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  1. Scary. I remember when the 1/72 VF-1A was the new hotness!
  2. But they have still been doing it for 20 years.....
  3. Get yours while you can! https://starshipmodeler.biz/1-72-booster-launch-vehicle Cheers, Brett
  4. It's great to finally see this getting done! Cheers, Brett
  5. Great Mods Ted! Which LEDs did you use? The look like little self contained ones? And we ever issue a V.2 of this kit I'll shamelessly steal your vernier thruster idea for the side panels. They look great! Oh and do the missile doors still open? Cheers, - Brett
  6. We got you covered @Bolt. The new deadline for all contestants is four weeks.....fromm when the electricity get turned back on at your joint. Just remember to let us know so that we can restart the clock... Stay safe. - Brett
  7. Just a heads up that the deadline has been extended. The decision was based on the votes in the FB poll and the fact that one of the contestants @Bolt has been without electricity for over a week. So the deadline is four weeks from when Bolt get the lights back on. Cheers, Brett
  8. That came out nice and clean Christopher B! Also I am canvassing opinions on extending the deadline. The options are: - No extension - 2 week extension -4 week extension. Let me know what you guys think. Cheers, Brett
  9. I'm not sure how you type out a whistling sound - because that is the sound I made when I saw the finished kit. Great work Ted! - Brett
  10. Sorry to hear about the drama Bolt. But I think you'll be okay WRT the deadline. I have put a poll up with some proposed deadline extensions but also the option to not extend it. Unless there are some cruel folks out there only in it for themselves I think we will be able to give you more time. Good luck and stay safe. Brett
  11. That's an impressive list of fioxes and mods you have there Ted. Nicely done! - Brett
  12. MMM A vac formed visor upgrade item is needed I think. I'll need to send them out to customers of course but if that visor isn't usable even after cleaning up and polishing then there is nothing else for it. - Brett
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