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  1. This dispute is 30 something years old, whats another year on top of that, eh?
  2. The japanese have different cultural views on what masculinity looks like (see; Raiden of MGS fame). For what its worth, Alto behaves very masculine.
  3. There's not a lot more enjoyable to me than looking at some of the weird variants of conventional aircraft that never left the drafting table.
  4. Nice to see a US Eagle with its "turkey feathers", finally.
  5. the F-35 is pretty much complete though, all three variants have reached IOC for their respective branches and export orders are being completed at a brisk pace.
  6. New DLC coming soon. Hope we get to hear about AC8 (even a confirmation that they're working on it!) sometime soon. It has been two years or thereabouts since 7 released
  7. Came across this a while back. American Tornados would have been a sight to see.
  8. If it means legal means to acquire Macross products in Canada can finally happen I'll be happy!
  9. Dunno about the Su-57, but the 57th Air Wing are hoping to use "threat representative" colour schemes for their F-35's. https://theaviationist.com/2020/09/17/exclusive-57th-wing-confirms-plan-to-use-threat-representative-color-scheme-on-the-aggressor-f-35s/
  10. Speaking of USAF Aggressors... https://twitter.com/TheDEWLine/status/1306523756056150016 The F-35 looks pretty nice in a RuAF scheme.
  11. Definitely agree that Disney trying to cash in on Chinese audiences isn't a big surprise, but with how incompetently they handled Mulan, they've somehow managed to poison two wells with a single film. Given how hawkish US politicians are getting over China, an American icon like Disney being dumb enough to slap "co-produced with the CPC's internal security apparatus" in their credits is a couple tiers above that infamous Rambo 3 dedication to the Mujahideen in "corporate leadership misreading geopolitics in a big way".
  12. Disney acting as mercenary propagandists for the Chinese Communist Party is something that should've been stopped years ago.
  13. https://twitter.com/BoeingDefense/status/1305622088221368324?s=20 Boeing Loyal Wingman drone initial engine startup.
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