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  1. Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    I'm pretty excited for the Block 3 Superbug. It'll be a fine upgrade for sure, RAM, CFT's, IRST, new engines, and a fancy new tactical datalink software so it can keep up with the Lightnings.
  2. Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    The F-35 has seen its first combat sortie. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-44210403
  3. Judging by the kickstarter numbers, it definitely looks like it'll get funded, and a bit more. It's only been a day or so, and they're $119,654 into a $174,645 goal.
  4. Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    The X-32 lost due to multiple shortcomings, the biggest being an inferior lift system to the X-35 (which would lead to hot exhaust being reingested by the intake), failure to iron out issues with making the upper surface of the wings out of a single piece of carbon composite (which would have provided significant weight savings), issues with reaching the top speed of the aircraft and making vertical flight in the same test flight (this meant that Boeing had two different aircraft in testing, the X-32A and X-32B), and a sudden Navy decision to modify low speed manuevring requirements, necessitating a change in planform for the X-32.
  5. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2018-04-25/kenichi-sonoda-project-b.b-anime-confirmed-as-project-bean-bandit/.130815 Kenichi Sonoda is making a new Bean Bandit/Gunsmith Cats anime. I'm surprised that two series that have been dormant for this long got a new project, especially since Sonoda has been tied up working at his sweet shop for the past decade, but I'm quite excited about it.
  6. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    Perhaps Kawamori is beginning to get burned out on Macross? It's still inexplicable just how bad the quality drop was between the first and second half. Maybe he had a stroke or something.
  7. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    If it weren't for the fact that in reality the YF-16 had red instead of orange wings, I'd say there's a strong resemblance to the YF-16 colour scheme.
  8. Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    Looks like the F-3 is no more. http://www.defense-aerospace.com/articles-view/release/3/191261/japan-drops-plan-to-develop-own-fighter.html
  9. Cline is the epitome of the "Tell, don't show" school of fanfi-I mean, fiction writing.
  10. So, the newest Death Stranding trailer just released, and I still don't have a single clue what its about. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't extremely excited to find out though.
  11. Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    http://www.ponarseurasia.org/memo/russias-military-modernization-plans-2018-2027 Looks like the Su-57 is encountering difficulties around getting the proper engines.
  12. Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    Sensor fusion is the hot new thing in the defence industry. Supposedly, that means the sensors and computers will cut away/automate a lot of the extra work needed on gathering and processing data, leaving the pilot more time to focus on planning and executing the mission.
  13. There is every reason to complain about game developers nickel and diming paying consumers, or hooking younger players into virtual gambling. Honestly waiting for a government to finally take notice about how extreme some of this stuff is, and start applying gambling laws to some of these videogames/skinner boxes.
  14. On episode 6 of Girls Last Tour, and this show is really something. Melancholic, yet comfy in a way. Incredible audio design as well.
  15. Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    I gotta say I have a soft spot for some of these defence industry commercials, a lot of them are slick and well done. I particularly like the BGM in this one.