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  1. WIP: Alternate Weapons Pods for VF-31

    I'd definitely go with the first one; it' still fairly snug to the wing and just looks a lot better. The only detractor is that the shape doesn't transition that well but that should be pretty easy to fix with the shape of the bracket. Edit: you might also want to check how it looks on the inboard hardpoints; I think it'd look better closer in to the fuselage and that'd also put it on the arms in battroid/gerwalk which could look really cool.
  2. Bandai DX VF-31

    About a minute or so apparently, live now.
  3. Bandai DX VF-31

    So if I got an "order acnoledgment" e-mail from Ami Ami I'm good and don't need to stay up for NY right? Never managed to get an order in at Ami Ami before.
  4. VF-25 renewal fold booster adapter

    Uploaded a sprued kit; I left the individual pieces available for spares in case of any loss/breakage. Sprues are all attached to flat surfaces so it should be pretty easy to trim and sand down.
  5. VF-25 renewal fold booster adapter

    I'll see if I can get something workable; the reason I didn't try that before is that the plate thickness on these is thinner than Shapeways' minimum diameter for sprues so I have nowhere to mount the sprues horizontally. I'll try stacking the shoulder plates above the mounting flanges on the adapter; that should be workable and will likely reduce the price compared to going out horizontally since the print volume should be about the same as the current adapter.
  6. VF-25 renewal fold booster adapter

    Got the updated adapters from Shapeways and they work perfectly. The new peg design is very solid, enough so that I could invert the adapter and the booster didn't even shift (Not sure I'd advise that with the full setup though as the interface between the shoulder plates and the underlying frame probably would't bear that much weight; it's fine for normal display even with a banking adapter, jut probably not much beyond 90 degrees bank.) All parts are now available on my Shapeways shop. If you're planning on using the fold booster without super packs I'd recommend using my non sp compatible adapter and the stock shoulder plates; you can use the shoulder plates and the stock adapter but the plates do leave some gaps with the surrounding panels that get covered by the missile pods when using the sp compatible adapter. The sp compatible adapter does require the shoulder plates in order to mount to the Valk. Photos:
  7. VF-25 renewal fold booster adapter

    Updated the model with a hybrid of my idea and Sanity's suggetion to get the best result. I think the only potential problem with this design is if Shapeways refuses to print it because of the walls in the flare being slightly below their recommended thickness (.5 mm vs. .7 mm) and potentially flexible (ie: exactly how I want them). I also made a variant that should accept the ball joint on the missile pods for the super pack. Ordered a test print of each; if there's no issues when I get them I'll make them available. Edit: Shapeways won't print them as is; I'll have to adjust the models again tomorrow and re-upload. I just hope I don't loose too much flexibility.
  8. VF-25 renewal fold booster adapter

    Adapter still doesn't work; I suspect the printing method Shapeways used just can' meet the kind of tolerance needed for this tight a fit. I'm going to try changing to a hexagonal peg to match the hole in the booster; that should prevent the booster from rotating without needing to meet a really tight tolerance like the force fit circular peg the stock adapter uses. The redesigned shoulder plates however work just about perfectly. Bandai apparently changed the missile pods for the v2 supers so those won't fit on the stock super parts adapter like I was assuming (I tried filing down the missile pod pegs on the stock adapter but even then the pegs are too close to the arch to attach) but everything else works. I'll try making a variant of the adapter that'll work with the missile pods but if they need the same kind of precision tolerances as the booster I'm not terrbly optimistic on the results. I'm making the shoulder plates available now for anyone that doesn't mind not using the missile pods and they'd be required anyway for any super part compatible adapter since there's nowhere else I could use to mount it. I didn't add a markup on these as it doesn't feel right to add a 50-100% markup and anything less than would be kinda pointless in the volumes these are likely to sell. Shoulder Plate, Right Shoulder Plate, Left
  9. VF-25 renewal fold booster adapter

    I'd say there's a 90%+ probability that the adapter I made available is good as is; still waiting on the test print I ordered to confirm (shapeways list it as in production so I should have it in hand within a week or so if you wish to wait till I can be certain it works.).
  10. VF-25 renewal fold booster adapter

    Pretty sure the booster is only shown attached in fighter mode and is left on orbit. As for the super packs; no that adapter won't work with either the shoulder missile pods or the back armor, that's why I was also working on shoulder plates that would accept the super pack adapter that's included with the booster I just have to get a design that works which requires a fair bit of guesswork with how diffcult getting good measurements on the original shoulder plates is. Renders of the updated models: (I didn't bother with much detail on the shoulder plates as they'll be covered by the missile pods.) I'll probably make the adapter available as soon as Shapeways clears it as the changes from the version I have in hand are minimal (OD of the booster peg increased from 3.8mm to 3.99mm) and shouldn't affect printability. The shoulder plates I'm going to continue doing test prints on till I'm certain I have something that works. Shapeways link: VF-25 Fold Booster Adapter I set it as available in all of the strong and flexible plastics and metalic plastic. For the pricing I just took the base price added $1 and rounded to the neaest whole number (average markup is somewhere around $1.15 or so); I figured that was reasonable.
  11. VF-25 renewal fold booster adapter

    Agreed, especially since I got to five layers of polish last night and the fits still not tight enough. I'll update the models today and see how they work.
  12. VF-25 renewal fold booster adapter

    Got the test parts I ordered from Shapeways; the shoulder plates to allow using the booster W/ super packs need to be redesigned (for those curious I have the peg ~1mm too far aft and apparently the underlying structure in the V1s was different allowing the peg from the adapters to protrude through the plate; I'll have to create a boss around the hole to get enough engagement.) The modified adapter however works almost perfectly, the booster is fairly loose on it but It's close enough that I think changing the model is more likely to cause problems than solve them and it's probably better to just use nail polish to add a bit more engagement. Any opinions on whether I should offer it as is with a note to use nail polish to tighten it up or see how it works with a larger peg? My calipers are at work but I'd estimate less than .1mm larger diameter or 2-3 coats of nail polish to get it as tight as the original adapter. Waiting on polish to fully dry, will add picture W/ booster attached later.
  13. VF-25 renewal fold booster adapter

    Finally gave up on getting my 3D printer running and shifted focus to this; I got the models done exported to .stl and will upload to shapeways. I apprently wasn't paying attention when I exported images though since I ended up with PDFs rather than Jpegs; no idea if these'll work but since the site let me upload them: Adapter_new.pdf ShoulderPlate_L1.pdf
  14. VF-25 renewal fold booster adapter

    Perfect, thanks. Looks like it goes just about where I was thinking though I probably had it 5-6mm too far aft. I should be able to work up mounting flanges to work with that. Unfortunately if I use those mounting holes it'll be incomparable with the super pack. I'll probably also make pair of shoulder plates to accept the existing adapter, that'll be more work painting to match the valks but there's nowhere else to mount to.
  15. WIP: Alternate Weapons Pods for VF-31

    I forgot to consider that the command I was thinking of would have been burried under help topics related to the assembly command. Here's the one I wss remembering: http://help.solidworks.com/2017/english/solidworks/sldworks/t_inserting_a_part_into_another_part.htm Though getting the parts oriented and positioned with constraints then creating your sprues and joining everything togethrr with the command you linked will probably be your best bet.