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  1. I saw these on FB. Great work dude and there just isn't enough kits being posted in here these days.
  2. Ted, If you make the file I can cut it on my plotter. Cheers, Brett
  3. Great job Gatsu! It's nice seeing our stuff built - Brett
  4. Not immovable. I just disagree that any choice is wrong because the source material is so inconsistent. Want to make a drawing? Feel free to make it any size you like. Want to make a physical thing with plauseable consistantancy? Get ready compromise one way or the other.
  5. So it is okay for Bndai to make a 1/90 scale Vf-1 and a 1/97 scale monster? I dont buy it. Any argument about scale with regard to Macross makes no sense and is indefensible. A choice has to be made. I have already explained the grounds for the decision and it sounds reasonable to me. No other choice is more or less accurate because the source material makes no sense and is inconsistent.
  6. There is a reason the OP doesn't have a bust and that is because he missed the Pre Order cut off. John Moscato could have made more but didn't beciase the bust was a motivator to get people to pre order. Recasting for any reason should not even be a consideration and I.am surprised that anyone on MW qould even suggest that course of action. The build will go without a bust unless an MHM purchaser who did make the cut off decides to.sell theirs (which is fair enough).
  7. Thanks mate but but I am still learning too. Blokes like Mike Rinaldi and a lot of the YouTubers put amateurs like me to shame. But practice practice practice and we will get there. Even Mig Jimenez would have made a terrible glue bomb for his first kit! Just don't give up! -Brett
  8. Oh dear not this again... You have 2 choices here: 1) Comply with official stats (which are made up and don't work when you try to fit a pilot in their mecha) and/or how the anime scales out. In which case you are 100% right Quamzin is too small. 2) Pick a size for the Zentran Mecha so that they scale nicely with each other AS A REAL WORLD PHYSICAL ITEM and then make a pilot that will fit inside (which is what John did for the Zentran Soldier and Quamzin). Be very certain that you CANNOT have both and that no one else has gotten close to getting the scale right accross the different mecha. The much vaunted Bandai HMR line of toys is a perfect case in point where they didnt even try to get close. Simples. Cheers, Brett
  9. I have no idea what any of that says - but I am interested! Anyone want to translate?
  10. @wm cheng thanks mate! I'm not surprised you don't recognise the kit. Is a new offering from Moscato Hobby Models new Fate of Tomorrow series. John asked me to do a spec build as a promo for the release of the kit. I'm a bit rusty but I think it turned out okay. - Brett
  11. Wow! Some nice work on here these days - and a blast from the past! WM Cheng and NZEOD back at the bench again. Nice! On this side I am just finishing up a spec build of the recently released Moscato Hobby Models 1/48 scale M-72 Gabriel. I just have to finish the figure (added for scale).
  12. That's why I won't be looking at any references when I build mine. That way I can't be disappointed. I wonder how they managed to stuff it up so badly?
  13. Bolt I have one that I can sell you. I don't need two. - Brett
  14. I tried that but even at 330kb it still wouldn't upload but a random 410kb would
  15. MMm so for some reason I can't upload images to the forum or use a link from google images. Wierd.
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