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  1. Personally I couldn't care less about the human faces, I'm only collecting the pilot's for the helmets and flight suits. As long as those are accurate, it's all good to me.
  2. Podtastic

    Hi-Metal R

    All instabuys. Just add the Hot Toys Death Star Trooper and the Maas Bioroid and the journey to disappointment will be complete.
  3. What's the difference? They don't seem any more silly in this form.
  4. I might pick up some Visitor minis to go with my squadship. Tempted to get a shocktrooper uniform (always wanted one) but the environment here is just is not conducive to wearing something like that in public without drawing the wrong sort of politically motivated attention.
  5. I keep missing the DMT Skyfighters. They come out so rarely and in such small quantities. The paint apps don't look as good to me, especially that gauss flayer. I'm trying to order the unpainted SM versions so I can have Raven Guard, Blood Angels and mb some White Scar options.
  6. I vote for the larger one. I couldn't care less about the official scales.
  7. Cobra is amassing its armoured might. Where will the blow fall?
  8. That would make a fitting epitaph if the company ever went under. They never gave us a HMR Queadluun-Rhea, though.
  9. It was a positive, colourful series with a bit of that "North and South" vibe going on. However, Athrun was never quite at Kira's level IMO. One of the things I loved in Destiny was how they set up Shinn for that epic duel. You saw it coming from the beginning, but the build up through the Minerva's missions was still fun. The music was pretty good in many instances and the battles were enjoyable throughout, I especially liked the intro for the Destroy. Yes indeed. Gamlin in my assessment would be that serious guy who does not fail at things simply because he cares too much to all
  10. When it comes to Zentradi toys are there any that actually are in scale? I mean realistically not even the HMR Regults and Valks are in scale given how oversized the latter and undersized the former are.
  11. I absolutely loved Seed and Destiny. That was my first Gundam.
  12. I'd say that that sounds rather like Min May, but at least she didn't jump into a cockpit to proactively engage in battle-blocking. I gave up on Basara after he berated himself for standing up for Mylene. As humans go Gamlin was more my kind of guy.
  13. Two Klans are better than one! More reinforcements running the Co-Vid 19 blockade.
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