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  1. Looking good, thanks for sharing the progress @Valkyrie Hunter D Can't wait to see how it looks completed!
  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Sazabi @SuperHobo I wish I knew more, I came across it by chance just shopping for the Kshatriya. A stand adapter would be great. I'm sure it would open up a lot of possibilities for posing.
  3. It looks like guns may be in the works. A ton of guns lol. Hopefully it becomes a reality. https://showzstore.com/pre-order-steel-legend-upgrade-kit-for-sl-01-nz-666-kshatriya_p1473.html Piggy backing on what @sqidd said, resistance is futile haha. It certainly is for me with all the beautiful shots everyone is sharing. It's the dynamic poses that always get me.
  4. Same here! It's the little things that count haha. I also find that, for some of the more hidden switches on other figures, I only end up turning on very rarely out of laziness. Thanks again, happy to help! I would love to see your shots and poses with it when you do. Thank you sir! I hope it clears customs soon. I ended up grabbing a Steel Legends Kshatriya and a Sinanju last night. Now I gotta watch the anime to justify lol. I'm still on the fence with the Sazabi...
  5. It's been good, no chipping yet. It's just my guess, but i think the plastic is molded in blue and then top-coated. I take that back, looks like it's painted. You can tell from the butt thrusters on mine that the blue didn't get applied evenly and some silver is showing. Everything else looks ok though. Also, few things I noticed when trying to do some poses: The Sinanju style sleeves get in the way sometimes with holding some weapons like the bazooka. I removed them for some poses. Fingers are too thick to fit through the handle of the grenade launchers. Light bleed from the eye led through the forehead.
  6. Wow, thanks! Too bad I couldn't influence you into getting one haha. I wanted to return the favor for all your photos and reviews that have me buying left and right Looking forward to your thoughts on the White Dragon. I'm still on the fence with that one but the transformation looks cool. I took another photo of the Kampfer this morning under just sunlight:
  7. sumyumgoy

    Hi-Metal R

    The deadline that I received from them is February 3 8:00 am JST
  8. Nope, I didn't paint it, that's how it came out of the box. Hope you get yours soon! It really is beautiful. I've only had their Quanta Sherbo before but it seems that all of their releases have been great. I am tempted to get the Buster Also, it uses AG4 batteries for the head led.
  9. Got Poison Toy Cyclops today. It is pretty amazing. Finish is great, it's super poseable and the joints are crazy tight. The only thing that I've noticed that I don't really fancy are the plastic covers for the thrusters but they are removable. Also, the manual is non existent... I'd definitely recommend it if you are on the fence. Also, it's about 11 inches tall to the tip of the antenna and quite hefty.
  10. My experience is only with the newer releases so not sure about the earlier ones. But I'd agree that the newer ones are close to 1/100.
  11. So true, you do you @Pontus! Heck, I hold onto the AmiAmi art that they include with their packages for this reason lol.
  12. sumyumgoy

    Hi-Metal R

    Great job man. I like the reflection details on Valkyrie girl...among other things
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