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  1. oh rad, it come with it's own Spike figure. i'm so in then.... now to find the lowest price plus shipping combo
  2. i'll be disappointed if they don't deliver since there was so many opportunities after commiting to them of pre-orders offered at many places.
  3. damn now i want one... the weathering looks nice is there a same scale spike figure that fits in this?
  4. they charge you for the tampo. payment is in the form of missiles
  5. Nippon Yasan is your last hope, since this was a p=bandai jyp web exclusive not meant to be sold overseas, unless you live in Japan warranty and replacement request will have to go through import shop that ordered it,
  6. i wonder if finally now they will complete the Sentinels series. been waiting to see what happens with the SDF-2
  7. are there some transformation videos for these? they look complicated to do. i've never seen any other modes so far but battroid.
  8. invid will become varji. crystal earrings and a hobo prostitute nimp will beat them. then Minmay will come back from the center of the galaxy biologically create genetic clone singers while Max will have crappy offspring that can't fly or get a guy.
  9. that clearly is photoshopped. Bandai never made white landing gears and the weathering looks too good. has to be fake or someone is really amazing.
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