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  1. Great pics Peter thanks for sharing! With regard to preparing a resin kit the key is to just get started. I'd argue it is actually easier on a good resin kit than a Plastic kit as there is often fewer seam lines to clean up. To build confidence start by removing the pour stubs. Don't cheap out and try and use an exacto. You spent a few hundred dollars on that kit so spend a few more and get a Modeling saw and handle. Below are similar to what I use. The rest of what you need you probably already have or can be purchased cheaply. A course file, wet and dry sandpaper and sanding sticks. (BTW always cut and sand wet. It keeps the dust down and the water keeps the cutting surfaces clean and gives a better result.) That will get you started and you can build your confidence. If you like start a new build thread in the work shop section and keep us posted. That way if you have any questions we can chime in. So what are you waiting for? GO START THAT NEW THREAD! Because Mike put a lot of effort into designing, patterning and casting that kit. It deserves to be built. Cheers, Brett
  2. Thanks for that. Now I can inventory the patterns - Brett
  3. And Phalanx instructions as well... -Brett
  4. Does anyone have a copy of the Tomahawk instructions? Cheers, Brett
  5. Bugger! All of your pics are gone Mike. Any chance of uploading pics of the built kit again? - Brett
  6. "Ridden hard and put away wet" I'll bet the ground crew aren't impressed with Max after that effort. Look like he just tangles with Millia on board the SDF-1 Nice build of that kit. It looks much better than the Bandai promo pictures. - Brett
  7. Is this Moon Shooters scheme the one from Delta?
  8. Looking good Arbit - you are getting to be quite the expert at this.
  9. Wowsers! Is that the new Smooth-On rubber that they have been advertising lately? - Brett
  10. G'day Gabe. PM me the details of the part. I could probably make a mold next time I am at it and cast the part with left over resin. It's what I did with my missing VF-0B part. Brett
  11. Nice to see some more progress! I recently swapped to black basing myself and like the results so far.
  12. Hasegawa need to release those ground crew as a set...
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