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  1. Thank the Lord!!!!!
  2. looking at HLJ site now, it says order stop, limited to 20 (used to be just 1). Perhaps there is hope!
  3. Hello Gents, I have a brand new DX strike/super VF1 pack for sale. Still sealed in bandai brown shipper. Forgot that I bought one too many and could return it (though that would require overseas shipping back). My item cost was $159, so $150 is what I am selling it for here in case any one is interested and does not want to wait. Shipping would USPS priority in a medium flat rate box so whatever that flat rate is plus tracking. Please feel free to PM me, I am located in Los Angeles, USA and can ship to anywhere in lower 48 states. Thanks!
  4. Hello all, I have been and will continue to go through my PM's. Appreciate your patience. I am sorting priority based on my locality to Los Angeles. I have initial buyers lined up for most already but if I have not contacted you yet, I will if something falls through. Thank you very much Kevin
  5. Hello Gents, Please see below for a list of mainly bandai valks from macross frontier and some v2 yamato 1/60 scale. All items have been inspected and all transformed once (to battroid and back). Of note the VF171, RV171, super kakizaki and super vf27 were never transformed. Otherwise in mint condition with boxes/etc. Priority will be given to local buyers so I can avoid shipping. I tried to list prices well below what recent sell values were on ebay, so please let me know if interested. While i wish it would simply fund more purchases, it will still go to good use for a vacation with my wife soon Thank you for your interest, I am on the straight shooters list and have sold on this form for many years. Regards, ***All sold thanks!***
  6. Lord_of_Tetris is great, easy transaction and communication
  7. Hello Macross junkies! Up for sale are a dx vf1s hikaru . Also mint and not transformed. Basically checked to make sure the nosecone decals were straight [and modex ok tail were reversed ] SOLD And dx vf1a max $200 plus actual USPS shipping SOLD. This one has creases in the box from shipping. Otherwise also mint and inspected. Preference given to anyone local to southern California and can pickup. On the straight shooters list. Any questions, please pm. I also have many if not all of the Macross frontier valks for sale along with the super, armored, tornado packs etc. Feel free to pm me. Thanks so much!
  8. shout outs to dafob and lord_of_tetris , clear communication + easy transactions.
  9. Kyekye, any way I can get a print of those h.ichijo stickers?
  10. late to the party buddies, is there only one version of the milia to preorder (i.e., standard version comes with tampo?), or will there be a premium version down the line?
  11. hardly post, but in the interest of our macross community --> esthertool is a TOOL, avoid at all costs imo. sent my macross items packaged in wrapping paper (i.e., the toy box was the shipping box...)
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