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  1. Max Factory 1/20(!) VF-1S/A Hikaru

    That Prime 1 VF-1J is ridiculous Woah that's gonna be a stretch
  2. Max Factory 1/20(!) VF-1S/A Hikaru

    I hope not! I think they will struggle to move a model kit (even one this awesome) for $1K. I am keen as mustard for this but I'm not throwing a thousand bucks at it.
  3. Valkyrie Canopy Masks - See First Post

    Well some are available already! BTW new artwork for the 72 scale version: - Brett
  4. Valkyrie Canopy Masks - See First Post

    G'day lads, just thought I'd pop in and let you guys know that we are are looking at producing a line of canopy masks for the Hasegawa 1/72 and 1/48 Valks (at least to start with). Personally I could never get those decals they give you work without looking like a huge mess, so I always masked and painted by canopies which is a huge PITA. While prototyping I can say that masking up now only takes a few minutes before you're back in action. Anyway let me know if you are interested or if you have any input/suggestions or goo and bad experience with canopy masking sets. EDIT: These are starting to become available now so I'll list details here in the first post so they are easy to find. So far we have the following sets available (or will be soon): 1/48 scale VF-1A/J/S DYRL(Hasegawa canopy part N -1) - AUD$7.50 each. 1/72 scale VF-1A/J/S (Hasegawa) - AUD$5.00 each. All orders include postage within Australia. International orders add a flat AUD $3.00 for postage. I can be PM'd here or via email here. Cheers, Brett
  5. Wave 1/72 VF-4 lightning

    But by Great Ceasar's Ghost is it expensive! A Hasegawa VF-1A/J/S cleanskin is 1600 yen or so. A super thunderbolt is 2800 or there abouts. I mean I will get one, but at those prices i can only afford to get one! -Brett
  6. Valkyrie Canopy Masks - See First Post

    Is it enamel or acrylic? You could try a bath of isopropyl for a few hours and see how that goes.
  7. Moscato 1/72 Glaug - Mike Salzo Edition

    I recently managed to get my hands on Mike's repop of the Moscato Hobby Models Glaug in 1/72. I have a had a quick look through the big box o resin that showed up at my house of Friday. There is a heap of parts in this bad boy! I have started clean up already but it might take a while before I am at the painting stage. I thought I might start on the arm cannons first. It's a great kit and a real bargain too if you missed out on the original release. -Brett
  8. Valkyrie Canopy Masks - See First Post

    I have packets ready so I guess this means that the 1/48 scale VF-1 masking sets are officially in production! These 48 scale sets use double the masking material but are only priced 50% more. Each set is AUD $7.50 incl postage within Australia. International orders need to add a flat AUD$3.00 regardless of how many sets are ordered. Anyone interested can send me a pm here or at returntokitform@gmail.com. Cheers, Brett
  9. Issues with Hasegawa VF1 35th Anniversary

    How did I mess this topic? That sure dounds like s fail there Hasegawa. Though it is nice to know even the big boys get it wrong occasionally.
  10. Valkyrie Canopy Masks - See First Post

    I think I have your three covered
  11. Wave 1/72 Destroid re-issue

    FYI I own the patterns for the seated pilot in that link - man who owns which of the Captains patterns can be confusing - Brett
  12. Valkyrie Canopy Masks - See First Post

    Good news! The files for the 1/48 VF-1A/J/S DTRL Canopy (Part N1) have been finalised and will include inner and outer masks. I just have to print up some labels and get cutting. With some luck these should be hitting the streets in a week or two tops! - Brett
  13. Request For 3D Parts Scanning

    I would be keen to hear about this as well. Most of the places I have heard about charge and enormous amount of money for just a few very small items. - Brett
  14. RTKF 1/72 "Legult" Build Ups

    Tonight I mocked up the pod to the custom Red Gum base. Pretty happy so far. There is still more work to be done on the legs before I move onto all of the EW kit. Although eventually I am going to have to face up to fixing the paint issue on the top of the body - Brett
  15. RTKF 1/72 "Legult" Build Ups

    G'day plastic hackers and resin bashers! Man am I glad to be back and I thought I would share this commission build for one of the board members. But a quick history on the kit first. About 10 years ago Captain America sculpted his first Tactical pod complete with interior. It was a thing of beaty and blew away the old Imai/Bandai plastic kit which was prett scarce at the time (as well as scaling out at around 1/100 if I remember correctly). With the first run sold out the good Captain went on to produce the rest of the line up with several reissues over time. In late 2015 I negotiated with the Captain to buy a number of Patterns, with the "Legults" being one of them. We have been working on reissuing them this year and are currently waiting on decals before we can ship everything out. The Build: This particular kit is being traded away in a deal to a toy collector as an assembled and painted example ready for display. I have already completed cleanup of the parts so that I could take some imagery for the new instructions I am compiling and tacked it together enough to get some photos. Here is what it looked like when I started today: And here is what is looked like a few minutes later: I'll be going back and fixing up a few blemished and getting it all in primer of the next couple of day so keep your eyes peeled Cheers until next time, Brett T
  16. Wave 1/72 Destroid re-issue

    Do you have moulds? You know that there are people (me) who prefer John's proportions over the Wave kits, who can't get there hands those kits after selling them in a fit of madness (also me)?
  17. Wave 1/72 Destroid re-issue

    Bask in the exquisite workmanship On another note thank god that the wave kits are being reissued. The current scalper prices are redonkulous! - Brett
  18. R2KF 1/72 Gnerl Fighter

    Teaser. -Brett
  19. R2KF 1/72 Gnerl Fighter

    Me too and it i s on the list. Just got to knock a few projects out of the way first. Canopy masks, The N-Ger and aome Zentran Infantry are ahead of the Q-Rau. -Brett
  20. Introducing RTKF

    Unfortunately no. Mike Salzo picked up both the standing infantry soldier and the officer/Kamjin kit as well as the Glaug. Send him a PM as he normally has a few kits cast up or good molds available. Hus prices are pretty resonable as well. I do have the pilot which is good for both the cockpit Regult and Gnerl which is available if you want one. - Brett
  21. Introducing RTKF

    Hello All, since the admins have re opened registration I thought it would be best to sort out an account. In short my wife and I have started our own little label selling kits - the first of which are patterns acquired from the man himself Captain America. This is something really cool that we are really enjoying and have a lot of great ideas for stuff we want to produce. However for the moment we are offering (all in 1/72): - Regult (both with and without cockpit) - Regult Missile Carrier (Light and Heavy) - Regult Scout - Gnerl (with Pilot) All kits come with printed full colour instructions and decals. We feel quite honoured that John has chosen to sell his exquisite sculptures to us and have been working very hard to make sure that we do them justice. I have attached some images below but if anyone has any questions just fire them off here, or contact us at returntokitform@gmail.com or through our FaceBook page. Regards, Brett and Chrissy (The RTKF Team)
  22. Valkyrie Canopy Masks - See First Post

    More progress on the 1/48 VF -1 DYRL style masks. These are pretty much finalised except for working out how the fron mask will be packaged (single piece, multi piece, solid, outline etc). But the question remains; do people want mask to be able to paint the internal canopy frames as well? Or just the outside? - Brett
  23. Valkyrie Canopy Masks - See First Post

    Its a mixed bag on how the masks are designed, at least from what I can see. Some provide just the outline, some the whole canopy but in multiple parts. For F-16 canopies I have seen them as four part (left, right, front and rear) others as single or multiple part outlines. I'll have to modify the above example to be two parts as it was a bit fiddly to handle and had a habit of folding over and lightly sticking itself. The 1/72 version didn't have that problem but looked a bit ugly once applied as the middle creases up. The outline version looks nicer but will be extra work. To me it looks like there is no silver bullet... We sell via the Facebook Store, here eBay (although prices are higher there to try and cover fees etc) but basically any where that have us! At the moment we only have the Gnerl/Regult resin kits for sale but I am beavering away on these masks as well. That said keep your eyes out for another kit to come in the next couple of months. - Brett
  24. Valkyrie Canopy Masks - See First Post

    Probably doing the same as you - wondering why no one made canopy masks for Macross kits! While I wait for feedback from the samples I sent NZEOD I have started work on the set for the 1/48 VF-1 DYRL Canopy. Which turned out pretty well for what is in effect a first try. Next up to sort out the rear panel, and start on the TV canopy version. Speaking of which at this scale masks for canopy interior might be necessary as well due to the thickness of the plastic and size of the part. What are people thoughts on that? -Brett
  25. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Great Lookin Dora Herve! - Brett