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  1. Marvel Legends Brood Queen and Galoob Arachnid Warrior e-bay purchases arrived today. I wonder who would win these contests?
  2. But who holds their opinions/tastes in any high esteem.?
  3. True. Just wish they also made these in 1/6 to face off with them.
  4. New Hot Toys Stormtrooper arrived. What makes this different is that the articulation is much better and posing easier. Now I know I need another. : )
  5. This was precisely my point. The Borg assimilated only relevant technology and biology, and ignored anything they deemed would not add anything of value to the collective.
  6. That kind of thing is only a problem for slaves of canon. Some of us take a more Borg-like view to sci-fi collection.
  7. Wolf Heavy Weapons Predator came yesterday. Had to pay extra shipping due to Sideshow not shipping to my location. Unless they start doing Predators from the comics this should then conclude my 1/6 Pred figure collection.
  8. The human whatzisface that tagged along, instead of an armoured Hirogen Hunter? I plan to donate his unarmed commie self to the Cadbury Generosity Shop when I get the chance. Why do you ask?
  9. Species 8472...reminds me of how fun it was stopping their tripedal charges in Elite Force with my Hirogen tetryon disruptor.
  10. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    It feels like they are scraping the bottom, sides and UNDERSIDE of the Macross barrel to keep coming with releases while stubbornly avoiding the awesome bottom row.
  11. "First reckless speeder piloting, now impersonating an Imperial Stormtrooper. We'll put you UNDER the detention block, Solo!" Hot Toys Patrol Trooper came right quick after last payment.
  12. I like the Sinbad/Ghost Rider Team-up on the 4th floor.
  13. Maybe the artist is a dude in drag...and doesn't believe in vive la difference.
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