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  1. sometimes they answer your post (the facebook one) but their answer is always the same with their live chat support "...they will come back to you shortly in your ticket". But they don't actually did it.
  2. Update, did their live chat feature is not available anymore? Or maybe its just me because I bugging them via chat, facebook and twitter everyday.
  3. did that ("post reply on their twitter)" but they're ignoring me. Say, is there anyone of us heard "real" reply (not from their chat support) from N-Y?
  4. even if the transaction is via paypall? suck to be me, the paypall windows for dispute is long closed already.
  5. Can the dispute still available for transaction over a year? I still haven't got my DX VF1 Super Parts from them and it was back in 2019.
  6. Same i got about $400 of un-fulfilled orders, last time they replying my tickets are on december 2020 for the Sword Strike Parts. By january till now all my ticket is being ignored. True, all their number is being directed to voicemail that generally say "please call later". Yeah.. all my chat session always end with "We'll forward your inquiry to main support so they can reach out to you", "NO worries, I have submitted your inquiry. One of our team members will contact you shortly." or "Sadly, I cannot guarantee the timeframe on their response. But rest assured that yo
  7. same with me, and guess what? pay pall coverage is over for that order so we can only hope that when the Japan Post operating again NY will eventually shipping our order.
  8. Ah...with the amount of PO that on hold because japan post stop working i will pass this one, beside i already have one. Good luck everyone.
  9. So anybody here know whats gonna happen to our order when we don't send NY any ticket to change the shipping method? Will they stop sending our order until this mess over?
  10. sending ticket asking about VF4, still got nothing from them.
  11. Me. At first i thought NY trying to get back to me after i cancel some of my order.
  12. just in case tho, take a screenshot of your paid order so you can make a claim with paypall later if they decide to ban you.
  13. The only way i know so that you doesn't get banned is if you have multiple ongoing pre-order that you already paid. i did this when some item release date got delayed and make multiple pre-order deadline in the same month. So i only pay for some and decide to not pay the other.
  14. so it's the right / normal one and supposed to be that way? my ankle parts is correct too, just wondering if this part is supposed to be this way.
  15. It's an old figure for series more than 10 years back, and yeah the price is so low (about 2000 to 3500 yen) that maybe the shipping fee from your place to japan is cost more than the item itself.
  16. Rein+

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Relax this is not like VF31A, but sure it's weird, i order my second armor just a day before release and it got shipped at the same day with my first order (one with ferry and one with SAL). Is this a sign that NY is just shipping order randomly ignoring the order number?
  17. Damn, i know it would be expensive but at this price and the tax, oh man. But the image that this piece price would be rising to be unreachable after it releases make it unbearable. I'm converting my discount point at NY right now, let see how much it can help.
  18. Rein+

    Bandai DX VF-31

    It's kind of like that, Aiko (AE) says that Bandai won't provide any "spare parts" for their items. If the item have some quality issue the customer must send the item (all of it not missing a thing, include the manuals) to bandai to get replacement. So my only option is to send the item back to AE where they will forward it to bandai to get replacement which i did. now we wait if AE is so kind to process my claim to bandai. Note : sending item to japan from my country is EXpensive! (about 4000 yen)
  19. Rein+

    Bandai DX VF-31

    So... some tragedy happen to me today when i open my chuck valkyrie from anime-export. Any chance i got replacement part from them?
  20. And now for us who have succeed pre-oreding unit 02, let's prepared to be robbed again when the preorder for unit 00 start. This year my luck is so low that i never got preorder at without getting cart jacked or getting it at markup price.
  21. No, NY is bad but they always fulfill their order albeit at snail pace. If you can't sure if the other site can deliver or not just grab it and shot your wallet.
  22. This happen to me to when they ship PF SDF1.
  23. You know what's sad about buying their premiun finish line? Yes, we don't have box art, just black box with "premium" text on it.
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