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  1. Kitz Concepts Rick/Hikaru finally arrived. I really like the closed visor option. Definitely will be in for Roy, Max etc. I just wish some toy company would finally get around to the main fig event, the armoured Zentradi soldier.
  2. That's a brutal indictment. Days of Our Lives is totally plotless, its clearly made up by the actors as they go along. Ever notice how they always run out of things to say and end up staring into each other's teeth for 10 - 20 seconds between scene changes? And its watched by people who aren't really paying attention. Back in the days of VCRs I once recorded (and secretly edited) an episode for my sisters. The edited version had disjointed sentences strung together, and characters teleporting instantaneously across physical distances...none of which was even noticed
  3. Mb there could be a poll to gauge demand for this. I would be in.
  4. If the cockpit can still open it would be great to have shots of the completed parked/flying Gnerl with views of the pilot.
  5. I cant stop looking at these awesome pics.
  6. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    That's a good one. Just a pity we cant select our own "made to customer order" model mixes. . The current rate of one Zentradi mecha every 2 years is beyond painful.
  7. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    OK in that case if its also non-canon stuff: . The regult plastron cannons pop out quite easily and you could therefore do switchout options. The standard is particle beam but what if there were other weapon options - plasma, matter eater, maser, rail, ion, micro-munitions etc. Coloured black, with plastic of a similar feel, and each with a look that is unique but still consistent with the overall style of the Regult these could be interesting. They could come in a weapon pack with the top mounted canons. . How about a flying recondrone option for the Regult Scout if/ when it comes? Something that clips onto the top mounted "wing" and can sort of look like it belongs? Or how about a gravity/matter eater mine layer switchout/add-on that deploys self burrowing mines? . If the top mounted cannon on the Glaug can detach (have'nt tried) it could mount some serious missile racks. Or some other large exotic weapon. This is just the fan in me writing of course, I dont know who else would be interested in this type of thing.
  8. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    At least they have made a start on that bottom row. Hopefully the Scout po for Christmas? Too optimistic?
  9. Marvel Legends Kree and Skrull soldiers arrived. (Pity there are no Mephistitoid, Troyjan, Shi'ar or Uncreated soldiers AFAIK.)
  10. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    Or how about a Glaug Eldare booster?
  11. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    Yes!!! Not missing the Scout if/when it gets released!
  12. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    This is true. Any Zentradi mecha release would be good. Or even the Phallanx, the only Destroid on my list.
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