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  1. True I'm going to digress horrifically here but this talk of scale reminds me of a discussion I had with a friend back in the 80s - before the net/I even heard of Macross: Me: Bla and I want the Zentraedi to have X genetic enhancements... Friend: You know there's this new game called warhammer 40 000... Me: And to be X tall. Friend: You wont even come up to his boot. Me: And their rifles to deliver X per shot... Friend: They can destroy mountain ranges! Me: And to have X fleets each consisting of X ships... Friend: What does EEEEEEEE mean on my calculator? Me: And the Mainbase to be X size. Friend: If something with that much mass nears the solar system... Discussions of scale...its all a matter of perspective
  2. Meaning they sell. Sex sells too, but that doesnt make prostitution great. Macross isnt as cool as it could be if the content/merchandise were as expanded as Star Wars. Fans are forced to buy garage kits because the official lines are so limited.
  3. Probably. But with HMR I always thought it was just a case of practicality. They cant make the Regults and valks to scale because : 1) Larger Regults = more cost and less chance of sale 2) Smaller valks means main item Japanese customers want is less attractive If there wasnt so much obsession with idol dollys and valks Macross would be much richer both in both animation and model / toy collecting.
  4. Much as I like Thrawn I wasn't particulary impressed by Zahn's Star Wars books. Is he any better outside the genre?
  5. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    I have all the Zentradi releases up to this point. Dont care to complete the Micronians. #stopthevalkyriespam #weneedmorezentradi #musicidolsmustfall
  6. Hmmm... I never bothered to consider that obscure human mecha ....I guess not then. But the Zentradi soldier heights were pretty much consistent if I recall. This size relation makes much better sense to me than what we see in HMR and those crazy official stats.
  7. Gasp! Leftist brainwashing! We all loved the show as kids because of the Thunderfighter, Twiki and Hawk - and Hawk's fighter. Pretty much little else of note in it... I mean Tigerman...seriously? And the Draconians were Klingon level embarrassing, not fit to shine a Cylon Centurion's boot.
  8. The official stats are an absolute joke and contradict the SDFM anime to the level of absurdity. The fact is that in SDFM a Zentradi soldier and a Battroid are on the same scale, and the Regult/Glaug is MUCH bigger. You are absolutely right about the HMR line, funny how there's never comment about the Regult being too small next the terribly over sized battroid.
  9. While 50's sci-fi is mainly not what I read, I sure do listen to a lot of it. (Particularly because its free. And you can do stuff on your pc / with your kits while listening) (Colouring of awesome Leo Matos pencils while listening to Foundation audio drama) One thing I like about it is (what comes across to me as) the general wholesomeness of the cultural values at the time.
  10. Tried some Foundation but you quickly realise its a 50's series. Not a bad thing - just got a little confused by the awe given to atomics until I checked the publication date.
  11. A result of my nuturing no doubt. I also love wildlife docs - but not those about herbivores grazing obviously. Even so there is still way too much material given the limited resources we all have ito time and money. You have to focus on what you are passionate about. As for a reading list, some books i would recommend: . Magician (Feist) . The Belgariad (Eddings) . The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant (Donalson) . The War for Eternity (Rowley) . The Blackship (Rowley) . Starhammer (Rowley) . The Vang the Military form (Rowley) . Consider Phlebas (Banks) . Startide Rising (Brin) . Who Goes There (Campbell) . The War of the Worlds (Wells) . The World War series (Turtledove) . The Reality Dysfunction (Hamilton) . Earthsea (Le Guin) . Harpist in the Wind (McKillip)
  12. No, I just wont read or watch anything that doesnt contain sufficient quantities of militaristic conflict. I pretty much avoid female authors completely now - after many disappointing reads - even when they write battles the focus is all wrong. Its as if they dont glory indestruction.
  13. You say that as if it were a bad thing but in sci-fi/fantasy that's the ONLY thing. there's no chance for peace, love, or understanding in the universe Well if you werent bored to tears by say ...Star Trek's endless encounters with peacenik wrinkled nose aliens then I dont know. Peace, love and ubderstanding is fine in reality, but its not very entertaining.
  14. About 60 cm? That's more like it. The Bandai kit I got was incredibly...compact.
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