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  1. Well depends. They could do a prequel for the group, this would allow them to replace Mikumo and Freyja since their singers are slowly moving on. JUNNA is doing well as a solo and last I heard Minori joined Love Live. Or if a sequel then a galactic tour? Maybe have them met the Marduk and sponsor the emulator program?
  2. I really want them to re-release the Frontier movies with english subs, I'd pay the $80 for those. Also hoping they do that with the new movie and later series.
  3. To bring this back on track. With the announcement of the new Delta movie I'm guessing it's a good bet the series is on hold until after the movie is done production? Let's hope it brings in decent funds so we can get a nice new series.
  4. Just google Walkure Live to see. Spoiler: No she's not, thankfully. As awesome as they are to look at they are a pain in the back to have.
  5. Yeah, that scene hit a little closer to home than it should of (especially the movie version). Nao (Reina) is the only odd ball from what I've seen since she matches close to Kiyono (Kaname) in past experience, just a few years later. On a side note I think Nozumi slowly turned into Makina after the show given her new hobby as a bike otaku and her regular gig of hosting the Macross model livestream along side KENN (Bogue).
  6. It might be an expectation thing. Pandora at least from my angle, was a bit hyped up. Issue was that upon viewing the series is pretty generic and has too many tropes. Maybe once the we get the second half of the series we'll at least get a resolution. My biggest disappointment in Pandora was it seemed that Kaworai phoned in his mech designs. I had to pause the show when the sniper's mech fully transformed because to looked too much like Halo's Mjolnir armour on rollar blades and I was laughing too hard. In the end, if you had fun and were entertained then all's good.
  7. Your going to eat those words in a few episodes. I'm giving a single watch through (done what is on US Netflix now) just so I can see what happens when/if the reactor gets repaired and if Mob Boss Zed gets knock off. Otherwise I'd like a few hours of my life back please.
  8. @Saruta There isn't much more other then she was an unknown that had a voice that hits like a truck. But like Mikumo she didn't do a general audition and was just brought in. Walkure is her first gig (same for Minori and Nozumi). As for history you can add a lack of it for JUNNA, at least via Twitter, her account was opened up just prior to the Walkure announcement. From what I can see all her social media started up around that time. At least without going into stalker territory. Also if your looking for more of her work I suggest grabbing her newest album 17 Sai ga Utsukushii Nante, Dare ga Itta. it has a good selection of her post Walkure work minus her first album Vai! Ya! Vai!, which was pretty good to start.
  9. Focslain

    Yoko Kanno?

    Her most recent work appears to be for a drama series called Onna jōshu Naotora in 2017. Last anime she worked on was Terror in Resonance in 2014. Also seems like she has done several other projects over the years... lords her list is impressive. While her work in Macross Plus is good, I found her work in Cowboy Bebop and later GitS: SAC to be much better.
  10. Focslain

    WIP: Alternate Weapons Pods for VF-31

    If you do a 1/72 scale twin cannon pod I'd like to be added to that list.
  11. MewTwo did, a lot actually. Other then that I believe some of the legendary ones spoke in a telepathic sense.
  12. Yeah it was bad, but to quote a friend: "It had the best love story, between Henge and her rocket launcher."
  13. Hopefully with the money they make from this and the continuing tours they'll hire better staff for the next series. Honestly I'm not against another Delta movie, heck a third if they show a little improvement in the writing and we get a few more new songs. After this second one though let's get to work on the actual series please.
  14. Focslain

    Macross 30

    wikipedia has their last release being a port of Neo Altas 1469 (originally for the vita in 2016) to the Switch in 2018. So seems they are still breathing?
  15. Focslain

    Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    Here's the recent delivery from HLJ, few items to add to the pile I'll be working on next month to take a break from the mass of 40K I've been doing.
  16. Focslain

    The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Few short questions: Are there any colonization fleets heading to the galactic north and if so which ones? Also are any of those still in transit post 2065? Bonus: What type are those? (ie the older city ship via Mac7 or the large colony ships via Frontier) Thanks in advance.
  17. Focslain

    Bandai DX VF-31

    This is the only other 31 I want. Luckily I've already started saving up for it.
  18. Focslain

    The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Macross is full of retcons, given a franchise that takes all series, movies, games and other media as canon. It's not much a retcon as a differentiating point of view. Remember that any animation is propaganda, a version of the true events, neither version being 100% true.
  19. Focslain

    The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    I'd have to re-watch the scenes to see if she makes mention. But placing my money on that Walkure was her first real job. I didn't buy her being head mechanic anyway, not with her holding an idol career. If the bios were written as a semi in universe bio then her being listed as the head mechanic would just be on paper and to give her more depth to her abilities then just singing and dancing to the fans. Same goes for Reina, why just be a hacker when being a Super hacker is way cooler.
  20. Focslain

    The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    From the series and movie iirc Makina explains she joined Walkure because she was scouted for her fold receptors but she still wanted to work on planes like her family does. Walkure allows her to kind of do this. Since in the series she and Reina are messing with those barrier boomerangs after the Knights soundly frakked with them early in the series and there are a few shots of her hanging with the deck crews. So it more like Xaos offered her a job that got her close to what she wants, just not exactly there.
  21. Focslain


    Nora is amazing and Cinder's pet grim is the cutest thing so far. Also one of the best moments is in CHIBI S2 (iirc) when they meta in a character from S3. On a side note it might be best if you watch at least RWBY S1-3 before going to CHIBI as spoilers are contained in CHIBI S2.
  22. Focslain


    Yeah, Monty left notes for up to S6, so after this we'll be in uncharted territories. But the series is still good and the animation gets better each season. Also RWBY CHIBI is hilarious.