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  1. I'm looking to get the general opinions on the various 3rd party manufacturers before I pick up some of these. I think I've seen some posts that Metal Club is on par or slightly better quality than the official Metal Builds; are there any others that are comparable quality? Any manufacturers to stay away from? I think the 3 that make the most KOs I'm interested in are Metal Club, Metal Kingdom, and Muscle Bear; if anyone can give me a general assessment of their quality compared to Bandai's I'd appreciate it.
  2. Thanks for the help. The past two days saved me ~$50 and a month and a half of iterating through shapeways; the money's relatively trivial compared to te rest of the costs on this project but the time it takes drives me insane. The nub and missing cutout on the mirrored side are fine. The nub is coming from just chopping off the lower portion of that side rather than checking the features in the shell; since I'm going to be cutting the shell off at that point anyway it won't be an issue. The cutout is for the indicator on the LED switch it's only present on one side; I know the original plastic inset on the other side has the same feature but it serves no purpose and is a potential failure point in printing/polishing so I deleted it. The shortness is concerning though; it means the radius that drives upwards of half the geometry is off. There's so many dimensions and constraints tied to it that trying to change it blows away the rest of the geometry. Fortunately I made a construction sketch of the drive body (Really should've thought of that earlier but I'm so used to being able to interrelate parts through the assembly environment It didn't occur to me.) and it looks like in theory everything will work with the existing radius though some areas are a bit tight. Should be close enough that I can just grind down a bit of the bracket if it doesn't fit. Now it's just a matter of if shapeways can print it accurately enough. Their page on the steel process says that the tolerances vary wildly and are unpredictable due to cooling shrinkage but can be as much as 5% which is massive compared to some of the margins I have to work with.
  3. Awesome; thanks. It looks like the I.D. of that circular feature and the O.D. of the boss it fits around are tapered; I'm getting measurements from 3.55mm at the base to 3.75mm at the lip. It's probably just drafted for mold removal so I went with a straight I.D. of 3.75mm. Quant Bracket_double.ipt If you want to try that to see if everything lines up I'd appreciate it. Then I can get it ordered and find out if I have to adjust anything for the relatively low accuracy of the steel printing process.
  4. Thanks for the offer but I had version 2 of the bracket and version 1 of the arm joint ordered before I even made the post here; if you want to check it out anyway I've attached the .ipt file. Quant Bracket2.ipt It's not my best work since I'm stuck with Inventor LT at the moment (Burning through my free trials before I bite the bullet and get a personal licence; might end up going Solidworks since it's a one time payment rather than a subscription but that's a good chunk of money.) and doing an assembly of the easier to measure parts to drive the bracket off of is a non starter but it's decent for what I have to work with.
  5. Yeah; I'm replicating the existing parts as test print); once I get them working I'll print the mirrored versions. I actually might end up using the printed version of the first joint depending on how cleanly I end up separating the one from the second arm. As you can see in the third picture above I tore up this one pretty badly getting it separated and while it'll still function fine it looks like crap. I don't have access to a 3D printer; I bought a Prussa I3 kit last year and got it functioning but constantly re-leveling it made it too much of a hassle to use for the quality I got out of it and I ended up selling it. I considered getting a cheap printer or using plastic for the test prints but I figured it's better to work with the same printing process and tolerances to dial it in. Getting it printed in steel isn't really a whole lot more expensive than plastic anyway; that part was $15 in bronze-steel vs. ~$7 in plastic.
  6. Bracket prototype #1 is a bust; doesn't fit either the shell or the first joint of the arm. It's fairly close for trying to model something that complex with nothing more than a pair of calipers though. It looks like I've got to open up the features a lot to account for the low precision of the printing process. I'll probably leave the holes for the pins as they are and drill them out to cause the kind of tolerances they seem to get in printing just won't work for a force fit pin. Now to revise the model and wait another month for shapeways to print it.
  7. Looking at that I'm gonna go with pop up splitters to stabilize the airflow around the muzzles so it doesn't mess with the bullets trajectory. With the position of the guns on the nose I could easily see the airflow diverting bullets a bit without some form of correction. Thinking about it I'm guessing that's also why most newer fighters have the gun in the wing root as the airflow is largely stable and in line with the plane's axis in that region.
  8. Not sure where the hatches you're referring to are but looking at how the gun mounts I'd guess they're likely used to eject spent casings. Also it's not quite the same but the F-22's gun is fully internal with a hatch that opens to allow it to fire in order to minimize radar return. I'd guess the F-35A has a similar setup.
  9. The snub nose on that radial engine plane is really throwing me; other than that I'd say it's almost dead on for an F4U Corsair. It's definately got an inverted gull wing but the only aircraft I can find that had that wingplan and had that short a nose forward of the wing root is the A5M prototype which had fixed gear.
  10. My second MB Astraea finally showed up so I could get them set up (at least till the avalanche packs come out in a month or two and I can gear up all 3 of them).
  11. Bluefin may or may not do a US release. It's also currently still available at N-Y if you're willing to take a chance on it turning into a Kairos situation; the last couple P-Bandai releases haven't seemed to have issues but they also sold out in seconds where this has been up for a while. Edit: It's also still up on Nin-Nin Game though from what I've heard they've got a disturbingly high rate of "running out of stock" and canceling preorders only to suddenly have stock available at the current market rate.
  12. I'm still not sure exactly how I want it set up but the backpack assembly (the shield, the arm it's connected to, and the backpack itself), the left shoulder, and the sword are the parts I know I'm using. Once I get the custom completed I'll see if there's any interest in what I'm not using. I may end up keeping both and having a shield-less Quant in addition to the double shield one; depends on how it looks.
  13. It won't; the Astaea has a completely different attachment method. Some of the product photos for the High Maneuver Test Pack option parts seem to indicate that they may include a mirror of the launcher mounting arm. If it doesn't I may end up making one but I'm waiting to see if they include it first. In the meantime the Astraea Type-F comes with a matched set of brackets (the same type the Astraea comes with to mount the shield) so you can do a symmetrical Astreae if you get 2 copies (or find a second launcher somewhere) and a Type-F as long as you don't mind the launchers sitting higher over the shoulders than they should. I'm still waiting for delivery on Astraea #2 but I'll grab a picture once I get it and attach the second launcher.
  14. I got my hands on the Quant and this is very doable. I started a thread in the workshop if anyone's interested in watching the progress so I'm not derailing this thread.
  15. Not a Macross project but there's enough miscellaneous stuff in this section already I figure it's okay. I've never been a fan of strongly asymmetrical designs but liked the overall look of the 00 Quant otherwise; after seeing the Exia R4 and mentally overlaying it with the quant I decided to kit bash a pair of metal build Quants into a custom double quant. Still fairly early in the process as I just got my parts quant to tear down but this is looking verry promising. Stock backpack disassembled: The two metal pieces are handed and will need to be mirrored, and I'll need to cut the left side of the shell to match the existing opening on the right. Beyond that this shouldn't need any modification. I've already got the larger piece modeled and on order through Shapeways; once I get it and the second joint to assemble in place of the stock pieces I'll mirror it, join the tops to reinforce the structure (There's only ~.75mm available but with both sides screwed down it shouldn't see significant stress; it'll mostly just supplement the small protrusion the stock bracket uses for anti-rotation) and I should be all set to go. I'll try to keep this updated as I go and if there's any interest I can make the models available once I get it working for anyone that wants to mod their own.
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