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  1. You just did. Star Wars,Tron, Action Force, MOTU, Thundercats, Other World, and Fisher Price X-Ray people. Also V but we never had the toys here.
  2. The artwork has improved again but I'm not a fan of angularising a curvy design. At least those Invid with the Regis now actually look like Invid from the Sentinels rather than Dire Wraiths. Sad that she doesn't have her proper gloves though.
  3. It would be great if they did as it would end the drought that's lasted since the missile pods release. But I have no faith in them given their release record.
  4. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    Unfortunately, when it comes to the N-Ger Bandai has earned the "All show and no go" Soulcalibur customisable character quote.
  5. City Hunter has joined the Clan, so Wolf is next on the Predalist.
  6. That's the Good Guys ticked off. But what about the Bad Guys?
  7. Can't they at least squeeze in a Regult Scout as a Tamashi exclusive for Chtlristmas?
  8. New arrivals. Bypassed our postal services so they came quickly (and didn't get stolen). Hasbro TIE Fighter and Disney Tron and Sark.
  9. If we're doing wishlists then, my bare minimum after the primaris marine is: . Eldar Striking Scorpion . Eldar Swooping Hawk . Eldar Dire Avenger . Commander Shadowsun . Tactical Marine . Marine Terminator
  10. Please don't let it be solely up to those guys. I actually want "bad guy" stuff, not just every camo pattern of a guardsman.
  11. As a collector of trooper figs I don't have any complaints, other than I would have preferred an Imperial Fist. Truth be told I would have skipped any character fig other than maybe Shadowsun, Kayleth or someone similar. I am however hoping they release all Space Marine armour patterns of at least the most well known chapters. And...they must not stop there. Bring on the Eldar, Tau, Sisters of Battle, Necrons, Dark Eldar and Tyranids.
  12. Um no he also has a wolf. So its overkill.
  13. Oh hell no, I thoroughly enjoyed the Invid attack on the Tiresian capital. There just wasn't enough of that.
  14. Frustrating as hell. With modern technological aids they could have delivered exceptionally beautiful renditions of the classic designs. But instead they made them look like generic crap. Its like seeing a Ferrari Enzo chassis being redesigned by someone who thinks an AMC Gremlin looks just as good or better.
  15. Well that Scrim Inorganic looks sort of ok, but not so much the Hellcats. They look too angular. Also, is it just me or do those Invid look a bit like Dire Wraiths? And something else that has been bugging me throughout this comic, why the heck is Lisa wearing those stupid boots as opposed to shoes? It looks inappropriate with a dress uniform.
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