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  1. It's shudder worthy whether you are a Macross or a Robotech fan. It's hollywood, for example: 1. Comic Ronan 2. hollywood fail Now just imagine that level of shoddy likeness for the live action RT or Macross flick.
  2. its a step backwards art wise .I would cheer due to them giving Khyron his hair back in this issue but they ruined it by having Zentraedi speech patterns, in the very same panels, that are completely wacked. The words "ass" and " screwed" have no business coming from Zentraedi elites such as Khyron and Azonia. ,
  3. You are not the only one. I'd rather see a cell animation upgrade or even full cg at high end quality.
  4. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    That's what I'm afraid of. This will continue to delay the release of the enemy mecha, if they even plan to release them.
  5. That Invid Mecha is pure heresy! Good that Gloval is back, now they can put him back in command and reassign the temporary stand-in. After paying her a stand-in allowance of course.
  6. Podtastic

    Macross figures

    He told me that they might make her if they made enough from sales on the other figures, I think he meant the SDF flight suit as he referred to the "armoured" version.
  7. Podtastic

    Macross figures

    Surely there must be a workaround. MyUS not an option?
  8. Podtastic

    Macross figures

    It came up at exactly 6:00 MST as advertised. This is the first time I actually waited excitedly for a preorder to open.
  9. I prefer the sleek factory fresh look from my Zentradi and inbits anyway.
  10. At least they are producing characters figs that I am actually willing to purchase, unlike that endless parade of "idols" which I wouldn't spend a dime on.
  11. Podtastic

    Macross figures

    Can I assume that this means 5 March, and not 3 May?
  12. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    Does Japan not have a MyJapan the way the US has a MyUS?
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