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  1. Since this thread it seems that has revived , well here is a picture from ThreeZero for Ingram Unit 1, coming soon:
  2. DX Max at AmiAmi preowned but is Item A and Box B, so is practically MISB , so is here it is if somebody interested. https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-047859-R
  3. Well look no further here it is: item A Box B , this mean brand new with probably just a small dent in a corner of the box https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-005738-R
  4. Alex GS

    Hi-Metal R

    not sure if it was a madness hehe, still not sure if I should get one hmm , already have two of the past HMR VF-4 releases. I wished they would released something else, I mean a HMR VF 21 for example.
  5. I used DHL and it cost arount 4000 Y, EMS is a bit higher I got Max at the PO night that's why it shows less in this pic
  6. Isn't that kind of expensive for a KO ?
  7. Alex GS

    Hi-Metal R

    Is when you stay at night and waiting calmly to get your PO for Bandai products in online stores like Hlj , AmiAmi and the so popular NY in this last one you have even a roulette for fun. I kid I kid i just a nightmare
  8. I wished they did the same internal packaging style for the GX 71, Car Voltron is looking sweet!
  9. Not sure where to put it, but well here it goes, a new Metal Composite GFF : I hope is not a P-Bandai exclusive like the Endless Waltz one.
  10. Finally fully paid for my Max valk at AmiAmi with DHL shipping
  11. today or tomorrow will probably AmiAmi will start sending the payment requests, love the box art
  12. well since is an Item A and Box B category is actually a sealed box , most of the time the B category for the box it means just maybe a small dent on a corner, overall is a MISB category. If wasn't this pricey I would get it right away, last time I got and item in this category for this price(a bit more actually ) was for Chronos and damn! that was a huge wallet killer at the time. But I'm happy that I got my Chronos brand new
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