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  1. Thanks to @sqiddfor getting me hooked on the DX’s!
  2. Another smooth transaction with @glane21!! Awesome communication!
  3. Quick and smooth transactions from @F360 and @Offswitch! You guys rock!!!
  4. Selling my spare set of DX VF-1 TV Super Parts SOLD. Please add 4% if not using Paypal F&F. Supers come in the brown shipper box sealed. I'll add pictures later today.
  5. An Arad 31A would be an insta buy for me!
  6. Looking for a used or new Bandai DX Max 1A.
  7. We’ll be seeing you on the NY thread complaining that you didn’t receive your item soon!!
  8. If you have a spare used or new Hikaru Bandai DX VF-1J let me know.
  9. They are from the 31F and the reaction missiles are from the 31C super packs
  10. @sqidd About time you came around on the 31A!
  11. Rogueload

    DX VF-1S Roy

    @Corrinald Is selling a spare DX Roy in the Selling section. I've bought items from him before. He's a good guy!
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