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  1. Bolt I have one that I can sell you. I don't need two. - Brett
  2. I tried that but even at 330kb it still wouldn't upload but a random 410kb would
  3. MMm so for some reason I can't upload images to the forum or use a link from google images. Wierd.
  4. Latest build up. This kit was actually painted and assembled some time ago for the R2KF Advent Calendar gag a few years ago and I am only just getting to the weathering now. Painted in Tamiya acrylics with oil paint weathering using Mike Rinaldi's OPR techniques. Cheers, Brett T
  5. @electric indigo that is such a nice looking plane very well executed. Nice work man! -Brett
  6. Thanks Arbit. Wazza is a build up of our recent re release of the Moscato Hobby Models 1/72 Soldier kit.
  7. Wow there are some great builds in here! I don't get a lot of build time in these days (the molding and casting bench is a slave driver) but am trying to turn that around this year. Here is a build up of our 1/72 soldier kit that we call Warren in the workshop. The face is buggered and he isn't going to win any beauty pageants! Not far to go now and he will be the first kit that I have finished in a while.
  8. Your such a fanboy. Everyone knows that Rentheon used the profits from secret Chemtrail programs to pay off the Stonecutters to win the E-13 contract. Directed energy weapons would have been a much better choice than kinetic penetrators.
  9. Nice result Bolt! Tha will go nicely on the shelf But how did you get on with the dry transfers? -Brett
  10. Nice! It's great to finally be able to talk about this one. With 8 hard points I am VERY interetsed in seeing what the AME is. - Brett
  11. As the hosts of the inaugural Build it Competition Chrissy and I would like to congratulate all competitors on actually FINISHING something. After starting with a potential 21 entries we ended after 7 months (a 1 month extension was granted due to circumstances for some of our U.S. based entrants) with 6 completed resin kits. That's 6 more kits no longer confined to the dank depths of their stash and have fulfilled their destiny of beloved dust collectors on the display shelf. The judging was a tough affair and we assessed across the following criteria: 1) Basic Skills (fit, surfacing and dealing with seam lines etc. 2)Execution of the idea. (how well executed was the overall look) 3) Finish. (paint, weathering etc) 4) Cool factor (how much the kit evoked the 'Ooooh: sound) The results were extremely close with only one point separating 1st and 2nd place. There was quite a bit of debate about which kit was the sinner but in the end a decision was made. 1st Place - 1/72 Legult (Cockpit Version) 2nd Place - 1/72 Interceptor Congratulations to Roberto Pagnotta on the competition win and Ted Ekering as runner up. Thanks to everyone who entered. Having a completed resin kit on the bench is the true victory! Cheers, Brett and Chrissy R2KF Models Australia
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