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  1. Return To Kit Form

    What will Hasegawa do next?

    They do keep repopping it though so it must be popular enough. I'd say if we hadn't of had macross delta we would have had more kits in 1/48. By all accounts Hasegawa are a pretty small company so they are probably near max rate of development. - Brett
  2. Return To Kit Form

    Canopy for Cap america Cats eye kit

    Neptune models is a member of the boards here. Have you tried contacting them to see if you can get a set of canopy bucks? Cheers, Brett
  3. Return To Kit Form

    1/100 Gnerl recast

    Wow you did a great job considering the rubbish casting quality! I hope you didn't pay more than $10 for it otherwise you have been ripped off. Is the blue colour a custom scheme? BTW did you know that both Plastic Cretins (Exo on the boards) and I both produce Gnerl kits that haven't been ripped off somebody else's work and are cast super clean? -Brett
  4. Return To Kit Form

    Model Kit Collection Show It Off!!!

    While packing for the end of year move I managed to organise my Macross kits for a pic. That is only the unbuilt steyrene kits. I still have a resin kits and others that are in the cabinet or are WIPs.
  5. Return To Kit Form

    1/72 Kamjin Kit Reissue

    That kit turned out great even in Primer Ted. Well done!
  6. Return To Kit Form

    Mos-cah-to! Models

    Yeah I was amazed how much scanning services cost just recently when a bloke I know wanted some work down. There will be a bit of a wait until 3D scanning comes down in the same way that 3d printing has. Perhaps when AR/VR really takes off there will be an uptake as people will want to be able to scan in grandma's ashes into their VR house I can't wait to see what kind of goodies I'll get access to next year as there is some bits and pieces of the job that require 3D scanning... - Brett
  7. Return To Kit Form

    Valkyrie Canopy Masks - Now available at HLJ!

    Thanks Arbit! I didn't even know that they were on Hobbysearch as we have been dealing directly with the Japanese distributor. -Brett
  8. Return To Kit Form

    Valkyrie Canopy Masks - Now available at HLJ!

    There will has been and will continue to be a delay with the VE/VT-1 canopy masks due the Kamjin kit being moved up the schedule...and the fact that I don't have a canopy to use for development like I thought I did. Oops. In other newd our canopy masks are niw available at HLJ woohoo! Cheers, Brett
  9. Return To Kit Form

    1/72 Kamjin Kit Reissue

    There is no deadline. Other than the fact we will be shutting down completely over December/January due to and inter city move. - Brett
  10. Return To Kit Form

    1/72 Kamjin Kit Reissue

    Kamjin kits are available for order now. AUD $78.00 + shipping Either PM me here or send an email to: returntokitform@gmail.com Cheers, Brett
  11. Return To Kit Form

    1/72 Kamjin Kit Reissue

    Agreed. He's a bit short for 1/60 and could arguably be too short for 1/72 unless you care about figures fitting into the vehicles. 138mm at 1/72 scales out at 9.936m and hes just able to fit in the Glaug when the Glaug is sized correctly for 1/72. Damn you anime magic! Damn you to hell! - Brett
  12. Return To Kit Form

    1/72 Kamjin Kit Reissue

    For those who were curious, here's a quick size comparison with the hastily cleaned up and assembled Kamujin kit next a 1/60 VF-1A, 1/72 ground crew and a 1/72 Regult Heavy Missile Carrier. Oh and a severed head - Brett
  13. Return To Kit Form

    1/72 Kamjin Kit Reissue

    Ignacio is correct! That's the soldier kit tgat we will also be te releasing at some point. I'm in the middle of cleaning up the first casting and eill post some comparison pictures when I have him tacked together. I gave s 1/60 Vf-1 for those curious about how he scales out. - Brett
  14. Return To Kit Form

    1/72 Kamjin Kit Reissue

    13.8 cm at 1/72. Kamjin is s pretty tall dude! - Brett
  15. Return To Kit Form

    1/72 Kamjin Kit Reissue

    G'day, just a heads up that we will soon be re releasing the Captains excellent Kamjin figure shown below next to the soldier kit (also in 1/72 scale) Price should be around AUD $75 and will be available in a few weeks. Cheers, Brett