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  1. Finally got mine from AmiAmi
  2. hell yeah AmiAmi just send my DX VF 1S Hikaru!, got a bit worried cause all these rumors of people running stores to stores and searching for one in Japan.
  3. Car Voltron is in the house!! effing awesome!
  4. Car voltron available at Eknightmedia if somebody interested , it has a bit of markup from regular price: https://www.eknightmedia.com/armored-fleet-dairugger-xv-gx-88-armored-fleet-dairugger-xv-soul-of-chogokin-action-figure-by-bandai-tamashii-nations.html
  5. Really can't believe I got a Gundam MB in a PO night from AmiAmi, I think it definitely helped me that this iteration has been released 3 times in different versions, still that thing sold out in less than a minute .
  6. Finally got a Astray Red without paying scalping prices!!! hell yeah! Damn it sold out already.
  7. Awesome!, thanks for the info, also it seems they are indeed releasing the DX YF-29 sometime in the future.
  8. Well I was 5 when I grab one with my little hands on the store and I was like my god this is so beautiful but that time my parents couldn't afford it , so I guess five?, but I don't think the figure has its original material integrity at this point so it can break easily?, not sure thou I'm on the hunt for one hehe
  9. for me are favorites and grew up with Mazinger, Macross Valks, Voltron , overall if a figure looks awesome, has good size, good heft it can become my favorite as well
  10. Most probably, also it just got sold out , I'm pretty sure someone from here got one.
  11. MB Eva 01 available again at BBTS https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/79728
  12. lol now I don't know which one I grabbed when I was a kid Definitely red pill
  13. hehe thanks for the update @Kuma Style thought the Premium VF - 4 was coming
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