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  1. what is not a Tamashi Exclusive? , that's great! there is a chance to get one on normal price then
  2. It seems like Bandai won't delay this Astray Redframe Kai anymore since the box art is now appearing. Not sure if I will be able to pay my order in AmiAmi
  3. I would tried to get this if I didn't own already MB Eva 01 & Eva 02, the price is spot on for a Tamashi Exclusive . https://www.bluefinbrands.com/eva-01-test-type-eva2020-evangelion-bandai-tamashii-nations-metal-build.html#
  4. Didn't expect this one bit: I want this but I can't , tough times ahead https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail?gcode=FIGURE-058080
  5. wow I was able to get my order from AmiAmi can't believe it went through (so many errors pop ups when doing checkout), got my confirmation email as well.
  6. MB Eva 02 available in a not such crazy scalper price at BBTS if someone interested: https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/96348
  7. Great to see this thread is getting some Saint Seiya love, I'm huge fan of the original series and the figures. also if someone wants to grab a EX Hagen and Sigfried those are available right now at BBTS: https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Search?SearchText=saint+seiya
  8. Let's hope they make it a general release , those Tamashi web exclusives after market prices can get very ridiculous, still the PO madness as well is ridiculous stressing but there is a chance to get one at normal price nonetheless.
  9. Hoping for a new DX VF-1 announcement.
  10. I think I would it pay some extra dlls to Bandai be able to add this gimmick, in the meantime awesome job @shearx , it looks stunning!!
  11. First new year figure, got it yesterday on the mail. It sure took its time to get delivered to me.
  12. Finally got mine from AmiAmi
  13. hell yeah AmiAmi just send my DX VF 1S Hikaru!, got a bit worried cause all these rumors of people running stores to stores and searching for one in Japan.
  14. Car voltron available at Eknightmedia if somebody interested , it has a bit of markup from regular price: https://www.eknightmedia.com/armored-fleet-dairugger-xv-gx-88-armored-fleet-dairugger-xv-soul-of-chogokin-action-figure-by-bandai-tamashii-nations.html
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