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  1. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks @mechaninac.
  2. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    Can anyone give me the legnth of the HMR Glaug's top mounted cannon in mm?
  3. Even though the couriers are now also being targeted for armed in transit robbery, Sith Jet Trooper and Imperial Death Trooper made it through.
  4. Nothing wrong with using your imagination. I remember when I was a kid before pcs and we had... sticks... imagination was all you had.
  5. The Sylphid is actually a nice looking little fighter. It needs the transformation gimmick about as much as the Lancer 2 does.
  6. Yes. If it were me I would have made them the Elite Bioroid Praetorian Guard for the Zor Lords, or something. Because purple.
  7. I mostly used the colour scheme from the RT Crisis Point board game, then added more black as I felt it needed it. I'm not familiar with this Gundam mecha posted. Really I could have chosen any colour but red, blue, green and brown have already been used. Debatable, but you will at least acknowledge that it is usually the humans or "good guys" whose stuff is mostly all angular while the aliens or "bad guys" stuff has more flowing curves.
  8. I enjoyed it. Never felt the desire to watch .hack//SIGN.
  9. To answer the questions in order: I must have clicked the poll only option. Fixed. And 3 characters can now be selected. I would'nt dare add Roy to the list. You noticed, ha ha.
  10. Which just coincidentally has the effect of having them looking simpler and more angular than their predecessors. Closer in aesthetics to something the other side might have made.
  11. Pablumatic nailed the explanation I think. The earlier Bioroids certainly look more like the products of exotic alien technology. However this isnt a bad looking mecha with the right colour scheme. The fight kind of anime exposure would have made a world of difference as well.
  12. They are cool. Some people just want transforming jets - and nothing else - I think. BTW no obscure alien mecha on your list?
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