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  1. #104 is up on HLJ https://www.hlj.com/space-battleship-yamato-2202-1-350-yamato-weekly-magazine-104-hsjwym104
  2. #103 is up on HLJ https://www.hlj.com/space-battleship-yamato-2202-1-350-yamato-weekly-magazine-103-hsjwym103
  3. Happy New Year everyone! #102 is up on HLJ https://www.hlj.com/space-battleship-yamato-2202-1-350-yamato-weekly-magazine-102-hsjwym102
  4. Looks very cool! I want one
  5. haha, this is so true. I wish they would reissue those wings! I've only got the black ones.
  6. Phew, thankfully I had a backup on Amazon jp. I tried to reach out to HLJ to see if maybe the shipping estimate was a mistake and they confirmed that it was not. By any chance has there been an announcement on a PO date for Gaiking?
  7. It looks like 101 was released early. I got notification today from HLJ that it is in my PH. I'm curious if that means the PO for 102 will be early this week.
  8. Maybe the sdf-1 will be next after the Valkyrie is done haha.
  9. #101 is up on HLJ https://www.hlj.com/space-battleship-yamato-2202-1-350-yamato-weekly-magazine-101-hsjwym101 Hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays!
  10. That's great to hear. They shipped a replacement part for my minmay with my misa order and, although it took close to a year, they kept their word on it and I didn't have to remind them about it at all.
  11. Could I ask who makes that guyver?? I need that in my life!
  12. It's a milestone! #100 is up on HLJ. https://www.hlj.com/space-battleship-yamato-2202-1-350-yamato-weekly-magazine-100-hsjwym100
  13. Hachette Issue #099 is up on HLJ. https://www.hlj.com/space-battleship-yamato-2202-1-350-yamato-weekly-magazine-099-hsjwym099
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