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  1. Yamato 2202

    Kobayashi be posting things. https://twitter.com/makomako713/status/971731739759357953 Of note is "Neu Balgrey" as the name of one of the Andromeda carriers with a Gamilas insignia. Also I guess the Shinano was real. Oh yeah, and EDF frigate! Mostly eh about these stuff TBH.
  2. Yamato 2202

    The producer mentioned talks with a licensing company yesteryear. Given the dub and sub of 2199 that's ongoing, it's likely we'll get the official dub and sub when 2202's released as a TV series.
  3. Yamato 2202

    Send them to Central Anime. EDIT: The reason they're slow is because we have to wait for them to receive the Bluray/DVD rips to do work. There's also no one else who's doing Yamato fansubs IIRC, so they're pretty much the only game in town.
  4. Yamato 2202

    There's no reason they'd be discontinued this early into the run given how popular they are. They're still available on other sites. http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10457024
  5. Yamato 2202

    Central Anime has uploaded Chapter 3 subs!
  6. Yamato 2202

    The box art for the 2202 Gamilas Warships set has been released. Looks sweet as always. Also some other things: コレジャナイメカ Those new mechs in vintage style. Source 1 Source 2 Dreadnought in Gaiderol colors. Not half bad! Source Someone modded an Andromeda into an Arcadia.
  7. Yamato 2202

    I updated my definitive size chart for 2202. Now features the Calakmul and Gostok. Warning: big.
  8. Yamato 2202

    I'm still of the opinion that lowering the hanger down a level like this would have been a good compromise.
  9. Yamato 2202

    So a carrier based on Andromeda wasn't something new to 2202, all the way back to the planning of Resurrection in 1993 there were designs for it. IIRC this was done by Kobayashi. Do you prefer this version or the one we got?
  10. Yamato 2202

    The Yamato 2202 official site finally updated the character and mechanics pages, though amusingly they left out the Dreadnought. http://yamato2202.net/character_mechanic/ http://yamato2202.net/character_mechanic/index2.html Here's the mechanical pages. Character pages whenever I feel like. The usual Google translate disclaimers apply. So it's quite obvious the Neo Deusura has a lot more weapons than shown. Unfortunately given its length (730 meters without the front armor plate, whatever that means), it's unlikely we'll get a 1/1000 model. Bandai's probably not gonna make another Zoelguut-length model that's also wider, to my forever disappointment. Maybe we'll get a better idea if/when they release the mechanics art book. Dengeki Hobby has some bigger preview images from the 2202 website: http://hobby.dengeki.com/news/485199/ The Neo Deusura's shown to hold 15 "Gorland missiles" on the underside just as the info page said, so that's a pretty hefty armament especially when it can SMITE them right into your face. Speaking of which, upon closer inspection those Gostok swords are also part mace, since it looks like it has a hexagonal structure from the front. Glad we see the Gostok carrying different armament, though not exactly what I was expecting. The sword-maces more or less double the Gostok's length, and presumably use the usual missiles as propulsion if it's meant to be launched. I don't know why, but the mechs hitching a ride on the Cosmo Tiger II booster is amusing. I don't think that's how they're usually meant to be transported. They also seem to be mounting Cosmo Tiger II missiles on their back
  11. Yamato 2202

    Funimation is releasing the official dubbed episodes online every week. You need an account with them to view the newest ones, but they'll release the episode to the general public in 1 or 2 weeks. Currently they've done up to episode 2. No news on the bluray yet.
  12. Yamato 2202

    The sub is on Crunchryoll right now. http://www.crunchyroll.com/star-blazers-space-battleship-yamato-2199
  13. Yamato 2202

    Uh, that's not how that works? If you look at the other stuff even though it says things like "episodes 3-12", "episode 3", and "episodes 2-3" they still have all episodes starting from episode 1. There's literally no point in releasing the way you've described as it goes against the point of having these streaming services.
  14. Yamato 2202

    Cast list is here! https://www.funimation.com/blog/2017/09/01/coming-funimationnow-fall-2017/#star CHARACTER - CAST Susumu Kodai - Chris Wehkamp Daisuke Shima - Ricco Fajardo Okita - Brian Mathis Mori - Mallorie Rodak Episode 1 Jiro - Apphia Yu Dr. Sado - Kenny Green Harada - Felecia Angelle Hijikata - Bill Jenkins Hirata - Jeremy Inman Kato - Mike McFarland Mamoru Kodai - Z. Charles Bolton Nanbu - Stephen Fu Sanada - Phil Parsons Serizawa - Doug Jackson Todo - Bradley Campbell Tokugawa - R Bruce Elliott Yabu - Ben Phillips Yamanami - Kent Williams
  15. Yamato 2202

    Contact Central Anime. They've been doing the subs for 2202. http://www.centralanime.net/caforums2011/viewforum.php?f=8&sid=f11749bf783bc485afab69b5b0b54298
  16. Yamato 2202

    So it looks like Funimation is dubbing Space Battleship Yamato 2199. https://twitter.com/FUNimation/status/926581928718938113
  17. Yamato 2202

    Someone posted a short summary on Twitter. Spoilering.
  18. Yamato 2202

    First 12 minutes of chapter 3! So the Gatlantis watched 2199 too? Would love to see their live reactions. Anyway, them knowing about what the Yamato did explains why they'd be dedicating a lot of effort to take it out. You don't want the a ship that took down an empire running around when you're nearby. It looks like the Gatlantis got their idea for using the artificial sun as a weapon from, ironically, Yamato during the Battle of Balun. It also seems like the Calakmul destroyed themselves firing the big blast at Yamato in episode 6, which would fit the Gatlantis MO.
  19. Yamato 2202

    It's a bit too early for that. Those kinds of things only pop up after the series finished production. The 2199 Earth and Gamilas art books are still out there as well as the Hyper Mechanical Detail art books.
  20. Yamato 2202

    Kobayashi gave out the length for the patrol cruiser and the Kisaragi freighter; 188 meters and 220 meters respectively. Drew up a size comparison using the original series patrol cruiser.
  21. Yamato 2202

    26 episodes across 7 movie chapters, just like 2199.
  22. Yamato 2202

    Should be out within the month? You can track their progress here: http://www.centralanime.net/caforums2011/viewforum.php?f=8
  23. Yamato 2202

    Yes actually. Putting everything in spoilers for those who want to wait for subs.