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  1. It's actually not a coincidence. The feed from the drone ships is relayed by satelite; a multiton rocket landing on the ship rocks it enough to kick the dish out of alignment and interrupt the signal.
  2. It does have physical controls for critical operations. To list the ones that I'm aware of there's the ejection lever to trigger the LES in the bottom center of the control panel, an array of 10-20 buttons to either side along the lower section of the panel that I haven't heard specific functions of, and a keypad built into the armrests of either command seat with com and, I believe, thruster controls. The touch screens are to replace the ~10,000 buttons and switches you see in something like the shuttle that control non-critical systems. In addition everything I've seen from the actual astronaut's trained on the system (who also had significant input on it's design) has been very positive. While it's possible they're just saying that for appearances sake personally I'm going to assume that if they're comfortable test flying this thing they're reasonably confident in the systems in place for them to control the spacecraft and have enough knowledge to know what they need.
  3. The first of my High Maneuver Test Packs for the Gundam Astrea came in; a couple Astreas and the extra parts give you some pretty cool options for display. My only "complaint" is that they don't give you anywhere near enough of the jointed connectors; I pooled the ones included in all 3 of my Astreas with the ones from the test pack and was still looking for more.
  4. There's physical buttons beneath the screens for critical operations; that said launches are largely automated and the crew shouldn't need to do anything outside of an emergency.
  5. My current keyboard is a Steel Series Apex Pro; definately not a chichlet style key but If you're big hangup with mechanical keys is the actuation point the Apex Pro uses optomechanical switches that you can adjust the actuation point of on a per key basis in the customization software. I've only had it for a few months and haven't really done much customization but I've had no issues. I think I actually find the keystrokes better than the MX Cherry Reds in my old logitech keyboard.
  6. Those figures or kits? I'd love to get some Break Blade representation in my collection but getting model kits up to my standards for display is more work than I have the patience to do.
  7. That's probably about as close to my dream airshow routine (Angels vs. T-Birds; opposed formation takeoff, mock dogfight, massed joint formation) as we'll ever see.
  8. I haven't been looking for that one specifically but I've had some good luck with otherwise out of stock third party figures on AliExpress. You just have to keep an eye on the rating of the seller and your shipping options at the moment aren't great. You either pay an extra $50-100 for UPS/FedEx/DHL (if they're available from that seller) or wait upwards of a month for it to go anywhere with or EMS (I've got a third party wings of light that's been sitting at Shanghai airport for 3 weeks so far).
  9. I just checked my preorders page and it looks like I'd only put down the deposit so I'll let it sit for now since it's all of $6 between the figure and the option parts set. There's also a button to cancel the pre-order for store credit but I think I'll hold out till we get more info (not sure if Metal Club Xing Ying is 100% the same group as the Metal Club group that got raided or if they're a sister group or something)
  10. Especially since their Avalanche Exia was about to release; now I'm going to need to pick one up at Bandai after market prices (~$700 last I checked). On that note does anyone know how Show Z handles pre orders where the company can no longer fulfill them? Do they automatically cancel and refund or do I need to open a support ticket?
  11. Looks like the repairs on the Mosho Quant are holding up and everything is lined up close enough the only loss was the LED gimmick. Still frustrating but I wouldn't necessarily say to avoid buying one; just that if you get one and the dummy head is't coming off easily just start cutting the head rather than forcing it off.
  12. I got a MetalGear Models 00 Raiser XN Trans-Am and a Mosho Metal Build Pro 00 Quant in today. Overall quality on both is close to Bandai but most joint tolerances are much too tight. For the limbs that's probably a good thing but for stuff like the Quant's head where you have to pop the dummy head off to put the actual head on it'd greatly benefit from having the ball joint for the head not being more secure than the "fixed" joint between the neck and body. I ended up breaking the LED wiring, having to cut open the dummy head, and force the joint out from the top (destroying the LED itself in the process). It's currently sitting on my workbench letting the superglue cure; hopefully the head stays on more or less straight and I don't re-decapitate it once I try and get the backpack on and pose it. Overall I'd say the 00 Raiser XN was worth the $180 I spent on it I unfortunately can't say the same for the Quant. I'll try and remember to post some pictures tomorrow; the site's not letting me upload anything at the moment.
  13. The 3rd bracket prototype finally showed up. I'm going to have to do another since I forgot to leave space in the interface with the first arm joint (it seats but in a raised position an wouldn't be able to move much); but I think I'll consider this good progress and proof that the idea will work. Edit: photos won't upload for some reason but I got the backpack shell cut and the bracket installed and was able to mount it on the figure. Edit2: still can't upload images here but I uploaded to Imgur to bypass the issue.
  14. I'm looking to get the general opinions on the various 3rd party manufacturers before I pick up some of these. I think I've seen some posts that Metal Club is on par or slightly better quality than the official Metal Builds; are there any others that are comparable quality? Any manufacturers to stay away from? I think the 3 that make the most KOs I'm interested in are Metal Club, Metal Kingdom, and Muscle Bear; if anyone can give me a general assessment of their quality compared to Bandai's I'd appreciate it.
  15. Thanks for the help. The past two days saved me ~$50 and a month and a half of iterating through shapeways; the money's relatively trivial compared to te rest of the costs on this project but the time it takes drives me insane. The nub and missing cutout on the mirrored side are fine. The nub is coming from just chopping off the lower portion of that side rather than checking the features in the shell; since I'm going to be cutting the shell off at that point anyway it won't be an issue. The cutout is for the indicator on the LED switch it's only present on one side; I know the original plastic inset on the other side has the same feature but it serves no purpose and is a potential failure point in printing/polishing so I deleted it. The shortness is concerning though; it means the radius that drives upwards of half the geometry is off. There's so many dimensions and constraints tied to it that trying to change it blows away the rest of the geometry. Fortunately I made a construction sketch of the drive body (Really should've thought of that earlier but I'm so used to being able to interrelate parts through the assembly environment It didn't occur to me.) and it looks like in theory everything will work with the existing radius though some areas are a bit tight. Should be close enough that I can just grind down a bit of the bracket if it doesn't fit. Now it's just a matter of if shapeways can print it accurately enough. Their page on the steel process says that the tolerances vary wildly and are unpredictable due to cooling shrinkage but can be as much as 5% which is massive compared to some of the margins I have to work with.
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