban list. This isn't the last of it. Sick that the LPC are using a tragedy to cynically butter up their voter base by passing useless restrictions. It'll be a cold day in hell before I'll ever consider voting for them.
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