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  1. Tried to snap the gimmick seat into the Battloid not realizing it doesn't click. Bang. Back hatch gave way and I ripped the hinge off the tail bar pivot. Facepalm. Thought I was gonna have a stroke. Patched it it together but it will never look right in fighter mode again without a miracle. I need a replacement part badly.
  2. You're welcome, bro. Hope you get that head laser fixed! I broke the backpack hinge on my Myria Super J 1/48 last week so it could be worse.
  3. $287??????????? OMG... No way am I buying this. Way too rich for my blood.
  4. Lots of us are dumping our 1/48s. Prices seem reasonable. I saw a guy in For Sale with a lot of them listed...
  5. I am open to selling everything. I am downsizing my life. These things live in storage, out f sight, ignored. No point in keeping them. Any reasonable offer will be considered.
  6. Definitely a good idea. What are these 1/55s going for nowadays?
  7. Lol, that was the plan for the 1As but it never happened... The custom bug is kinda' out of my system.
  8. Sure explains why I am broke now!
  9. I've lost my mind. Really. Why did I buy all these? What do I need them for? Facepalm. I actually have MORE I just got tired of carrying them upstairs. I want out! Help! LOL
  10. Lol. I am about to move which will mean getting my collection back out of storage. Gonna open my boxes and lay everything out then post ads by type. I think I will have stuff of interest to many.
  11. Good info. Thanks, all. Watch for stuff to start popping up there soon...
  12. Thanks man. Lol. Do we even have a classifieds section any more?
  13. I quit collecting. Now I want to dump pretty much everything. 1/55s, 1/60s 1/48s. I have boxes full of them. I even have four M&Ms in each size I think I want to part with. I also have lots of ROBOTECH stuff (Alphas, SDF-1, Zentraedi pods, etc.). I will lose money overall, but they just sit in my closets in plastic tubs doing nothing so why have them? I spent my life acquiring things with dreams of a nice display room Now I just feel weighed down.
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