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  1. ChandlerYohn

    Hi-Metal R

    Hi Hachi, great to see the packaging on these. It's a very cool set and nice to see that you can even configure them with lasers in lieu of the missiles. Take care and thanks so much for sharing.
  2. ChandlerYohn

    ChandlerYohn Macross Dioramas

    Hi all, this is my first post. I'm an avid collector of Yamato 1/48 Valkeries. To that end I have integrated other 1/48 aircraft and models to create dioramas. I also really like Destroid mechs and was sad to see they were not offered in 1/48 scale. The offerings from Yamato and Bandai have been incredible. Not wanting to miss out on integrating these beautiful pieces, I have had to resort to integrating out of scale (1/100, 1/60 etc.) into my 1/48 dioramas. Because it's all sci-fi anyway one can use their imagination. This diorama represents a downed Zaentradi Glaug officer pod which crashed in a remote forested area. A quick reaction force (QRF) consisting of an Apache AH-64D gunship, M1 Abrams, two HMMWV with mounted 40 mm grenade launchers and a small section of dismounted infantry has descended onto the crash site. The M1 Abrams and Destroids are providing perimeter overwatch, while the Apache gunship hovers in direct support of the infantry moving onto the cockpit of the downed alien mech. Featured models are: Bandai Hi-Metal R Zaentradi Glaug, Yamato Tomahawk Destroid, Bandai Hi-Metal R Spartan Destroid, Franklin Mint AH64-D Longbow Apache Gunship, Tamiya HMMWV in custom UN Spacy livery, Airfix UK infantry soldiers in custom digital camo, brass shells from RB Models.