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  1. cant wait to have mine, love the clear canopy and tight joints on the arms and legs, definitely those extra screws on the legs are welcome update: Holy damn I just saw this, I think the tightness on the arms won't last too much , does the old one have this same issue?
  2. Preorder up in AmiAmi for the new Starscream , already order mine I think it looks great . https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail?gcode=FIGURE-119377 Also what kind of gerwalk is this lol
  3. Really impressed by the how the transformation is perform, very very clean in my opinion , only the hands just a bit on the open side in bike mode, love those inner panels openings and finally I wished the figure it was a tad bigger, still I think I will preorder one now.
  4. Yeah that's was my original thought , but then again I got confused when I saw someone was able to preorder one, but all that is now clarified
  5. Thanks for the reply @Shukenzero, I was looking everywhere online to see for a available PO but didn't find any , I was like "from where did it order? can't find anything", but in the end was a very unique store you got your order , I'm also trying to look up for a Soul Red or a normal version in a reasonable price,(lol reasonable)
  6. holy damn really?, thank you so much @tekering for the confirmation, is triple the happiness now!!
  7. after years and years of searching for a Yamato 1/60 YF-21 for a reasonable price finally got one Figure A- , Box B Still not sure if is totally new and not transformed, it came tightly wrapped around with this piece plastic: also in the legs it has this portion of protective plastic: If a fellow collector here in the forums knows if this is totally new piece would be really nice to know, nonetheles I'm so happy I finally Have YF 21, Bandai your turn now
  8. Wow!! this figure looks stunning, shiny and it looks hefty, I don't know that much about the anime but when I see a nice looking robot figure like this one is a must buy!, guess will have to preorder now. Update: It looks too damn good, just preorder for the second batch for December in AmiAmi. I hope is hefty , I really like hefty nice looking figures in my collection.
  9. Metal Build / Saint Seiya figures arrived this week So awesome each one of them
  10. Glad that Arcadia releasing a normal version of this, still not sure but I think Arcadia is looking to see what sells more if a Premium finish or a normal version cause I mean when was the last time Arcadia did this in displaying and releasing two versions of the same Valk, nonetheless both are still effing expensive lol. I hope next is the YF 21 or the VF 19 Fire Valkyrie .
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