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  1. The alto 29 was my first chogokin dx bandai ever so it has a special memory. I was so happy i got a pre-order in.
  2. my kaki is still with CD japan. i hope COVID lifts.
  3. these were my ozma's back in the day but al were sold to MW'ers here.
  4. yo man! those were the days. i wish i can still do that for every valk. but sold off all the ozma 29's and don't know if i have my alto 29 anymore.
  5. this is a stupid valk... i'm still deciding if i should pay for it.
  6. congrats Dobber, I haven't got to opening my shipping box yet. I need to get to it eventually.
  7. What is this? Please cut those electrical wires laying on top of the valks. They are very distracting. And you don't need those wooden beams, please cut them off. They're in the way. You can't see the boxes correctly.
  8. I ordered it 7/9 and it shipped out the same day. arrived today 9/11
  9. my Ferry shipment came in today. not too bad.
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