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  1. I don't follow this. What does a franchise being current/trending or not have to do with wanting to collect stuff from it?
  2. (Mep Toys) Breetai welcomes a Visiting delegation (Starmodels) aboard his ship.
  3. Put that way its incoherence comes across as a redeeming feature... of a sort.
  4. Which explains why it is so lousy. Anything further left than HG Well's War of the Worlds is unpalatable.
  5. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    The last hobby related prayer I did was a few years back for Cap to reissue the Inbit kits. No wait...it was the one that all Zentradii warship classes be available for purchase. Couldn't hurt I guess.
  6. To be fair both Macross and RT have their collecting challenges. Neither make it easy to complete your alien collection.
  7. My tastes are eclectic, I only care about the alien characters and military hardware really. So for RT my interest is really the Tirolian/Zentraedi v Invid conflict backstory. If you mean canon or semi-canon then I enjoyed the novels (alien parts) , certain comics (Warriors) Sentinels etc. Most recently I am reading a 3 part fan fic, the first part from the Zentraedi perspective. This reboot enters nowhere. Its not any different from what I do with Marvel where I'm only really following the Kree/Skrull/Shi'ar etc conflicts which AYKB started in the 60's.
  8. And its because of things like this that I dont slavishly follow "official canon" Fictional universes are like comic runs, they go through stages of variable quality. You can collect or ignore any part of it that doesnt suit you.
  9. Ah thats ok. The Rand character also did that in the English version of RT. The words Zentraedi and Invid are the same in singular and plural. You use it the same way you would use the word Chinese, for example.
  10. "Invids"? Sigh. one Invid - many Invid
  11. Awesome! Hoping we at least also get Zor Prime in this line.
  12. Majestic Studios made the toys. Lore-wise the original reptilian Cylons made the Centurions, after they were beguiled by a god-like being (sound familiar?) named Count Iblis. The Centurions ended up exterminating the original Cylons and taking the name. Its a much more interesting tale than the reboot version IMO. Attention, attention, the Imperious Leader will be with us shortly...
  13. A silver Centurion added to the collection thanks to good ol e-bay
  14. Lol. Thats pretty much how a valkyrie looks to me in comparison to the alien mecha anyway Whereas the alien mecha looks like this.
  15. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    Wonderful. The only exciting reveal may be vaporware.
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