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  1. Thank you for reminding me! Yes, those pastels are like "makeups". They smudge, and can be wiped out quite easily. I do not apply topcoat in-between, but apply it in the final step.
  2. About "Tamiya Weathering Master" 1 It is similar to eye-shadow. Each set contains pastels of three different colours and a brush. Apply the selected pastel directly to a model kit by using the sponge brush. 2 Sets A to F are mainly for military models, but I use the "snow" pastel from set B to highlight the hair. 3 Sets G and H are for shading and highlighting human figures. Dry brushing after the application would probably make the appearance more natural.
  3. Thanks for your replies! The "weathering master" is essentially "eye-shadow" for model kits. I will add one or two pictures to show how I use the "weathering master" soon.
  4. Thanks for your comments! I'm not familiar with painting figure, but the "weathering master" for figures is quite easy to use and the result is quite good!
  5. This "Minmay" is a kit from Max Factory. It is small in size, about 9cm tall. It is molded with different colours, and the details are fine. I did not paint the whole kit, but used Gundam markers and Tamiya Weathering Master to make shades and highlights.
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