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  1. !s seems to be a lower print run. i hope so Exactly, it's like someone charging $15 for a pint of water, scalpers charge $30. then being glad it's back to $15 for a pint of water. Bandai's typical maneuver. Metal Build line is even worse on how they nickel and dime you. I'm so used to it but will hold off on missiles. 50 bucks for missiles. geez next: Bandai will put a premium edition on TV hands. all then need now is a white landing gear edition and i'm in.
  2. i'm so jealous. i hope there's still orders out there.
  3. this is a joke post right? hopefully they'll be some options down the line. i'll hold out.
  4. Hurry up Taobao and make some fake missiles, i don't want to be tempted to order these and get ripped off.
  5. anyone with extra parts after replacing theirs, i think i need a right leg (i think)
  6. still waiting for TaoBao to make some $5 missiles
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