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  1. props for @Kenny G, shipped fast and very securely. thanks!
  2. they should have one without the ugly brown.
  3. Thanks Airborne
  4. ahhh, brings back memories. i have a few shipper boxes still sealed but i had to open this DX vf-1s since it was lost in the mail for a month. had to check if customs ripped the box open. (had that happen to me before once where customs delayed an item. find out they opened a sealed item then resealed it in shipper box...)
  5. thanks Noel, it's staying sealed
  6. my 2nd copy finally arrived. it was stuck in the mail for 2 months.
  7. that will be special and the most sought after valk.
  8. i agree with this
  9. if you haven't already, send them another note through their ticket system. i had that happen to one of my items 3 years ago. they never shipped it though i pre-ordered it. and i forgot about it myself. they magically shipped it prior to replying.
  10. arcadia horrible, bandai winning. Nippon yasan still taking preorders with pay later? pls
  11. if they only print 250 and make a lottery. the max 1a is already a semi shelf warmer. Bandai overestimated demand and printed too many. the yamato 1.48 made chronicle exclusive kaki, if they pull a limited maneuver, it'll be saved. though it won't change the reality that it won't sell as many copies, only just making it desirable by making so little. that HMR hik 1a is still the best shelf warmer, nobody wants it. Oooo and I could go for a vf-x with the angel Bird. that would be hot. @no3Ljmyeah bring on the 1a and 1j mass production
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