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  1. i got the CDJapan we'll give you 10% discount reply. lol
  2. i will, hope we get ours taken care of by CDjapan
  3. i e-mailed CDjapan, i have the same defect on my ankles.
  4. i'm opening mine as soon as i can. CDjapan has helped me in the past. hopefully they can if i find that same issue.
  5. I use a mop. jk, yeah i do what whitestar does.
  6. Agree, it was specifically made off-white. unlike the vf-1. i love it and got 2 premium finishes.
  7. Reading all these problems, this is horsesh!t. Paying near 400 and these problems on a 2nd version of design
  8. i wonder beyond the no steps what other tampos are included. a red anti U.N. Spacy tampo would be fine
  9. So when will the premium finish come out? i'm looking forward to mine saying A.N. Spacy on the legs.
  10. when is CDjapan going to ship? i've been waiting too.
  11. my man! you were so on point with this post. the hi metal leg super design followed this scene while arcadia's followed another scene as well as the color scheme for the boosters you got my respect to post this after i posted, btw, i was just joking about Captain Obvious, don't take my sarcasm seriously. i respect Jenius' reviews but he at times makes unintelligent comments so i will answer in kind with a dumb answer, most people who always kiss his butt will blindly follow and try to jump in. but it'll go back and forth between us. been like this for years, i mostly ignore it. but once in a while it'll happen from time to time. to comment why i originally was disappointed the head was the same. one of our long time members @anime52k8 4g had a head that was damaged in the face chin area and i think there may have been another with the same problem. and i commented they could have improved on the head design. yes! liked your head design as an alternative! please show it off as there's many new members on MW now.
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