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  1. On 6/1/2020 at 4:58 AM, valhary said:

    Hi everyone!

    Supposedly tomorrow finish the quarantine here in Mexico so hope the shipments stuck finally been released and delivered quickly 

    but also remember this depends If the destiny already has open the customs offices and if there are flights available


    Also to clarify about the reports of some missing parts:

    This specific part it has to split in 2 so if you put it together can see is there in opposite case please let me know to send spares







    All rght! Got it!

    Thank you for responding my question. I didn't understand these two parts when receive it.



  2. The catapults were also make a difference in 3rd and 5th Episodes

    And there have a more interest senario, when the body of human bird came out,  it get out under the Main island. That means it came though almost all the hanger and the carrier seems no danmage other than the hole.

    You could also find the catapults have slightly changed compare to previous screenshot

    Personally I think the total length of each catapuls should be same, eapecially the two in the front



  3. And it should also consider aircraft numbers such as VF-0A, VF-0D, Ghosts, helicopters, AWACS, and plane for refueling


    the VF-0D takes a lot of space in the hanger as it can not fold its wings



    In the animation, the VF-0S wearing reactive armor and push SV-51 out of the hanger, which means there should be enough height of the hanger, at least the height should be equal with SV-51 on its knees



    And last, as your considering, the prototype monster should also be carried in this carrier.

    I think the GA Graphic group should carefully consider the 515m length data, is not an absurd figure when producing the Masterfile

  4. And the Cheyenne base behind the Main island should be 6 and in two lines

    I have reviewed the 3 episode of MZ, and make some screenshots

    P1 shows three Cheyenne stand in line; in P2, there is another Cheyenne behind the first line.

    In P3 the first three Cheyenne was destroyed you can see the fire and smoke.

    P4 makes an overhead view of the Island. 





    Another great project! 

    but I think your current model in SU is still smaller than the Asuka II in the Animation

    Although the official setting the carrier as 276m, in my opinion, the parameter in Masterfile (515m) is more reliable

    firstly, there should be a large part of the dock containing the 'human bird' body



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