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  1. Wow very generous Chris! It's on my to do list but so are about a 1000 other things. Hopefully someone will step up Cheers, Brett
  2. Woow nice work dude. What scale are you printing at?
  3. Looking good Bolt. I'm definitely regretting not getting one when I could! Cheers, Brett
  4. Which is ironic because that's all I wanted from the VF-1...
  5. Thanks @Valkyrie ! That clears things up nicely. BTW is the kit still available? Cheers, Brett
  6. True. But if you have the file as a vector I can run it off on the plotter = no complicated masking! Speakimg of blank canvasses here is my Vanquish Racing Gnerl from a few years ago: Cheers, Brett
  7. Have you thought about doing that as a mask rather than printing a decal? - Brett
  8. G'day lads I am hoping that some resin kit experts will be able to help me out here. Put simply are the resin 1/72 M Factory Lancer II kits (sourced through HobbyFan) kits a recast of the @cobywan Studio Kaijin kit? Parts breakdown and documentation make it look like it is the same kit. So did HobbyFan purchase the patterns from Studio Kaijin? Studio Kaijin 1/72 scale SF-3A Lancer II: Model pics sourced from: https://www.lasegundaguerra.com/viewtopic.php?t=13766 M Factory 1/72 scale SF-3A Lancer II: Let me know what you guys think. Cheers, Brett
  9. "He's more machine than man now. Twisted and evil" Haha great selection Ted! You certainly have got tons of work cut out for yourself - good luck!
  10. Ooh I'll be shamelessly stealing your articulation tricks Telering. I've been wanting to do the same so I could post some Instagram pics of "Kevin" the shop Zentran getting up to shenanigans. Don't blame me over the name my daughter came up with it I'm really looking forward to the build dude! - Brett
  11. Great photography Tekering! At this rate to will probably beat me to the finish line - mine is still mostly in primer -Brett
  12. Great entry Bolt! Tekeing 1/72 is the one scale to rule them all...
  13. I can't wait to see what people bring. The comp starts tomorrow so get started! Cheers, Brett
  14. Check out Mig Jiminez's The Weathering Magazine on Pocketmags. They have an issue dedicated to all sorts of water effects including what you are looking for here. - Brett
  15. I'm just going to follow you around beating the drum for these. They need to be made! -Brett
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