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  1. G'day Gabe. PM me the details of the part. I could probably make a mold next time I am at it and cast the part with left over resin. It's what I did with my missing VF-0B part. Brett
  2. Nice to see some more progress! I recently swapped to black basing myself and like the results so far.
  3. Hasegawa need to release those ground crew as a set...
  4. g'day Grunt, the kit measures 245mm (or 9.6 inches in old money) with the gun folded down as in the above photo. I din't have any comparison pictures yet but her are the hips and legs standing on my bench and surrounded by clutter. Cheers, Brett
  5. When Plastic Cretins and Moscato Hobby Models collaborate you know you are in for something very special! Well done John that kit is another master stroke - that looks fantastic and is a very unique subject. We are all very lucky - Cheers, Brett
  6. Well it was more than a few weeks but these are finally available! The 1/72 scale VF-1D masks are AUD$5.50 + flat $3 shipping out side of Australia The 1/48 scale TV style masks are AUD$7.50 + flat $3.00 shipping outside of Aus. Cheers, Brett
  7. Just a heads up that we finally got the kit cast and ready to ship! Kit Price is AUD$390 + Shipping from Australia. Cheers, Brett
  8. Definitely a recast. These have shown up on a South American macross page. Recently.
  9. Looking good Bolt! Ghost + FAST Packs = Cool. Mine went into primer not long after these pics were taken back in 2014 and hasn't progressed since...
  10. Sweet kit you have there! You don't see many of those built Cheers, Brett
  11. Hold your horses Bolt - we have 21 Entries! Wooo! Although in the spirit of things I'd vote for either the Rabbit or the M+ drone Some great stuff has been dragged into the light of day so now you lot have just got to get cutting and sanding by the deadline! Because if there aren't at least 20 completions by October there's no Norbert kit - after all it's called the "Build It Competition", not the "Half Built and Painted Oops it's Gathering Dust - oh Look a Squirrel Competition" Again good work so far but there is loads of work to be done - I'm jealous as I really struggle to build these days. Cheers, Brett
  12. I think that is everybody. Let me know if I missed any. - Brett
  13. Great thread Christpoher! I really should get around to taking some pictured if this. It's kind of a digital camouflage pattern... Cheers, Brett
  14. Good progress Bolt! It is a good idea to use the tray of water for sanding. It makes things easier, cleaner and safer. Yep, including this kit in the comp was a good move. There is tons of work to be done there. Cheers, Brett
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