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  1. davidwhangchoi

    Hi-Metal R

    i wanted 3 but 2 is fine, one from cd japan and amazon. i was looking at hlj but need to hold back
  2. wow i haven't looked on mandrake for a long while but VF-25S and 25F are about same price and Michael's now. crazy the prices went up.
  3. davidwhangchoi

    Hi-Metal R

    nin nin is hit or miss, like i ordered a vf-25S from them. 4 weeks later, they say it's OOS. but i've seen others get their orders. i hope you get yours. did you order any of this morning's openings as backup?
  4. davidwhangchoi

    Hi-Metal R

    CDjapan so late the amazon one will prob get here faster
  5. davidwhangchoi

    Hi-Metal R

    damn sold out everywhere
  6. davidwhangchoi

    Hi-Metal R

    hahaha thanks for the link! upvoted. i ordered one
  7. davidwhangchoi

    Hi-Metal R

    i'm not so sure about CDjapan... so far, out of the 40 valks i got from them, 40 came in w/o any damage. i'm not sure if they're reliable i personally recommend sabrinaskimpy or estertool from ebay. they offer free gift for positive feedback if your items are smashed from their tissue paper wrapping.
  8. castlevanias are good! speaking of konami just got back from the retro store and picked up a horror title. never played this:
  9. Hey @mickyg, i just saw this post. i think it was another guy quoting Lolicon, you might've confused me with him but yeah, i'd love to see more modeling. show us your talent on the 1J if you ever do weather. i'll check out the doogsmodels.com regarless! guys, i understand my place is brown shipper boxes. i just got this and can't find a place for it. it's leaning in my kitchen doorway
  10. davidwhangchoi

    Hi-Metal R

    the funniest is when long time members from 1887 get senile and keep asking the same questions over and over about the staple shops: does your credit card get charged upfront when you pre-order? on another note, when's CDjapan going to ship!?! i'm getting nervous
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