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  1. Very impressed with these led boxes! Makes the 31A shine!
  2. @Xigfrid looks great! I'm in when you are ready to release it!
  3. Definitely snagging the YF-21 and the YF-29 full set since I sold mine off a couple months ago!! Can’t wait!
  4. Yep hope they do a full set pack release like the YF-19. Fast packs, fold boosters, etc. etc.
  5. @arrow They did make the tan/brown VF-25A super parts. They have a few on Jungle for purchase if I remember correctly.
  6. Finally Scored my last 25. Such a sweet looking bird!
  7. My top five are : 1. VF-25S with Armor Parts 2. VF-1S with S&S parts Focker 3. VF-31A 4. VF-0S 5. YF-19
  8. @davidwhangchoi loves his VF-1’s!! Congrats! Still debating on going down the 1/48 rabbit hole.
  9. This is what to showed @sqidd about. I thought I’d be sweet to make one with the un spacy kite logo with red leds instead of the transformers logo.
  10. @sqidd Once you get a price you I’ll be down for two and you wouldn’t even have to ship it to me.
  11. @Xigfrid That is sweet! Can't wait to see the finished product!
  12. Rogueload

    Bandai DX VF-31

    @Saburo you beat me to punch on that photo! I just thought about doing that with all 4 a couple days ago but with the 1J instead of the 1S. I love the 25S armored up!!
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