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  1. pre -order button opened a few times but couldn't check out. i tried on different browsers just to double check and was able to add to cart. but that's about it. i'm happy for the hlj one so i guess i don't need a 2nd agree, the costs are astronomical. i still have a dx stuck bc they are overcharging for shipping and no amount of writing to them will convince them to change the incorrect amount. i had 2 fast packs combined shipped dhl from them for a decent price but for some reason the dx that comes in smaller box than 2 fastpacks combined, the shipping charge they quoted
  2. does the premium come with pin point barrier and arm cannon?
  3. yeah i have the same problem. my proxy kaki is stuck with CDjapan. funny the 2 TV supers were reasonably estimated via DHL but when i asked the combine KAki with supers they said no. and the charges are ridiculous for proxy kaki to upgrade from EMS to DHL or FEDEX.
  4. The rumors posted doesn't give any confidence it will be localized. Japan only M2 releases have english trophies. Esprade has english trophies and there is no localized version. https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B07WLPDNM1/ the people who speculated realized there's nothing here after the shmup community pointed out M2's practices of using english trophies. Unrelated to trophies, it's still a chance Aleste collection may be localized by LRG or someone else if they feel it can be porfitable. It took 2 years before M2 Ketsui was localized so there's hope.
  5. hey guys, Switch version of Aleste Collection with game gear Micro back in stock on Amazon Japan as of this posting with global shipping https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/dp/B08JBCLFPF/
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