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  1. If you don't have it the first time i think it is a better option then searching a used valk.
  2. gozilham

    Bandai DX VF-31

    How about this one? the 31F looks weird for me too. but the color and marking is good.
  3. Any other place that have stock for this? or VF-OS.
  4. Hei i'am going to visit my friend in Singapore soon. do you know any local store that sell Macross DX chogokin? i'm looking for RVF-25
  5. How about white color of DX chogokin? can i use lemon or soapy water? since my VF-171ex is getting a little bit yellow.
  6. For VF-25, i prefer the super parts since it have strong and mean look. with tornado part, VF-25 looks heavy...
  7. The packaging from the standard one is better than premium with the red box also some pictures.
  8. Hahaha thanks Finished transform into fighter mode but the leg was not tight enough maybe need to adjust the hip more.
  9. Thanks man. Here some pictures of it. It is very tight.
  10. Hi guys, i just got this beauty machine, i manage to transform it to battleroid, but when i transform back to fighter mode the leg wont fit. i notice that there locking mechanism in the between the hip and leg. should that need to be move? because it so stiff, i'm afraid to push the mechanism (if any), do you you have same problem?
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