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  1. Does it have any decent pics of the Inbit, other than new Genesis Breaker concept artwork, that aren't already all over the net?
  2. Its sad really, because Southern Cross isn't actually a bad series. I still get a kick out of the mecha/ combat scenes etc. And it had a lot of goodies such as Bioroids, Muses, Roil Tiulvo's, arming doublets, Hovertanks - great potential. A modern animated movie with those elements would be something. This art (albeit not purely SC) makes me sad when I think of what could have been: https://www.deviantart.com/franciscoetchart/art/ROBOTECH-Before-the-Invid-Storm-852608172 (Unlike Macross 7, where the mecha and the combat scenes are utterly meh. I guess the music saved that one somehow, even though even that is nothing to write home about either.)
  3. Bigger is better when it comes to the aliens.
  4. It could look much better if it was non-transformable. One of each mode without the schlep.
  5. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    And don't forget those moments where you have (secretly) wanted to force choke employees and or managers for not being with the program. Particularly managers who think they can abdicate responsibility for the less pleasant aspects of management. We've all had those. But I still think a drill instructor is more unreasonably optimistic, given that they are prone to threaten anatomically impossible dire-dooms while expecting you to easily violate the laws of physics. And doing it all in the most comedic fashion - where you are expected not to laugh but invariably do.
  6. The SSD is over 60cm (2 school rulers) in length. You can judge the Nupetiet-Vergnitz's length from that, the ships are about a hand's width apart. I wouldn't know as I bought it second hand on e-bay. It needs some work as, albeit you cant see it in the pic, the shipper smashed it into pieces and I had to put it back together like a jigsaw puzzle.
  7. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    You must be a drill instructor. Only if the snail is from Daxam.
  8. Zentraedi and Galactic Empire stand as one! Star Wars Armda SSD. Needed a larger one than the tiny Bandai version.
  9. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    Nearly a year later and still no word on when the Scout is planned for release. Sadly progress on the bottom row seems to be at the pace of a tired snail pushing Mount Everest across a tar swamp under Jupiter's gravity against 620kph winds.
  10. The proper classic comics Wonder Woman. Awesome! And the articulation and look, if as described, is exactly what I dreamt of back in the 90's. Somebody give us a comics Ronan, Deathbird, Captain Mar-Vell and Gladiator like this.
  11. That is a good looking Nimrod figure. This is an important mod. The closest I got back in the day was to give Otherworld's Hondu a small metal chain for his flail.
  12. Interesting.... Its too big to go sensor-eye-to-sensor-eye with my HMR Regults…..but maybe just the right size for my 3D Zentraedi warrior prints. And yes I am using my own non-cannon scale system so nobody correct me on scales here
  13. ARENA REBOOT "Surrender Captain and I will be merciful..." "SSSHHRAAH!" "Oh bl@#$ funny Metrons!" Gorn ticked off.
  14. Meaning inclusion of unnecessary (for action figures) items like male genitalia or over realistic frailties like blemishes, warts and wrinkles e.t.c? I always had an idealised pristine version of the figs in mind. Heck I cant even stand weathering - when I bought a Klingon BOP that had weathering I kept compulsively trying to "clean" it.
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