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  1. Yep. Next time I’m over there I’ll get pics. He was gracious enough to hook me up with one of his 5 skystrikers
  2. @sqidd You mean my brother? I was just over there should have taken pics it’s like your collection but with Joes. Lol
  3. Yeah I guess you could say that @sqidd lol
  4. Man if I had the skills I’d do this custom! So sweet!!
  5. @505thAirborne those VF-2SS’s look awesome! Almost makes me want to pick some up to customize. Nexx and silvie with the fast packs would look sweet too.
  6. I think it's come time for all of us to "boycott" NY. They are not providing the goods that we've paid for AND if and when they do its not in an acceptable time frame. I haven't purchased anything from them since the 31A fiasco and I'm personally are done with their BS.
  7. How are you finding these Baroness’s?? Dang congrats! If you plan on getting rid of one look me up!
  8. Now @sqidd and I get jacked up boxes that really are garbage at this point. I could barely get the two plastic clamshells apart from one of other without having to cut the actual thing out. I mean I’m used to shelling out over 300-400 on a valk but still 160 is still a chunk of change for something to come like that. I got a limited edition crushed box. Rant over.
  9. Yeah but that’s not gonna protect anything. It needed something around the box inside for reenforcement. I’ve contacted Calibre Wings for some type of compensation. I just can’t accept this kind of packaging.
  10. Ah you think! Some bubble wrap or stryrofoam would’ve been nice
  11. I guess fragile on the side of the box means nothing.
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